It is never easy to find out that your child is struggling to do well in their education; It can be challenging to know how to solve the situation to help them to achieve their best. Thankfully there are many options available which can help with improving the qualifications of struggling students. Using these solutions can guide your child, from not achieving the required grades, to creating their own successful outcomes.

Private tuition can be a great solution to have a tailored and engaging educational experience. Tutors near me are available on a flexible schedule and can also work outside of the school year, which means you can make the most of the summer to catch up or prepare for the coming term.

A private tutor can help with your child’s development all the way from preschool and kindergarten right up to primary school and through to university. Tutors can integrate with homeschooling or give 1 to 1 support in private education or an independent school, they can also provide support to mainstream students who attend private school or public school at secondary school, college or university level.

Personal tutors can specialise in a wide variety of subjects to cater to a growing interest in a wide range of subjects. Academic subjects like Maths, chemistry, physics, English, geography or humanities to name a few. Also, tutors can successfully support you with test prep and exam preparation like GCSE exams, enrollment or entrance exams.

Of course, tutors also work with learner lead interests and hobbies, personal and professional improvement tutors might help with cooking classes or public speaking, language tutors support learners to speak their desired languages such as an ESL English tutor, French tutor or Arabic tutor. Even extracurricular activities can be tutored like playing football. The options are really endless.

Private tuition is one of the many and most flexible options available to your child when they are struggling. A good quality tutor will be your child’s personal guide to help them circumnavigate the difficulties that they are struggling with and locate their strength. The tutor will create an individualized curriculum and work hard to make sure that syllabus topics are understandable to your child. When you find your tutor they will be dedicated to supporting your child in achieving their very best.

Difficulties at school it may not be immediately apparent.
How to support your child to help them to achieve their best. Photo Source: Unsplash

6 Signs To Spot A Child in Need of Extra School Support

With overfilled classrooms, overworked school teachers and high barriers to qualifying and achievement, struggling children are slipping under the radar, losing interest in education and falling behind. If your child starts to have difficulties at school it may not be immediately apparent. We want to give you some essential tips for the best results of home tuition and to highlight a few red flags to help you identify as quickly as possible if your child is silently crying out for help. We would strongly suggest for parents to maintain open communication with their child’s school so that if any issues arise they can be addressed immediately.

  1. They Often Express A Dislike For School Education

If your child appears to be stressed about attending school or often fain sickness so that they can stay home, you may have a child who is struggling and trying to avoid the embarrassment of going into to school to do poorly again. At the worst end of this scale, the child may ‘skip’ school, play truant or have poor attendance.

  1. They Appear To Lack Confidence In The Subject

If you discuss your child’s low grades with them and they seem to kick themselves about it. Appearing worried, anxious or stressed with a defeatist attitude. It could be the low self-esteem causing the problem as opposed to not being good at the topic.

  1. Their Homework And Revision Doesn’t Get Done, Or They Struggle With It.

You notice your child sitting with homework for hours on end with very little being done. If your child tries to do their revision but is unable to get started, then they may be struggling. Alternatively, they may do their homework but put little thought into it makes silly mistakes because they haven’t understood the topic.

  1. Their progress is too slow

You notice that your child is making slow progress with low retention of information across their subjects. If this is the case despite the child seeming keen to understand the topic and despite them often studying or reviewing the topic. It might be that they are struggling with more than just understanding. Learning difficulties can be a crucial barrier to your child learning effectively.

  1. Behavioural Issues

You notice that your child is lying to you about how they are doing at school, hiding report cards and pretending that everything is ok. This dishonest attitude may be caused because they don’t want to get in trouble for not doing well. This can be hard to spot as you probably trust your child. To avoid this be aware of when in class report cards and feedback is due from the school. You can also contact their school teacher yourself to clarify and enquire how they are doing.

  1. Their Grades Are Slowly Getting Worse

Your child is very engaged with the topic but fails exams often, and it doesn’t seem to be clear as to why. As they study for their exams and do their homework on the subject. They may even do well in certain parts of the class but almost always fail the tests and exams. This could highlight an issue with their study technique, knowledge application and/or their management of stress before exams.

Tutoring is very flexibile and has many benefits.
Group sessions are a benefit of private tuition. Photo Source: Unsplash

The Pros And Cons Of Home Tutoring

If you spot one of the above red flags, hiring a tutor can help to support your child, guiding them out of the darkness and into the light, providing them with the tools to succeed, with clarity and understanding. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of giving tutoring as a solution for your child’s struggle with education.

The Advantages of Private Tuition

  1. Very flexible

One of the significant benefits of private tuition is the vast variety and flexibility of tutoring available. There will undoubtedly be an option that will suit your child and their learning style. Your child can work with an online tutor, in a one to one or group setting and they may work face to face in much the same way, in groups or one to one. Although there is lots of flexibility once a session is arranged you should try to keep to as or give notice if you need to cancel.

