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Learning to sew can put you in a good position to get sewing jobs in the textile industry! If everyone had the skill to make their own clothes, there’d be no need for hiring anyone.

A lot of younger people are moving towards making their own clothes. Nobody’s happier about this news than the Singer sewing machine brand who’s seen sales of their machines increase by 10% since 2014.

A new market has allowed disciplined designers to teach people the art of sewing hems, adding buttonholes or zips, and customising wardrobes.

Is it that easy to become a member of a sewing group?

In this article, Superprof is going to go over the advantages and the disadvantages of teaching people how to sew as a member of a group.

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The Advantages of Teaching Sewing as a Member of a Group

Whether they’re novices or experts, a lot of students are looking to groups to learn to sew and, as a result, a lot of groups are recruiting qualified teachers.

Why should you teach sewing as part of a group?
If you want to sew, a machine can really help you. (Source: Pedro_Torres)

Since groups are cheaper and more fun, there are a lot of beginner sewing classes and basic sewing workshops where students can learn how to thread a needle, how to make stitches, and all the basic sewing techniques you'll need.

But what about the teachers?

Why should do a job search for this kind of work?

Firstly, to discuss things. You can discuss things with beginners as well as the other teachers in the group. The classes offered by groups are often small. Thus, as an educator, you have the advantage of being able to commit more time to each student, give them personalised advice, and spend more time with them.

How can you make your own clothes?
You can start making the creations of your dreams. (Source: jackmac34)

As I mentioned earlier, the friendly atmosphere in a group is one of its biggest benefits:

  • everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses
  • nobody judges anyone and everyone is there to improve their knowledge of their shared passion
  • you don’t need to already know how to sew in order to get started

A sewing workshop is a great way to meet people and learn more about arts and crafts. While this is definitely true for students, it’s also true for teachers. Sometimes learning new skills can be quite lonely. Meeting new people is a great way to learn about more things than just sewing.

Who doesn’t want to make new friends and go out for a drink or have a picnic?

While you probably won’t become a famous fashion designer just by doing a simple sewing class, you can complete some interesting personal projects. The teacher can show you everything you need to know about sewing, fixing, or customising clothes. There’s no better feeling for a teacher than to see a student manage to sew their own made-to-measure clothes!

A teacher also needs to adapt to needs of different levels. Some might be helping students to perfect different techniques or teaching an absolute beginner how to use a sewing machine whereas others might just want to patch up their favourite clothes.

Teachers improve when they’re teaching and there’s nothing more rewarding than teaching tailored classes to private students. It’s also important to encourage your students to give it their all if they want to progress.

Do they want to learn how to make a hem?

Why not teach them by making them create an entire pillowcase?

Do they want to sew on a button?

Make them fully customise one of their garments!

You’ll definitely come across students who aren’t so sure of themselves. Your role is to show them that, with a bit of help and perseverance, they’re capable of anything. There’s no greater satisfaction than seeing a student succeed when they thought they couldn’t! They’ll be proud of themselves and happy to have attended your beginner’s lesson.

Teaching sewing can also help you develop your sense of creativity. In workshops, you can help students complete projects which may inspire you and give you a few ideas for other projects.

Would you rather teach in a school?

Teaching Sewing in a Group

For those just starting to learn how to sew in adult classes, it’s a good idea to look for groups.

If you don’t know any groups, don’t worry!

Where can you teach private sewing tutorials?
You could also teach children how to sew. (Source: jackmac34)

A quick search will sort that problem out. In this day and age, you don’t need to look very far if you have the internet.

No matter what skills you want to learn, you can easily find plenty of sewing groups. A quick search for “sewing” will come up with plenty of results and you’ll have to work out how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

You’ll soon find plenty of sewing groups in your town. You just need to get in touch with them and ask if they’re looking for a sewing teacher or somebody to teach:

  • Simple sewing
  • Sewing for children
  • Creating patterns
  • Recycling clothes
  • Handmaking clothes
  • Using scissors and other sewing equipment, a needle and thread
  • Changing needles on a serger
  • Using fusible interlining

There are sites and directories where you can search for groups near where to you live.

It’s often a good idea to visit the group in person and see if you’d be happy teaching there. You should also attend a class for absolute beginners and make notes for your future group classes. Even if you already know how to make sewing patterns, sew on a button, make a hem, and put together different fabrics, you need to know how to teach these things.

Attending a class also helps you to understand how the students in the class feel and what they want out of their lessons. It’s also a good way to analyse the teaching style. Take notes and get ready for your own classes.

Keep in mind that you’re not going to become a millionaire by teaching sewing classes in a group. In some cases, you’ll be volunteering or paid very close to the minimum wage.

However, you can also offer private sewing tutorials.

Teaching Sewing in Your Own Sewing Group

If there aren’t any sewing groups near you or you can’t get any regular work at one, why not start your own?

How long does it take to learn to sew?
Behind every fashion show, there are plenty of skilled seamstresses. (Source: AhmadArdity)

Before you get started, think carefully about what you name your sewing group. You need to make sure that potential members know exactly what you’re offering. You should also check that the name isn’t taken by another group, either.

You should also consider getting some people together to see if there’s actually any demand for such a group. If nobody’s interested in learning how to sew, it’d be pretty pointless setting up a sewing group.

You can also offer lessons online from the comfort of your own home.

Terminology for Teaching Sewing

Whether you’re a private sewing tutor, offering embroidery classes, group sewing classes, or online sewing tutorials, there are plenty of different ways to teach people how to sew their own clothes or clothes for their children.

What Is a Sewing Pattern?

This represents the garment you’re going to make. Sewing patterns are found on a sheet of paper and help the seamstress make the clothing.

What Is Piping?

Piping is a small strip of fabric or leather on the edge of a piece of fabric for decoration.

Finding Sewing Jobs

Don't worry if you don't feel like teaching as part of a group. There are a lot of industries where sewing could be a useful skill for any job seeker.

Whether you're looking for jobs, wanting to increase your salary by becoming a skilled worker, or just interested in learning a new skill, there's nothing stopping you from showing off your talent by learning how to sew your own clothes.

If you're looking for jobs in the industry, make sure you head over to job websites and set up a job alert so you'll be notified when a recruiter is looking to add someone who knows how to sew to their workforce.

Every time an employer, school or a recruitment agency wants to hire someone, the alerts will either show up in your inbox or via apps. You can define your alerts based on a certain keyword or set of keywords, qualification, job title, and even look for seasonal or temporary work.

So what are you waiting for?

You might just be the perfect candidate for a number of job openings. Update your CV or resume and kickstart your career in the fashion industry by applying for a new job!

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