PSHE – what’s that, I hear you ask. Well, personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education has been part of the National Curriculum for schools in UK since the turn of the millennium in 2000 and is well embedded into school life.

What follows is our recommended list of great websites to help parents and teachers find interesting topics to explore in Primary School PSHE:

  • School Radio – PSHE: Aimed at children aged 9 to 11, this resource comprises a series of sound clips for use on their own or alongside Teacher’s Notes. The site is divided into two activities: Have Your Say, in which children listen to other children talking about particular PSHE topics, and then listen to a drama covering each topics; and PSHE Clips, in which Barney Harwood of CBBC introduces an array of short reports exploring PSHE issues for Key Stage 2 students. Barney talks to children and celebrities to spark healthy debates and discussions in class regarding key PSHE points. The main themes covered by the site include Transitions, Relationships, Diversity, Rules, Self-Esteem and Choices.
  • Class Clips – PSHE: Teachers and parents will find all the inspiration they need in a wide array of clips focusing on themes such as conflict, disability, poverty and more.
  • Feelings: This website explores the area of emotional health, which is an important ingredient of general health and well-being. The activities on the site are meant to encourage children to express how they feel, giving parents the chance to offer useful advice on a number of important issues and situations. Children are invited to select a couple of friends to go the park with them. They are then asked to identify the feelings different persons show, and to talk about how different situations make them feel (happy, sad, frustrated, etc.).
  • It’s Up to You: This fun site calls upon children to help an animated character, Tony, make the football squad by sticking to Rosie’s Healthy Eating programme. The site highlights the importance of sound nutrition, tying in with PE 4 ‘Knowledge and understanding of fitness and health’.
  • Primary Resources: This site contains a host of resources updated by teachers. Since the content is so eclectic, it requires a bit of browsing, but you will surely come across excellent lesson ideas and materials. Take this useful Powerpoint presentation entitled Would You Rather, which asks children a host of seemingly simple questions that really encourage children to talk. Questions include: ‘Would you rather… your house was surrounded by snow, a jungle or water?’ Another simple but lovely activity is entitled What Makes Me So Special – it asks kids to draw themselves in the middle of the page and fill in a number of surrounding ‘clouds’ with positive adjectives that describe themselves. The site is divided into a number of main topics, including All About Me, Friendship & Relationships, Bullying & Discrimination, etc.
  • Sparklebox: This site contains a host of printable word cards, posters and pictures which can be used to inspire discussion on many of the main topics covered in PSHE class – everything from emotions and facial expressions to health and hygiene and bullying. Teachers will also find a host of banners for display in school, featuring inspiring or informative content.

We hope that you have found these resources useful. If you have any more that you would like to add to the list, please let us know via the comments.


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