The start of the new school year is often the time parents reconsider home education.

But what are the benefits of this alternative to schooling?

Here are the main ones:

  • Being able to meet your child’s particular needs, rather than having to work to the needs of thirty others.
  • You can use approaches which best help your child learn, concentrate and achieve. E.g. your child may be one of those who needs to be active in their learning rather than still, work better in quiet or on their own, or need short sharp bursts of concentration rather than long continuous ones.
  • Your child can learn at the age that suits them and when they are ready, i.e. neither prevented from doing things that are considered ‘too old’ for them as happens occasionally with reading, nor forced to attempt subjects they are not ready for.
  • The idea of ‘failure’ becomes completely irrelevant to your child’s learning.
  • Your child can learn at times when they are most receptive, either first thing, or later in the day when they’ve had a meal, or late at night in the case of teens! This enhances their chances of success. It also leaves plenty of time for other pursuits and play all of which enhance personal development.
  • There is no need to follow time wasting practises maintained in school, like testing for example. These are required for schools’ purpose and have little benefit to the learner.
  • It gives the opportunity to develop real life and social skills essential for employability that are often inhibited through prescriptive schooling. E.g. things like conversation, decision making, independence, problem solving and thinking skills.
  • You can give your child a greater proportion of adult attention and interaction which develops their maturity, understanding and intellect.
  • It can be an uplifting, inspiring family experience with everyone pulling as a team whereas schooling can sometimes be divisive, particularly at the teen stage.
  • It gives the opportunity to nurture a child’s desire to learn, present from birth, and maintains their interest in purposeful learning. So the youngsters come to understand that education is for them, for life, and not just for schools!

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