Secondary school students are required to study Science as part of the National Curriculum. The subject breaks down into three main subjects: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The purpose of this blog post is to share with you our recommended resource websites for GCSE Science.

GCSE Bitesize: Science (OCR): The BBC’s Bitesize divides revision material for GCSE Science exams into different sites, depending upon which board the student is preparing for. This site, which is target at the OCR exam, covers the areas of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Each main area comprises revision material, activities and tests, which will keep students busy for many fruitful hours.

GCSE Bitesize: Science (AQA): Resources for the AQA exam are also branched out in to Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Topics which students can test their skills at include The use and abuse of drugs, Food chains, Evolution and Crude oil and fuels, and heating and cooling. As is the case with Bitesize (OCR), text material, activities and tests are provided.

GCSE Bitesize: Science (Edexcel): Classification, inheritance and variation, Materials from the earth, and the electromagnetic spectrum are just a few topics this resource delves into in an entertaining and practical manner. Textual revision material, activities and tests are provided.

My GCSE Science: Specifically created to help students and teachers focus on the AQA exams, this site contains free science video tutorials and notes (core, additional and separate science videos are included). Far from being superficial, the videos cover topics quite profoundly and each lasts approximately 10 minutes. Check out this video on infectious diseases to view the youthful, upbeat style with which this serious subject is approached. The colourful visuals and childlike illustrations will undoubtedly appeal to those who like to approach science with a dash of creativity.

S-Cool: This dedicated revision site offers a host of resources for GCSE Science and other subjects. Users are asked to create an account to obtain access to free exam-style questions, revision guides and more. A unique aspect of the site is that it provides links to apps that are useful for GCSE revision as a whole – apps that work on memory or highlight common pitfalls students make in GCSE Science exams. Forums are also available, where students can ask a host of questions – everything from where to find a blast furnace to what complex terms like ‘displacement of less reactive halogens’ means!

Exam Board Websites: Students seeking to achieve top marks in their GCSE Science exam should focus on the particular areas deemed important by their respective exam board. AQA, OCR, Edexcel and WJEC all offer a host of excellent free resources both students and teachers should consult.

CGP Books: In this site, it’s all about tests and games. Identify the three states of matter or prove your level of knowledge in a fun multiple choice test on atoms.

GCSE Science Bitesize Last-Minute Learner: This app, available on iTunes, has been specifically created to help students in the final stages of revision. Students can hone their skill and knowledge in Biology, Chemistry or Physics by answering colourful, dynamic tests, and they also have the option to add their own notes and bookmarks for future reference. The app centres on the main topics for AQA exam specifications.

We hope that you have found these websites useful. If you have come across other Science based websites that you think are great for those studying GCSE level, then please feel free to add them in the comments section below.


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