A wide range of useful resources are available online to help you to study for your GCSE Manufacturing. Many of these websites can also provide careers advice to help you to think about your future in this sector.

1. The BBC’s Bitesize website doesn’t have a section for the GCSE in Manufacturing, but you can still find some useful revision resources in the Design and Technology section. There are videos, revision notes and activities that you can complete to check how much you know on topics such as production techniques, industrial practices and design considerations, including health and safety.

2. TES Connect has a selection of teaching resources that can help you with the topics covered on your course. Although most of the resources here are intended for use in class, they can still be useful when you are studying on your own. You can find guides to the industry, activities and short videos on the site, but you will need to sign up for an account in order to access them.

3. Your exam board’s website can be a useful source of information about your course and what is expected of you. You will also be able to find examples of past papers that you can use for practice. The Edexcel student guide is particularly useful, but you can also find support materials on the OCR website.

4. The Mr DT website has some very good resources that can help you with your course. The section on manufacturing will be most useful, but you can also find some useful material in the other design and technology sections. The site has guides to important topics as well as quizzes and activities that you can use to test yourself.

5. The DT Zone section on engineering has some useful content for manufacturing students. It has advice on creating designs, considering issues such as the environmental impacts, and the different techniques that can be used to bring the designs to life.

6. The National Stem Centre has some good manufacturing resources including case studies, videos on important issues and careers advice that can help you to understand the industry. You can also find some interesting activities that will help you to think about the topics on your course, and resources such as images that you can use in your course assignments.

7. The Manufacturing Advisory Service has case studies and other resources that can help you to understand how the industry works. The guidance sections on topics such as efficiency, innovation and the supply chain are particularly useful as they provide clear overviews of the steps that manufacturers can take to improve their operations, which will help you to understand many of the key ideas covered in your course.

8. The Future of Manufacturing resource on the gov.uk website is useful if you are working on the section of your course that explores the current state of the industry and its future. You can access the detailed report on this site, but the videos are the best resource for GCSE level students as they show many manufacturers and other experts giving their opinions and predictions.

9. If you want to explore the industry and the many opportunities that are available within it, the National Careers Service has a detailed guide to the types of people who contribute to manufacturing. The job descriptions also contain links to more resources elsewhere online. The Tomorrow’s Engineers website also has some interesting career advice that can help you to understand the industry and the opportunities that are available if you choose to pursue a career in this sector after your GCSEs. The booklet How many engineers does it take to make a tin of baked beans? is a particularly good resource if you want to think about all of the different stages that take place in the manufacture of a simple, everyday object.

10. Several industry sites also provide interesting coverage of news stories that relate to various aspects of manufacturing. The EEF Training website has a good section called Latest Thinking that allows industry experts to give their opinions on particular developments in the field. The Guardian has a page where you can go to read all the latest relevant news stories, while the Manufacturer magazine provides more detailed coverage on how the industry is developing.




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