The hospitality industry is a thriving sector, offering a variety of career opportunities. GCSE Hospitality is a vocational qualification, introduced in September 2002 along with seven other vocational GCSEs, to provide options for students who prefer a more hands-on approach to learning.

What does this course include?

GCSE Hospitality gives you an overview of the industry and helps you consider this sector as a career option. The GCSE covers customer care, standards of service, planning functions and events, environmental considerations and lots more. It is a practical and varied course which many students find useful, exciting and rewarding.

Some aspects of studying:

  • It will open up many doors to you. The hospitality industry has a huge variety of career opportunities such as lodging; events planning; silver service; menu design; transportation; tourism; catering and many more. Many students who complete this qualification go on to gain higher qualifications in hospitality or related courses. GCSE Hospitality will give you a taste of the industry to give you a better idea about whether or not it might hold the right career for you.
  • You gain a practical approach. This GCSE teaches you how to handle specialist equipment, allows you to work on group projects and gives you a taste of the ‘real world’ outside education. Practical assessments are worth 60% of your final grade, giving you the chance to show off all the practical knowledge you will pick up throughout the course. GCSE Hospitality is perfect for you if you thrive on active learning.
  • Prepare to be a team player. Not only will this GCSE require you to work efficiently and respectfully in a group but teamwork is also at the heart of any job within the hospitality industry. But don’t worry because, if you are eager to participate and learn, this GCSE will allow you to develop your communication, problem solving and listening skills, enabling you to become a credit to any team.
  • Useful self-evaluation activities. After every practical assessment you complete you will be required to evaluate both what you did well and what you could have done better. This may include deciding which skills you may be able to develop further or what decisions you would handle differently if you could do the task again. This is a productive activity designed to allow you to be a reflective learner and to continue to improve and develop your skills.
  • You will learn transferrable life skills. Throughout this GCSE you will learn all about health and safety and how to apply it. This will include first aid, hygiene regulations, food poisoning, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) and fire prevention and procedures. Having a sound knowledge of these important subjects will serve you well throughout your life, whether or not you choose to pursue a career within hospitality.

If this course sounds right for you don’t hesitate to talk to a teacher to find out precisely what topics you will cover. GCSE Hospitality is an interesting, useful and varied course which is a fantastic opportunity for those interested in this exciting and challenging industry.



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