The purpose of this blog post is to share with you websites that we have found that provide useful resources for students taking GCSE Foreign Languages:

  • GCSE Bitesize: French: Hone your listening, reading, speaking and writing skills in French. This site offers enough material to enable students to do everything from understand spoken directions to talk about their school day, discuss holidays or converse regarding employment and jobs. The site also tests students’ comprehension skills. For instance, in one School day-themed exercise, students are asked to listen to a short audio then answer questions regarding the content of the recording. Students are given another chance to revise by doing tests on set topics. There are similar GCSE Bitesize pages for the study of German, Irish and Spanish. To learn French and Spanish on Welsh websites, see Cymru: Ffrangeg and Cymru: Sbaeneg, respectively. For Welsh as a First Language, see Bitesuze TGAU Cymraeg.
  • Class Clips – Languages: A series of videos viewable via streaming permit students to improve their pronunciation, learn the alphabet and talk about everything from travel to shopping, leisure to food, health to fashion, in German, French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese. Key information is provided for every clip, though the choice of subject matter covered varies for each language. Some video clips are heavier on language, while others focus more on cultural aspects of different countries.
  • Language Resources: This site features a host of handy links, on everything from vocabulary games in French, German and Spanish, right through to revision sites, resources aimed at teachers, vocabulary lists an interactive exercises.
  • The Ashcombe School: This site features free video quizzes in French, German, Spanish and Italian. The quizzes are centred on leisure, health, education, work, local environment, family and friends, and more.
  • The Chinese Staffroom: This site provides links to past papers from Edexcel and AQA examination boards. The links contain reading material on everything from marking schemes to question papers and support materials for teachers.
  • A Tantot: This site has a small subscription fee (£40 for a full year’s licence), which is worth it if you need extra help in Chinese, French, German, Spanish or Italian. Each language is divided into different stages (KS2, KS3, KS4, etc.), and each stage provides different conversational contexts (fashion, school, transport, grammar, etc.). A wide array of material (including songs, videos, listening exercises, games, grammatical lessons etc.) are available, and useful information is provided on coursework and oral exams. Click on the Preview button for an insight into what you can expect.
  • MFL Games: This site features fun practice games in French, German and Spanish. Although it also has a subscription fee (also (£40 for a full year’s licence), it has a free resource button which will lead you to 20 different sample activities, as well as PDFs of vocabulary used in talking about football, the Olympic games or the Oscars. There is a free GCSE vocabulary revision section, which is colourful, fun and easy to use. Those who like to learn while they are having fun will enjoy the wealth of games available, including Jigword, Speedgame, Matchword and Wordweb.

We hope that you have found these resources useful. Please feel free to add other great websites that you have come across in the comments below.



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