Personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education has been part of the National Curriculum for schools since 2000. This blog post sets out to share with you what we believe are the best PSHE resource websites available to those taking GCSE PSHE:

  • BBC – PSHE & Citizenship: This resource is useful and entertaining at once. Featuring resources for Economic Wellbeing, Personal Wellbeing and Citizenship, it is rich in informative content (on democracy and justice, identity and diversity, environmental matters, etc.), and contains information on some of the most relevant problems for the youth in the UK. Teachers are invited to use BBC Three’s The Crash: a series of clips about a group of friends whose lives are irremediably changed following a car accident. The resource includes a series of activities which students will undoubtedly find authentically inspiring. Similar content includes BBC Three’s My Murder (focussing on gang cultures and relationships) and BBC Three’s Eastenders E20, which relies on the EastEnders E20 series to spark discussion and debate regarding an array of PSHE issues.
  • Class Clips – PSHE: Stream a host of live videos in class or at home, on a myriad of topics relevant to the main areas covered in GCSE PSHE. Important themes covered include bullying and cyberbullying, healthy eating, puberty, risk taking, self-image and sexual death. The resource takes a current affairs approach to some of society’s greatest challenges.
  • The Baby Borrowers – Teachers Pack: This free downloadable Teacher’s Pack is made for use with a TV series called The Baby Borrowers, in which five teenage couples lived through an interesting social experiment where they were called upon to hold down real jobs while they ‘experienced pregnancy’, took care of babies, then toddlers, pre-teens, pets, young teens and finally, elderly persons (aged 80+). The experience inexorably changed the thinking of each teen, who lived an entire lifetime in just a few weeks. Although the content is aimed at teachers, students can use the content to analyse key issues like teen parenthood, poverty and raising children.
  • Go Get It: This site provides teens with all the skills they need to make themselves more employable. Subjects include obtaining key skills that will help them achieve higher grades and perform well as an employee – skills such as working well with others, problem solving and being savvy at information technology. A handy mind map exercise encourages students to get in touch with their creative side, in the hopes that they can identify their true interests and find their perfect career. Get that job: what employers want includes an interview with a top NI employer, and identifies important qualities students should aim to inquire – these include efficiency, flexibility, honesty and integrity, initiative and having a neat appearance.
  • Underage and Pregnant Resource Packs: Download a free Teacher’s Pack or Youth Pack, for exercises that deal with vital GCSE PSHE topics like teenage pregnancy, sexual health and parenthood. The packs feature footage from the BBC Three’s documentary series: Underage and Pregnant. The site includes videos for use with the pack. The material is divided into eight different sections, starting with how teenage pregnancy occurs, running through choices and the financial aspect of pregnancy, and ending with the challenges of raising an infant.

We hope that you have found these resources interesting and useful. If you would like to add your own recommendations to this blog post, then we would love to hear about them, via the comments below.



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