“All of the top achievers I know are life-long learners. Looking for new skills, insights, and ideas. If they’re not learning, they’re not growing and not moving toward excellence.” -Denis Waitley

Acquiring new professional skills and becoming better in a field of study requires time and self-sacrifice.

For example, aspiring doctors will not be able to perform open-heart surgery on their first day of practice, future electricians will not have the abilities to correctly rewire a house after attending a day of classes and law students cannot successfully defend a complicated case in court after a week of legal studies.

Patience needs to be exercised in order to become a skilled professional. Another helpful suggestion to move toward professional excellence is accepting and putting into practice helpful tips from qualified experts can make an individual a better student.

Therefore, in order to become a successful law student, pupils need to seek the help of experienced law tutors. Private, one to one law instructors aid undergraduate law students to develop new ideas and arise a love for learning that will propel them to success.

As humans, we are constantly learning every single day of our existence. The important thing is to be guided towards developing skills that will help us professionally in the future. 

Superprof is here to show Glaswegians the benefits of hiring a law tutor for struggling law students and those who are driven by success. We will also identify where you can find experienced and personal law instructors in the city of Glasgow. (We also have a complete guide to UK law tutors)

What Exactly Do Law Tutors Do?

criminal law and other subjects
The best law tutors can explain the complex concepts of Criminal Law, Corporate Law etc. in ways that the student quickly understands. (Source: Visual Hunt)

Academic tutoring is becoming more and more popular across Europe and in the United Kingdom especially. English students of all ages struggle to meet the demands of a difficult curriculum in primary school, secondary school and university.

To meet the demands of students with academic difficulties, there are more private tutors than ever before. Personal instructors are available from many different backgrounds and expertise.

To become a private tutor, no professional training in university is required. Also, there is no qualification test to receive a professional diploma in this profession. The tutoring industry is relatively new only becoming popular in the last two decades. Therefore, there are very few restrictions and pretty much anyone can tutor in order to earn a little bit of extra cash.

Nevertheless, would you choose a tutor who has relevant experience in the field of study you need remedial help in or one who has no previous training? 

The answer is quite simple. The grand majority of people would opt for a private educator that has received professional training and is better equipped to deal with questions you may have.

When choosing a law tutor it is best to choose one who has an LLB or LLM degree. Some working lawyers that have been invited to the bar offer tutoring classes after office hours during evenings and weekends to pay off their student loans. While scrolling through tutor websites looking for a personal instructor you might even recognize the picture of one of your law professors offering private remedial classes!

Law tutors are intellectual individuals and experts in the legal system. They understand and have a knowledge of different areas of law such as EU Law, Corporate Law, International Law, Immigration Law, Public Interest Law, Jurisdiction and Advocacy. They know how to explain the complex concepts of law in a way that all students can understand.

The best law tutors are patient, perceptive and passionate. 

Through their perception skills, experienced law tutors can pinpoint the student's faults and fortes. After realizing what students need to work on, private law tutors suggest ways in which weaknesses can become strengths and how their academic skills can be better exploited to secure better test results.

Professional law instructors design lesson plans and study sessions that are tailored to the student's needs. During tutoring sessions law tutors offer overwhelmed students study tips, advice about how to organize their schedule, exam preparation drills and explications of law topics that the pupil does not understand.

Student success is the main objective of all law tutors. Knowing that every pupil is different and learns in their own way, law instructors possess a wide range of skills in their teaching toolbox to adapt and guarantee that no student gets left behind.

London is home to some of the most prestigious law schools in the UK and if you study in the capital you will be able to find a law tutor thanks to our guide.

Where to Find Experienced Law Tutors in the City of Glasgow

hiring a law tutor
After graduating with honours, you will be happy that you spent a little extra money on a private law tutor. (Source: Visual Hunt)

Glasgow is a beautiful place to visit that is blessed with a unique culture, stunning architecture and many tourist attractions. The most populated city in Scotland and one of the most populous cities in the United Kingdom with over 1.8 million inhabitants living in the metro area.

The city is home to various universities and educational centres such as the University of Glasgow and the Glasgow Caledonian University.  In 2011, there was a total number of 53,470 Glaswegians over the age of 18 studying full-time in higher education programmes.

The aforementioned statistics go to show that many citizens of Glasgow view further education as a necessity to clinch a job with a good employer in the future.

Of these university students, there are numerous pupils pursuing legal studies and attending a school of law to ensure a future career in the justice system. Wherever there are law students, there is a need for professional law tutors.

(Brummie students fear not, Superprof also has a list of the most qualified tutors around Birmingham).

Experienced law tutors offer study sessions face to face, via the internet or by phone. The choice is really up to. 

