We wrote recently about a fraudster called Joan Koneh who was targeting tutors.

We always publish fraudster details, as Google sees to it that if these people try and contact tutors again, their messages will be shown in search results – along with the fact that they are scammers.

We have received the following scam today:

“Hello My name is Adana Fantavie, I saw your profile on this site and I decided to write to you. I want to learn more from you and there is something i like to discuss with you. I hope you can reply through my email address because am not always on this site. You can give me your email address so I can write to you with more details about me. ( adanafantavie@gmail.com ) Regards Adana”

The message bears striking similarities to that from Joan Koneh, specifically getting you to provide them with your email address, no enquiry about tutoring and referring to not always being on the site.

When receiving messages like this, our advice to tutors is as follows:

  • Use website messaging services – do not respond via your personal email
  • Under no circumstances share personal information with them, such as email address, telephone number, address or bank details
  • If you have responded before realising your mistake – do not engage them in a conversation, just mark any email from them as spam and ignore it

If you think that you have compromised yourself, contact the Police via Action Fraud.

Hope this advice helps. Forewarned is forearmed.


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