GCSE Engineering is an interesting subject to study, particularly if you are interested in pursuing it further when you leave school. If you want to learn more about the subject, or find some help to get ready for the exams, there are some great resources online.

1. Channel 4’s gcsEASE website has a good section for engineers that covers all of the main topics that you will need to understand for your exams. You can find resources on design and communication, engineered products and applications of technology, and you can browse the topics on your exam specification to make sure that you have covered everything you need to learn. The site has some informative videos, case studies, and interactive tools and quizzes that you can use to test your knowledge. You can also find tips on preparing a portfolio and improving your exam technique.

2. The BBC doesn’t have a Bitesize revision site for GCSE Engineering, but there are some good resources elsewhere in the education site that will be useful during your course. You can find some interesting videos here on civil and mechanical engineering that can be useful if you want to explore key ideas and case studies related to your course.

3. The Hwb revision site has some good resources that are designed for students taking the WJEC course, but which will still be useful for engineering students studying with different exam boards. The material includes some specific case studies as well as more general topics such as principles of engineering, and there are some interesting activities that you can complete to develop your knowledge.

4. TES Connect has some useful teaching and revision resources that you can access if you sign up for a free account. Many of the materials have been created by and for teachers, but they can just as easily be used if you want to review a particular topic by yourself. You can also find revision guides and activities here that teachers have created to help their own students taking the GCSE in Engineering.

5. DT Zone has a useful overview of the topics that are covered in GCSE Engineering, which can be a useful resource when you are revising. There are also some examples that could help you to work on your own design and manufacturing tasks. The video gallery on this site also contains some useful resources that could help you to understand particular ideas you have encountered in class.

6. The Warren website has some good resources for GCSE students, covering topics such as materials, heat treatment of metals, and welding and soldering. The notes will be particularly useful if you want to review topics during revision or as a quick reference resource to check terms and ideas. You can also find practice exams and advice to help you with your projects.

7. eGFI is an American site for high school students, so the material is not designed with the GCSE course in mind, but it can still be a useful resource. You can explore different types of engineering, find advice from students who are pursuing careers in different fields, and download magazines covering interesting ideas that could help you think about the topics on your course.

8. The National Stem Centre also has some good resources on different types of careers that use engineering skills, as well as information about different problems that have been tackled by engineers. The resources also include some interesting activities that you can complete to improve your understanding of some of the topics that are covered in your course.

9. Try Engineering also has some great activities, including various games that you can play to use what you have learned in class, and some lesson plans for teachers that include tasks and resources you can incorporate into your revision. You can also find some career advice on this site, although it is intended for students in the US so it may not all be relevant. The news stories that are covered on the site can also be interesting for GCSE students as they will often relate to the types of topics that you will cover in your course.

10. Tomorrow’s Engineers and the Young Engineers website also include some interesting resources, particularly if you are looking for events, activities and competition that you can use to develop your skills as an engineer.




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