"The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets people be creative. It lets people be productive. It lets people learn things they didn't think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential." -Steve Ballmer

Information technology has been on the rise for the past few decades and shows no signs of slowing down. Therefore, it is in the best interest of young individuals to consider a career that has a prosperous future.

Without further ado, Superprof is here to guide future programmers and tech start-up developers in the right direction by discussing where to attend IT courses in Edinburgh.

Potential Careers For Those Who Specialised in IT

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Web developers and programmers work around the clock to create beautiful things. (Source: Unsplash)

So you've learned how to write code, use various software systems such as Cisco, Apple, Microsoft and Oracle, how to securely protect various networks, send and process valuable information; but now what? What's next? Are there any jobs for me out there?

It is essential to state that those who enter the information technology, computer science, or data networking domain will never be without work in this digital age. As modern advancements continue to progress throughout the 21st century, there will be even more of a demand for individuals working in computer technology.

Nevertheless, what are some of the most common jobs for IT students? 

It is essential to state that many job titles in the information technology sector represent the same thing. However, there are distinct careers reserved for those who specialised in a unique branch of IT.

Without further ado, the following is a list of some of the most popular employment positions occupied by those specialising in information technology:

  • Computer Network Specialist: sometimes called a computer network specialist, individuals specialising in this sector work diligently to define, design, build, and maintain either one or many data communication networks. It is essential to mention that CNS' usually possess a degree in computer science; this instils confidence in the employer since they are entrusting them with relevant data.
  • IT Support Specialist: is your software program, computer device, or wifi network not working? Who are you gonna call? Not Ghostbusters rather the IT support specialist. While it is true that IT Support Technicians may have to deal with a lot of snooty and annoying customers; however, they also have varied work tasks consisting of helping companies solve their network woes, troubleshooting desktop issues, and ensuring that the day-to-day concerns of people are being met that make work enjoyable. We plead with readers to please be kind to the next IT specialist you may encounter on the phone or in-person; they are just trying to do their job!
  • Security Specialist: due to so much cybercrime and identity theft in recent years, the importance of information security has increased drastically. Information security analysts help defend the private information of a person, company, or government entity. They may install and try new security software or test a particular network by simulating cyber-attacks. Individuals specialising in cybersecurity are placing themselves in an air-tight career that shows no sign of slowing down.
  • Software/App/Web Developer: whether your a software, application or website developer you are designing, running, and testing something new that will eventually become important to many people when online. It is essential to state that those who design new systems need to have had previous experience writing and analysing code. Other titles for developers may be programmer, applications engineer, system architect, or analyst.

The previously mentioned job titles are only a few of the many that can be encountered while working in information technology. 

Educations Centre to Learn More About IT in Edinburgh

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There are various institutes to learn about computing and IT in the city of Edinburgh. (Source: Unsplash)

Edinburgh is the capital and second-largest city of Scotland. While Glasgow may be the most populated metropolitan area in the land of Scots, Edinburgh is breathtakingly beautiful and welcomes far more tourists annually.

Having always been a significant centre of education, it comes as no surprise that there are various further education centres teaching a wide variety of intriguing subjects. Therefore, citizens of Edinburgh have no cause for worry since there are multiple schools explaining distinct IT subjects to beginner and advanced students.

Which are these fantastic education centres that you speak of? 

The subsequent academic institutes come highly recommended to learn about computer science and information technology:

  • IT Professional Training: offering free fully funded SAAS courses in Edinburgh and Glasgow, IT Professional Training provides computer training courses in a wide variety of topics such as learning how to use different software systems like Cisco, Oracle, and Microsoft, application development, web development, and adobe courses. Information technology classes can be joined full-time and part-time at a distance or in-person depending on the student. Take a look at their informative website today to figure out which courses are right for you!
  • iTrain Scotland: located in both Edinburgh and Glasgow, iTrain Scotland has fantastic computing courses touching a wide variety of informative topics. There are various reasons to choose iTrain to learn more about IT such as free 12 months support, interactive training pack, cutting edge technology, luxurious training labs, and one free course for every three sessions. Some of the most popular classes attended by students include Microsoft courses, Adobe courses, SQL courses, web development courses, cybersecurity courses, and Windows PowerShell courses. We strongly suggest visiting their informative website to become a computer whizz ASAP!
  • Edinburgh College: great opportunities can be had, and fantastic memories can be made by attending versatile classes at Edinburgh College with other passionate individuals. For example, when learning about computing, it is always better to be with those who share a similar interest; that is why Edinburgh College has included so many computing courses. Such as? Computer games development, computer networking, cybersecurity, digital design, Oracle database, and software development, to name a few. View Edinburgh College's computing main page to learn more.

The previously mentioned education centres only scratch the surface of all the distinct places that IT can be learnt in the Greater Edinburgh area. We highly recommended also doing your own research to find a place that suits your needs. Also, it's worth stating that IT classes can be attended in other UK cities such as North Ireland's Capital, Belfast, and Wales biggest city, Cardiff.

Finding Private Tutors to Learn Computer Skills in Edinburgh

So you want to learn more about the ins and outs of computers? Do you wish to understand how to download security software to protect your computer without the assistance of a technician effectively? Does the idea of building your own PC appeal to you?

Many users desire to know more about information technology to complete the tasks mentioned above. How can it be done? By seeking the assistance of a qualified tutor who specialises in computer science topics. 

Hiring a personal tutor may seem like an ideal solution; however, where does one find a professional IT tutor?

There are so many online resources it can be quite confusing! 

Ladies and gentlemen, there is no need to fret, Superprof is your best option, hands down. 

It may seem a little obvious to our readers that at Superprof, we highly Superprof tutors; however, we wouldn't be so confident if we genuinely didn't believe in our educators. The thousands and thousands of tutors at Superprof, located in various European countries, are qualified professionals offering fantastic rates that fit all types of budgets.

What about computer science or computer skills tutors in Edinburgh? Are there any? 

According to the Superprof website, there are 11 computer skills and three computer science tutors located in the city of Edinburgh boasting reputable accreditations and years of experience. Also, it's worth mentioning that there are various online tutors specialising in IT topics that teach at a distance.

Want to know the best part? The first lesson with any Superprof tutor is completely free 100% of the time!

How to Become Computer and Information Technology Savvy

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To become better at computing, watching Youtube tutorials is necessary. (Source: Unsplash)

I've heard it said by many times that it seems like millennials were born with electronic devices in their hands since they are so knowledgeable and savvy. The ease of using information technology that some individuals possess may be a source of envy to others.

However, don't give up; it is possible to become better at using computers and other software devices!

Without further delay, the following are some simple tips to become savvier when using IT software or hardware:

  • Identify the Aspects You Need to Learn: since information technology and computer science have so many layers it may be quite challenging determining where to start; nevertheless, being aware of your faults will make it easier to improve. For example, do I struggle with updating software systems? Do I want to get better at managing cybersecurity? Know what you have to work on and focus on honing your skills.
  • Watch Youtube Tutorials: we cannot stress watching useful tutorials on Youtube enough, every detail and step is displayed to allow beginners, intermediates, and experts develop IT abilities. Consider watching different Youtubers until you find a channel that you enjoy.

You won't become Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates overnight; nevertheless, through the guidance of a tutor or by attending IT classes at a recognised school, your skills can be expertly honed.

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