GCSE Construction covers many important topics, but there are some great resources available online that can help you to master all of the knowledge that you need for the exams.

1. Bitesize doesn’t have a section for the Construction GCSE, but some of the resources in the Design and Technology section will be helpful as they relate to the design issues that you will need to understand for your course. You can review different types of resistant materials, the methods that are used to manipulate them, and the design considerations that need to be taken into account. Health, safety, and the environmental and social issues you need to consider are also covered.

2. The Hwb revision resource has a section for the GCSE that contains a very useful revision resource. The resource on building craft contains information on different kinds of materials and building techniques, as well as some useful activities and question sets that you can use as practice. The student handbooks for each topic are particularly useful as they provide convenient summaries of all the most important information.

3. Your exam board’s website will also be a useful source of information, including past exam papers and support materials. The CEA’s Rewarding Learning website has some good resources on topics such as health and safety and the industry in the 21st century, which you may find useful if you want to explore these areas further.

4. The PGFL website has a selection of useful resources covering topics in the Edexcel double award GCSE in Construction and the Built Environment. They include material on community, site, design and economic issues, and guides on carpentry and brickwork. This site will be most useful if you are studying the same syllabus, but you can still find some relevant information here if you are studying with a different exam board.

5. TES Connect has some good resources designed for teachers that you can access if you sign up for an account. Many of these resources can be useful revision tools as there are presentations and notes covering many of the topics you need to study for your course, as well as plenty of activities that you can complete to make sure you understand all of the information properly.

6. The Skills Workshop has a few useful resources if you want to work on your numeracy skills. There are some activities designed for construction students that can help you with important tasks such as converting measurements. In addition to the maths activities, you can also find resources covering topics such as tools and design on this website.

7. Health and safety is an important issue in the construction GCSE course, so the Health and Safety Executive’s website can be a very useful resource. You can learn more about the health risks that need to be considered in the industry, and learn how building and demolitions sites can be managed safely.

8. Environmental issues and sustainability are also important issues in the GCSE course. The Environment Agency has produced a good resource on dealing with pollution on building sites. If you want to find out more about sustainable or green building then the Sustainable Build website gives a good overview of the issues involved, as well as the materials and techniques that can be used.

9. You can learn more about the different materials and techniques discussed in your course through the knowledge database on the Construction Knowledge or Learning Construction websites. Both sites cover a wide selection of different topics that you will need to know about for your course. The Steel Construction website can also be useful if you want to learn more about this side of the industry.

10. You can also find many good careers resources online that can help you to learn more about the different roles and opportunities that are available in the industry, and the training routes that are available to help you to pursue them. The National Careers Service is a good starting point, and it contains links to many industry websites that have additional resources. The CITB website is also a useful careers guide, while Building.co.uk and the Construction Student blog are both great sources of news stories on important issues in the industry.




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