GCSE Citizenship Studies helps students develop skills such as critical thinking, decision making and collaborative working. The purpose of this blog post is to share with you resources that we think are useful in the lead-up to GSCE Citizenship Exam:

CitizenX: This site, provided by the BBC, is a good place to start when it comes to preparation for the GCSE Citizenship exam. It is a user-friendly, vibrant source of information which students will enjoy using. The site is divided into four main categories: Being a Citizen (this section tackles the issues of Identity and Rights and Responsibilities), Local Citizen (focusing on Local Democracy, Community Action and Conflict), National Citizen (regarding Crime, and Government and Parliament) and International Citizen (concerning Global Community, the EU, UN and Commonwealth). The site goes into topics particular at greater depth, in a section called the Lowdown area. Links to useful external resources (on topics such as the different Parliaments in the UK, government departments and handy statistics) are also available.

CBBC Newsround: Students need to know about important events taking place around the world. Being news savvy is also useful for achieving top marks in GSCE Citizenship exams, since referring to current events and displaying a rich awareness of world affairs and politics is bound to impress examiners. CBBC Newsround provides a host of short videos covering everything from important sports news to events affecting the environment, as well as social issues such as bullying. Browse through A-Z (a list of all the material on the site), play educational games and watch special films affecting the world, on topics such as dyslexia, autism and living in care.

School Report: One of the most important aspects of being a good citizen is being an active member of society. School Report invites students to do just that, by posting their own news reports for a real audience. The site provides lesson plans and materials that help students hone in on their journalistic skills. In 2013, over 1,000 schools across the UK posted a myriad of content. Students learn to work to real deadlines and deliver the kind of standard that can be expected by international audiences.

Class Clips – Citizenship: Teachers use this site to stream a wealth of useful information to their students during class time, though the information provided is equally useful to students wishing to learn more about specific issues at home. Topics covered include Community, Diversity and Identity, Environment and Sustainability, Globalisation, International Conflict, Rights and Responsibilities and Sexual Health.

Festivals and Events: Local events and festivals which take place all over the world are often a great starting point when it comes to finding inspiration for written work. Festivals and Events enlightens students on events, which are arranged by season. This enables them to take part virtually in a number of important celebrations and traditions, including Chinese New Year, Lent, Passover, International Women’s Day and Environment Day.

Citizenship Resources: Students need objective advice on what makes an excellent answer, what objectives they are aiming to achieve and what assessments and units will be covered during their GCSE Citizenship studies. This site provides information on these and other aspects, also providing a revision quiz and a handy coursework booklet.

We hope that you have found these resources useful. Please feel free to add a comment if you have come across other websites that you would like to recommend.


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