The numbers of parents now considering home education as a serious option is increasing. Especially at this time as schools are oversubscribed or children didn’t get the school of their choice. But, despite seeing advantages in home schooling, many find it hard to pluck up the confidence to do so.

So here are five ideas to think about which might help:

  • Start with research. There are many home education blogs, information, websites and forums where you can find out what it’s really like from people already doing so. There are young people who have graduated beyond home education now, either at college, university or in work and some groups have lists of these to show other parents how it turned out.
  • Connect with others. Many feel anxious that they’ll be isolated stepping away from mainstream education. As soon as you connect with the many home educating groups all over the country you discover a whole community of people also home schooling which you were never aware of before. You can connect to these through the usual social networking channels and forums. There is a variety of groups catering for the diversity of home educating approaches.
  • Develop your own ideas about education. Everyone has different reasons to home educate and different ideas about education, but there is usually a common ground that connects you with others. However, you need to be clear about your intentions, what you want for your child in place of school and keep them as the core of what you do. Your perspective and your child’s needs change as you grow into it so remain flexible too.
  • Find reassurance from the wealth of information and activities online, (the BBC is a good place to start), through tutor sites like this one, teaching resources, curriculum resources, and people who offer a variety of support. Connecting with the other home educating groups will help you find the resources you need.
  • Keep an open mind. Any decision doesn’t necessarily have to be forever. Everything always changes, children’s needs change as do circumstances, so don’t worry that the decision to home school is one that you are stuck with for always. Your situation will need constantly reviewing and updating in line with the growth and development of your child. There are home school children who’ve gone back into mainstream successfully at certain times and others who’ve never been to school. You can use home education to suit your family’s needs and be confident that you can change decisions should you need to.



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