From time to time, spammers use tutoring websites to contact tutors. When this happens we always publish their details, so that their information gets picked up by search engines such as Google, and suspicious tutors don’t not fall into the trap of contacting them.

Today, we received the following message from a user called Comfort:

Hello dear,My name is miss comfort Ndiany , please contact me at, ( comfortndiany55 @ hot mail . c o m ) for more about details me and private talk Ok?”

We have also previously blogged about the following other spammers:

Adana Fantavie

Joan Koneh

Tracy Tamba

When receiving messages from spammers like this, our advice to tutors is as follows:

  • Use website messaging services – do not respond via your personal email
  • Under no circumstances share personal information with them, such as email address, telephone number, address or bank details
  • If you have responded before realising your mistake – do not engage them in a conversation, just mark any email from them as spam and ignore it

If you think that you have compromised yourself, contact the Police via Action Fraud.

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