The internet can be a great resource for GCSE students, as long as you know where to look for help. Once you have located the best resource sites, you will find plenty of material to assist you with understanding any topics that you are finding difficult in class, or to revise and master the knowledge and skills you need to prepare for your exams.

Your exam board’s website is a good place to start looking for helpful resources. Your teacher will be able to tell you which board will be administering your exams. AQA, OCR, Edexcel, CCEA and WJEC or CBAC are responsible for administering GCSEs in the UK. They have all posted past papers online that you can use for practice, and their sites may also contain student guides, teaching resources and other materials that you can use in your revision.

For students who need help with a particular GCSE subject, there are some great sites online packed with information about each of the individual topics covered at this level. Links to the top resources for each subject are given elsewhere on this site, which will enable you to find the information you need. Other websites are also available that have resources covering the whole range of GCSE courses. These sites can be a convenient place to search for help with all of your subjects.

The BBC’s Bitesize website is a great resource for many GCSE subjects, although there are a few GCSE courses that are not covered. The resources available for those courses that are on the site can help you to review the material you have studied in lessons and complete activities that will help you to develop the skills you need for the exams. Bitesize can be a good starting point for your revision as it enables you to review the whole range of material that you need to know for your different courses.

Channel 4 also has an education site, gcsEASE, which covers several of the subjects that are not available on Bitesize. If your course is covered, you can find notes explaining all of the important topics that you need to understand, as well as some interesting activities that you can use to test yourself on what you have learned. The site is also full of practical study tips that can help you to prepare for the exams, and advice on putting together a portfolio if this is required for your course.

Hwb is another good revision website that is focused on the WJEC specifications, but which can still be useful for students taking courses through one of the other boards. Many GCSE subjects are covered, with revision notes and activities that can make it easier for you to understand the material you have studied in class.

The written resources you can find online are helpful, but one benefit of using the internet for revision is that there are also plenty of video and interactive tools to use in your revision. One of the best video sites for tutorials to help you with a difficult topic is the Khan Academy. This site has videos covering a wide range of different subjects that are very well explained. If there is something you are having difficulty with in class, this is a good site to turn to for a different approach that could help make things clearer for you. Another excellent source of video resources is the O2 learn site, but it is also possible simply to search for a topic you are studying on YouTube. However, be aware that the quality of YouTube educational and revision videos can vary, so don’t rely on them too much and make sure you use good judgement when you choose what to watch.

If you need any extra help, or if you still have some questions about one of the topics that you have been studying through these online resources, you can always ask for some more support through Superprof. Whether you are having trouble finding the answers to your questions, or struggling to understand a particularly difficult topic that you have been learning about in class, speaking to someone online can often enable you to make sense of it all.




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