Many online resources are available that can help you to understand the ideas that you encounter in your GCSE Hospitality course, and help you to prepare for your exams. These resources will also be particularly helpful if you are hoping to pursue a career in this field after you leave school.

1. The BBC’s Bitesize website doesn’t have a section specifically for GCSE Hospitality, but there are still some resources on the site that can be useful for your revision. The Food Technology section for GCSE Design and Technology students is particularly good. It has videos and resources to help you to revise the catering topics covered in your course. Elsewhere on the BBC website, there is also a section on Skillswise that is designed to help people working in the catering industry to improve their maths skills, which could be useful if you want to practice your numeracy.

2. TES Connect has some useful resources that can help you with your GCSE revision. The site is intended for teachers, but if you sign up for an account you can download lots of useful resources, including revision guides, PowerPoint presentations and activities that you can use on your own.

3. Chef to Chef is a great website for students interested in food related industries. It provides tutorials by professional chefs to help you to work on different areas of cookery, from the basics all the way through to advanced techniques like pastry making. There are five lessons for each of the different types of cooking, which the site suggests you work through over the course of a week, but you don’t have to complete all of the sections, so you can just watch the ones you are interested in.

4. Food safety is an important topic in the GCSE syllabus, so the Food Standards Agency website is a useful resource if you want to find out more about the regulations that are in place and the hygiene standards that caterers are expected to follow. The guide to starting out in catering is a particularly good resource as it covers many of the topics that are important for GCSE students. The FSA also has a tool that can help you to revise what you need to know about hygiene. The Safer Food, Better Training website is designed for people who are already working in catering, but you can use it to test yourself on how much you know.

5. The Health and Safety Executive also has some useful resources for GCSE students, including information about conducting risk assessments and the safety regulations that need to be maintained. In addition to information on food hygiene, there are some useful pages on other risks in the workplace that people working in food related industries need to consider. If you want to explore this area further, you might also find the website’s links to resources relating to food and catering useful.

6. DT is Fun has some good revision resources covering the topics that you need to understand for your GCSE course. It also has plenty of useful knowledge tests that you can use to check how much you remember.

7. The Caterer website is a great resource for anyone with an interest in catering. It covers food related news stories and has a good careers advice section that can help you to understand the industry.

8. Discover Hospitality is a great site for learning more about the sorts of skills that you will be learning about for your GCSE, and the careers options that are available in the industry.

9. The British Hospitality Association, and its news portal, Hospitality News, can help you to keep up to date with important issues in the industry.

10. The Hospitality Guild’s website is a great source of information about the industry. The career map and personality test are particularly useful resources if you want to find out more about the different types of opportunities that exist in hospitality and which roles might suit you. You can also find links to industry bodies and an overview of the industry.

11. The National Careers Service website can also be a useful resource if you want to find out more about different roles and responsibilities in hospitality and catering. The job descriptions also contain links to useful resources elsewhere.




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