Stuck looking for Primary School Citizenship resources? This blog post sets out to give you our recommendations on websites to look at. 

Citizenship: Using Democracy: This site, offered by BBC Scotland, teaches children about the meaning of democracy. It is meant to be used in class in groups, though kids can also have fun at home with the help of their parents. The site has both Flash and html versions, though we definitely recommend the former for a more dynamic experience. The site teaches children how to solve issues while keeping in mind the good of the entire community. For instance, in the first activity offered, children are asked to decide how money awarded to one particular community for good work, should be spent. Children are encouraged to listen to a number of different groups/businesses, and to come to the most equitable solution – in this way, they discover that being a good citizen often involves the difficult process of decision making! Teachers, meanwhile, are provided with a set of notes that describes all the different activities and the goals involved (i.e. identifying the difference between needs and wants, differentiating between formal and informal rules in society and resolving conflicts).

Dinesydd Da (Good Citizen): This lovely site, part of a collection of Welsh language sites aimed at children aged 7-11, dives straight into a host of entertaining yet educational activities which call upon children to solve problems like how to restore a run-down park, create a useful playground and reduce levels of mischievousness in the neighbourhood.

Primary Resources: This site contains a wealth of Powerpoint presentations, Word activity sheets and PDF materials, on an array of PSHE/Citizenship topics, including making and choosing friends, avoiding detrimental behaviour like bullying and discrimination, making choices and resolving conflicts productively, adapting to change, pursuing goals, staying healthy and safe and being aware of global issues. Since the resources are uploaded by different teachers, each varies in terms of style and content, so the site will take a few minutes to surf through before you find the material you are after.

Go-Givers: This vibrant site includes free resources and lesson plans for teachers, resources and support for parents and a fun Kids Zone area, featuring fun games, activities, quizzes, blogs and even a theme song promoting citizenship skills. The site encourages parents to volunteer and become active in fundraising for charity, and teaches children about decision making, taking responsibility for their actions, and doing their share to ease the plight of suffering children across the globe.

Persona Dolls: This resource comprises four dolls of different ethnicities, which can be loaned out for short periods to schools. Each doll has its own personality, life history, likes and dislikes and they ask children to help them with problems that have arisen. The dolls are meant to encourage children to challenge the prejudices and stereotypes that form part of discrimination, to help children understand how their actions and words can sometimes hurt others, and to encourage them to defend those who are being unfairly treated.

We hope that you have found our list useful. Of you have any that you would like to add, please feel free to tell us about them in the comments section.




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