Now here are some useful online resources to find law tutors:

  • University Tutor: a great online resource for finding great law tutors near you. This website boasts 14 professional law instructors offering private classes in the Glasgow area. Tutors are affordably priced and offer expertise in a wide range of areas including exam preparation, coursework, research proposals, dissertations and essays. The tutors are highly qualified, with many possessing PhDs and multiple masters degrees.
  • First Tutors United Kingdom: there are currently two experienced tutors providing remedial assistance to law students on this website. One of the tutors specializes in teaching students critical thinking and study skills. She comes highly recommended by all students having a five-star rating in professionalism, reliability and trustworthiness. Fees start at £40 an hour.
  • Tutor Hunt: one of the best websites to find qualified tutors in any subject near your place of residence. According to the website, there are 6 experienced law instructors working in the Greater Glasgow area. Priced from £18 to £30 an hour and willing to travel up to 50 miles to conduct remedial help sessions, these tutors specialize in different areas of law such as International Law, International Human Rights Law, EU Law, International Business Law, Litigation and Commercial Law.
  • My Law Tutors: a fantastic company known throughout the United Kingdom for offering face to face and remote skype tutoring. Law students can choose to have private or group tutoring in a variety of areas such as help with coursework, help with your dissertation and practical suggestions to shine during interviews at prestigious law firms. All tutors offer competitive rates and have at least a Bachelor's of Law or equivalent. There are various free resources and availabilities at a time that best suits you.

Hiring a personal law tutor is not only essential for struggling students but also for those who want to maintain good grades and prepare for admission to a law university.

Start to learn law now.

We completely understand that most pupils attending university have very tight budgets and cannot afford to spend money on non-essential extras. However, budget restructuring needs to be done because law tutors are extremely essential from the first year of law school to graduation day.

A little extra money spent per week on a private law instructor will guarantee your future success during examination periods. 

Instead of going out to the pub and spending money of pints three times a week, put that money towards your education and hire a law tutor. After a few remedial sessions with your new law tutor, you will start to see the difference in your grades and be happy that you made wise choices.

If you are based in Leeds, check our our law tutoring guide for the city.

Useful Tips From Experienced Law Tutors

studying for school
Buying used books from past law students can save you money. Spending that money wisely on a personal law instructor is worth every pound! (Source: Visual Hunt)

University is very different from secondary school and sometimes the drastic change causes well-intentioned students to feel discouraged, overwhelmed and anxious. Without helpful tips from law tutors, professors and teachers, pupils are more prone to give it all up and drop out due to increasing amounts of coursework, exams, essays and legal research.

Even with helpful advice from experienced individuals, legal education is no walk in the park. It is one of the hardest careers to prepare for and excel at.

Nevertheless, law tutors want to see students excel and graduate with honours so here are a few helpful tips from the best legal professionals:

  • Participate in class: while no student wants to raise their hand after each question and be known as the teacher's pet among fellow students, you should actively participate in class. Those who follow the discussion and answer questions are more invested in their learning and will capture more essential information from a lecture or seminar. Don't just occupy a chair during lectures, take part in the conversation you might actually learn something!
  • Spend your money correctly: textbooks are notorious for being extremely expensive with some costing over £100 each! Don't just buy the first option recommended to you. Past alumni often sell their used books for a fraction of the price. Thanks to technology, there are a bunch of equivalent e-books that are much cheaper than the printed copy. Every pound counts when you're in law school. The money you save from buying alternative textbooks should be spent on a private tuition with a law tutor. You can't use the excuse of not having extra money now!
  • Use your free time wisely: while many university students spend their free time getting drunk at the closest pub, some law students do pro-bono work to gain more experience. This is free time extremely well spent because you get to practice what you recently learnt right away and create relationships with individuals who can provide you with a job in the future after graduating.
  • Stay self-motivated: you start struggling academically when you lose motivation. Have short-term academic goals that give you an incentive to keep studying and working hard. Do not rely on external influences such as the approval from your professor or good grades.
  • Reward yourself: after writing an extremely long essay or getting a great result on a test, go treat yourself! Go to your favourite restaurant, go to the movies, buy yourself something new or do an activity that you really enjoy. When you reward yourself you will be motivated to do better and get good grades knowing that something positive is awaiting you afterwards.

For the future Mancunian lawyers reading us, check out our special Manchester law tutoring tips if you need help before your exams.

Getting through law school while enjoying the whole process and getting good grades is possible. Seek the guidance and advice from a law scholar in Glasgow to make the entire experience a bit easier.

If you follow all the tips of your well-intentioned tutor, after graduating and securing your law degree, a high-paying lawyer job in one of the country's most distinguished law firms is waiting for you!

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