If you are taking GCSE Welsh, also known as a TGAU in Cymraeg, as a first or second language, there are some useful revision resources online that can help you to improve your language and literature skills.

1. The BBC’s Bitesize website has some good revision resources that can help you with first or second language welsh GCSEs. If you are taking the separate first language and literature GCSEs in Welsh, there are separate revision sections for each, which can help you to prepare for the different tasks that you will be asked to complete in the exams. The resources include videos, revision notes and activities that you can use to practice for the exams. The Welsh Bitesize site also has some useful revision resources for other subjects that will help you to revise if you are taking the rest of your GCSEs in Welsh. If you are studying Welsh as a learner, the BBC has a separate Bitesize site with resources that can help you to work on your speaking and writing skills.

2. If you want more practice for the exams, the WJEC/CBAC exam board provides copies of past exam papers for first and second language courses online that you can use. Your teacher might also be able to give you copies of these.

3. One of the best resources is the Llywodraeth Cymru website, Hwb, which has activities for both learners and first language speakers, as well as Welsh language resources that can help you to study other subjects at GCSE level. The sections that will be useful for your GCSE in Welsh contain plenty of exercises that can improve your writing skills as well as of many of the texts that you will encounter during your course. These are a good revision resource as they will help you to identify all of the most important points for each text, so if you take the time to complete them, you will then have a good summary that you can use for revision. The section for students taking the GCSE as a second language is also full of useful activities to help with skills such as reading and writing, or with particular topics that are covered in the GCSE course.

4. Welsh Revision I Learn Wales is a useful tool that can help you to improve your vocabulary and language skills. It will be particularly useful for learners, but if you are a first language speaker, you may still find it useful if you want to review a particular aspect of the language that you are finding difficult.

5. Cymraeg Ail Iaith has some useful tips to help you to prepare for your GCSE exams if you are a learner. It also has some suggestions for books and resources that you might be able to use, including some apps that you can download to help improve your language skills. There is also some good advice that you can show to your English-speaking parents to help them to support you during revision and exam time.

6. If you are a welsh learner, immersing yourself in the language can help to improve your listening and pronunciation skills. The BBC/S4C programme Pobol y Cwm, which can be watched online through iPlayer, has English subtitles, so it is particularly useful. You can also find other Welsh language programmes through the BBC, or on the website of the Welsh broadcaster, S4C, which also allows you to watch programmes online, through its Clic service.

7. The online English-Welsh dictionary produced by the Academi Gymreig is a useful resource for both first and second language students, although it will be most useful for learners who want to search for a translation of an English word.

8. If you want to read more Welsh literature in preparation for your GCSEs, the Llenyddiaeth Cymru website has an index of publishers, with links to their websites, which should be able to give you some ideas about what to read. You should be able to order copies through your local library, but you can also find them online through the Cyngor Llyfrau Cymru’s Gwales bookshop.

9. The Education site for the National Library of Wales has a few resources that might be of interest if you want to explore the language and literature of Wales beyond what is required for your exams. You can view images of old texts using the Digital Mirror, or access a few educational resources and workbooks that explore the history of Wales.




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