Once you get to university there will be the opportunity to sign up for societies that reflect your interests and pursuits.  A time to meet like-minded people with similar hobbies and interests, passions and devotions.

That is, until you’ve read this list.  When, naturally, every rule you’ve ever applied to university societies goes out of the window…  This has to be the most amusing article I’ve ever had to write.  Period.


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you (in no particular order):  The Ten Wackiest University Societies.

Curry Society – University of Leicester

Given our multi-ethnic population, this seems almost inevitable.

Self-explanatory, the society describes itself as follows:

Leicester University Curry Society is a great way to meet new people, have a good time and, most importantly, eat curry!

Apparently a key feature of their socials is a Curry Crawl around town, as opposed to a bar crawl.  I can still imagine you feeling just as rough in the morning however.

Society for Gentlemanly Pursuits – Keele University

This had to be my personal favourite – a society where they sit back and enjoy gentlemanly interests.  Their Facebook page summarises their interests and activities thus:

We are interested in the partaking of fine liquors and listening to music of good quality, we aim to promote gentlemanly ideals within our membership and safeguard our member’s interests.

In a world of commercialism, awful music and the reduction of ‘traditional’ pastimes, this is very refreshing.  One for me to set up in September 2014 when I get back from France….

Harry Potter and Gin Society – University of St. Andrews

Well, I enjoyed the Harry Potter books as a child and I can just about tolerate gin.  Logic it seems is that these two mix perfectly.

Members are known to enjoy watching the films, reading the books and having long magical discussions.  It appears that the gin aspect is completely unrelated….

Zombie Society – Brunel University

If we are ever struck with a zombie plague, it is safe to say the first people I am talking to are these guys.  It is not just the idea of dressing up as zombie and taking part in ‘Zombie vs Humans’ deathmatches…. These guys actually go a stage further.  It’s not so much the subject matter – it’s the extraordinary way they go about it.

Our aims are:

-To raise awareness of the zombie threat

-To prepare the public for the impending zombie outbreak

-To celebrate and partake in zombie culture and entertainment including movie screenings, games, and more

-To promote discussions about zombies

-Of course lots of fancy dress and other undead fun!

Ignorance is no longer an option.  Be prepared.

Rollercoaster Appreciation Society – Reading University

Well, I guess there’s a part of you that always loves rollercoasters and likes a good thrill seeking adventure.  The RCAS organises trips to various theme parks across the UK and even hold a trip across Europe in search of the ultimate rollercoaster.  No fuss, just exactly what it says on the tin.

Join up and I think it would be one heck of a ride…. Pun intended right there.

Tiddlywinks Society – Cambridge University

Remember the days before handheld games consoles and the internet being full of videos of cats doing stupid things?  Yeah, I just about.  Back in my day of growing up, kids actually used their creativity and there were only 150 Pokemon on the TV.  I miss that….

Tiddlywinks, that legendary pastime, should really be in line for achieving full sport recognition (I’m talking the full BUCS status here) given its extraordinary history.  I never realised how much fun flicking counters into a box would be until I played my Gran at it.

On a serious note, though… it’s great that more traditional games are still being played by people of all ages.

Mario Kart Society – Essex University

Mario and his buddy Luigi have had a resurgence somewhat in recent years.  What started off as an arcade game and the Nintendo 64, the Mario series become the most successful video game franchise of all time, expanding to the Wii and other modern platforms.

It seems only right that students, one of the most-noted gaming collectives around, should honour the plumbing pair in some shape or form.

These guys take it seriously – they’ve got a two-tiered league setup for gaming and even have a mission statement..

“To rename the ‘University of Essex’ the ‘University of Mario Kart, in Essex.’

To feed the Tank

Ensure that the entire population of Essex University can handle Rainbow Road on 150cc.

For it to become socially acceptable to dress up as Mario characters to lectures.”

If that isn’t commitment to improving your university, I don’t know what is.

Custard Wrestling Society – Cardiff University

Oh goodness, I did a double-take reading this.

Obviously wrestling in mud or jelly is overrated, so these guys took this one stage further.  They got the paddling pool out and filled it with custard.  The photos I’ve seen involve spandex trousers and a hugely competitive set of matches, sometimes in front of crowds.

I’m not quite sure what to make of this really….  Then again, I guess this is the point of the article – to find the very weirdest and wackiest.

20 Minute Society – University of Lincoln

If there was ever a prize for the simplest idea behind a society, I think we’ve got a front-runner right here.

The rules are simple: members at any random time of the day get sent a text message giving an address or location.  From wherever they are, they have no more than 20 minutes to get to that assigned location.  Points awarded for those who get there.  I told you it was simple…

I guess there’s a trade-off though, isn’t there?  I mean, you want to score points for your cause, but what if you’re in the middle of a lecture?  Still, at least it’s teaching people how to navigate and always be prepared.  That has to be admired.

Kettle Society – University of Nottingham

Perhaps a major area of society growth is through the appreciation of items you take for granted every day.  In this case, the kettle.

KettleSoc. It’s not just about tea. Well, it is, but it’s also about coffee, milkshakes, espresso, lattes, gluhwein, iced frappes, hot chocolate, pretty much any hot beverage you can think of…in fact, it doesn’t even need to be hot.

The society organises cafe crawls and other similar delights.  I can only begin to imagine how caffeinated these guys are.
Meanwhile, across in Australia…. We’ve got the Microwave Appreciation Society of Australia.  I rest my case.
Did we miss any?  Drop us a comment.

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