  1. Convenient

Choosing a qualified tutor as a medium to support your child, is very convenient as you can decide where you would like to meet, the best time of day to study and how long to study for. Tutoring can also fit around any student or parent schedule.

While having a regular schedule is beneficial for its own reasons, another benefit is that you don’t really need to keep the same timetable every week. So if you have something to do that would interfere with a set schedule, you will still be able to arrange a tutoring session for your child. Of course, this is to be agreed with your tutor, and they should be given as much notice as possible so that they can arrange their availability and accommodate you.

  1. Effective Experience

Tutors have a lot of experience in guiding struggling students to become their best. They also have an in-depth knowledge of techniques to deal with different kinds of challenges, different learning styles and different personality types. Because of this experience tutors may be able to provide practical solutions to overcome your child’s difficulties.

  1. One To One Attention

When your child is struggling, one to one tuition is key to getting them back on track. Mainstream education has classrooms full of students who need attention and careful guidance but given that there is only 1 teacher. The attention they need is not provided, this lack of nurturing in the class can lead to many struggles for students. Tutoring can solve this issue quickly and given that there are no other distractions can pinpoint the challenge your child is having and create a program to provide your child with the tools they need to solve their issues.

  1. Private Home Tutoring Works At The Child's Pace

Another advantage is that when the tutor is working with your child, they can remove the pressure felt in the mainstream classroom to keep up and slow down to the pace that is comfortable for your child and ensure maximum understanding and retention of the topics taught.

  1. Personal Tutors Help To Motivate

When a child has low self-esteem due to consistently doing poorly on homework, exams or even in the classroom. Tuition can work to instil confidence in your child by leading them around their challenges and towards success. Once their confidence has risen, they will be able to find themselves back on track.

  1. Help To Teach Study Skills

A crucial part of education that is often overlooked is ensuring that the child knows ‘how’ to learn and study effectively. Learning how to learn may sound convoluted, but it is key to a child's educational development. Providing your child with a strategy on how best to acquire knowledge and achieve success will support them in their educational development. Tutors have many techniques that they can share with your child about how best to learn excellence in school and life.

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  1. Can Support With Learning Difficulties

Many tutors have specialised experience and can create personalized tutoring programs for your child who may be struggling with school because of learning difficulty. In mainstream school, children with learning difficulties can get left behind especially if they are not diagnosed early on.

This extra support from a tutor specialised in the child's particular challenge can encourage the child, assisting them to be enthusiastic about their capability. This interaction can help children to keep up with classes and succeed along with their classmates.

The Disadvantages Of A Tutoring Programme

  1. Private Home Tuition Rates

Tuition costs can be high, tuition fees are charged by the hour, and are largely dependent on the experience of the tutor that you select. Private tuition is not like a pill that you take that starts working straight away. Depending on the child, progress can take time; it is good to be aware of the tuition cost before committing to a find a tutor.

It is good to bear in mind that online tutoring can be substantially cheaper than one to one tutoring. Online tutoring also has many of the same benefits as face to face tutoring so if you are thinking “I need help to pay for my child’s tutoring”. Then this could be a good compromise.

There are also a lot of other alternatives available to you and your child. If you have serious financial need and still want you, child, to have some extra help. You can get in touch with your local council, local church and your child’s school. Make some enquires to see if you might be eligible to qualify for some help or if anyone has any advice about tutoring for a more reasonable cost.

You can also contact the citizens advice bureaux hotline you might find that there is a new government grant for financial aid or a bursary that you could apply for. Although it is expensive, it could be the best investment that you can make for your struggling child. We would like to strongly advise you against using credit cards or getting in debt that you cannot afford to pay back.

  1. Children Must Make A Dedicated Contribution

Your child must be willing to actually put in the time and effort to reap the rewards of success. A tutor is not there to give the answers, they are there to guide and support your child to become the best they can be.

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Study sessions can happen anywhere and for any topic.
You can decide where you would like to meet. Photo Source: Unsplash
  1. Free Time Suffers

When a child is struggling with their education, it can be very tempting to fill all of their spare time with solutions to get them back on track. But children also need time to de-stress, blow of some steam and just be kids. A full-time education plus a part-time tutoring program can leave the child with much less time to be able to enjoy their childhood. It is essential to try to maintain some balance and give the child time to relax as well. The child preference may be to keep going in an aim to achieve the best and make you proud but there must be a happy and progressive middle ground.

Having a private home tutor has many benefits, its importance for a struggling child and as a mechanism to support and guide them towards a better outcome is very clear. A student’s private tuition can be the difference between success and failure for many children.

Even school teachers are signing up for tutoring jobs part time which means that private school tuition could now become available for your child at school.

You had better sign up fast as it appears that the secret is out. Tutoring both online and offline have become hugely popular with adults and children alike. With more people enrolling on courses to learn new things, get help to understand things they are struggling with and just to enjoy education. Only one question remains, what will you choose to learn?

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