Music is much more than a subject you have to learn at school – it’s mathematics ,physical education, history, science and foreign languages all rolled up in one subject. But most of all, music is art.

We have taken a good look at the internet, and have come up with what we believe are the best resources websites for students taking GCSE Music.

  • GCSE Bitsize: Music: This site covers all the main areas students need to master to excel at their GCSE Music exams. Brush up on the main elements of music (notation, instrumentation, melody and harmony etc.), revise the main musical movements of the 20th century, learn about performance, popular music, the western classical tradition and world music. Each category offers a revision section as well as a test, so students can glean their level of knowledge and identify weaker areas. The revision sections contain recordings, which make it much easier to understand subjects like texture in music, chords and rhythm notation.
  • Class Clips: Music: This site features a wide array of videos which can be streamed in class or discovered by students at home. Topics covered include African and Caribbean music, Music Evolution and Stage and Screen Music. It is an excellent resource when it comes to gaining a rich knowledge of various musical traditions and feeling inspired about enjoying and creating music.
  • Soundjunction: This award-winning resource invites students, teachers, parents and all lovers of music to discover, explore and hopefully, even create music! The vibrantly designed site is divided into a number of categories, including instruments, voices and Music in context. There are many features which will encourage users to explore new musical technologies, and to create and mix their own music using the free online Composer software. One practical aspect of the site is that from the word go, students are asked to select the exam board examining them in GCSE Music (Edexcel, AWA or OCR). Once the board is identified, the site offers resources which will be most relevant to the student. Students aren’t the only ones who will obtain maximum benefit from this site; teachers, too, will find a host of articles, and packs on subjects as particular as ‘playing with the seed rhythm’ or ‘comparing harp and kora’. The ‘Explore music’ section will give teachers lots of ideas about how to teach topics in new, more dynamic ways. This category also offers a host of games and puzzles to keep kids entertained while they learn.
  • Naxos: This site centres on Western classical music, delving into different music categories, musical instruments, and the history of classical music. It is quite strong on opera, providing synopses, information on how to select a concert to attend, and advice on ‘concert manners’ and rituals. Naxos also offers a comprehensive glossary of musical terms, which can be accessed here.
  • Hitsquad: This is the ultimate resource for music software, with over 7000 applications to download. Categories include audio editors, guitar software, multitrack recorders, Linuz, Windows, Macintosh and Linux Freeware and more. The site also features useful links to other sites such as, an excellent resource for budding Eric Claptons.
  • TES Connect: Sign up for free at this useful site, which contains useful resources for teachers and students. Some resource files include Revision tables, mock exam revisions, tutorials on important works such as Mozart symphonies and different activities. Use the search button to find particular sources of inspiration.

We hope that you have found these resources useful. If you have come across other websites which you think deserve to be included on this list, then please tell us about them in the comments section below.


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