If you’re preparing to go to University in September, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to fill all that time while you’re there.  I mean, 12 hours a week – that’s half what you did for your A Levels!  Such an easy life, I hear you cry…  The truth is, Uni is by no means straightforward – you’ll find that as a new student at Uni filling in all the blanks could well be harder than a full 25 hour week doing A Levels.


It’s not just your organisation though, it’s a whole host of things that you’ll learn how to get right whilst you’re there.  The sooner you get it sorted, the better you’ll do.  Here are Superprof’s 5 ways to make your University life easier:

Budgeting: Limit that debt and learn a valuable skill – With loans going on excessive rent charges and student overdrafts being reigned in, there is always that worry that with three weeks to go you’ll find yourself living on a diet of beans on toast.  It isn’t as bad as you think though, providing you take care of what you spend!  Budgeting teaches you a valuable skill that will be so useful in later life when you have many more bills to pay, such as a mortgage and utilities.  Keep that in mind!

Lifestyle:  Perform better and feel better by striking the right balance – You’ll get sucked into partying and the like at university.  However, too much partying and not enough exercise or eating well can have a detrimental effect on your health, your wallet and you performance as a student.  Limit going out on a big night to once a week and remember that your studies are your priority – a hangover and lack of sleep from the night before is not a good idea for that 9am lecture.  Eat properly also!  There’s no reason you can’t get your ‘five a day’ or cook properly on a budget.  Getting that balanced diet will mean that your brain is functioning better and you’ll perform better in your academic work.  Regular exercise is a must.  Find a gym partner or running mate – the fitter and healthier your lifestyle, the smoother things will run.

Assignments:  Take your time and reap the benefits – These terrors are a staple of module coordinators who don’t like marking endless exam papers.  You’ll have somewhere around 3 months to write it (and a conveniently-placed holiday to proof-read it!)  Get started early, go through and plan, remembering to check it thoroughly and make any changes as you go.

Time Management:  Fill those gaps and set an alarm! – When you get your timetable for the first term you’ll be thinking “Where’s all my lesson time?!”  In your own time you’re going to need to go over what you’ve learnt and prepare for next week.  Oh, and set an alarm every morning – even on those weekend days when you’d rather lie in bed with repeats of Jeremy Kyle on TV.

Exams: Get the revision started early – but don’t tackle it alone – Sadly, those exams aren’t going to go away.  The key to nailing those university exams is to be revising as you go along through a module.  Your lectures and seminars for each are going to teach you the basics, but they won’t teach you everything.  One thing I did during my first and second years that was great was arranging time to sit down with your coursemates – working together really helped me.

Have you got any other tips that you’d like to share with us on making Uni life easier?  Let us know!




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