We no doubt all agree that technology is incredible. We love it. Kids love it. Life is evolving around it.

But there are claims that too much use of it as a sedentary pastime, especially gaming, is contributing to the problem of obesity among children.

Concern over children’s weight was raised in the news again recently after Newsround conducted a survey about what children were eating. They discovered that fifty two in every one hundred children don’t eat vegetables every day and forty four in every hundred do not have fruit on a daily basis. And although this was a small survey it is probably a fair reflection across society as a whole.

So how do we get this to change?

Schools are doing what they can to counteract this issue and health and nutrition is part of the curriculum. However, like with all aspects of our children’s development and education the basis of good habits starts at home. And we as parents can set the ball rolling by our own approach to food, to nutrition, eating habits and general lifestyle.

For it is a lifestyle issue. Because it requires us to examine the way we think about, plan, shop for and behave in our daily approach to caring for our body through the food we put in our mouths.

Talking about technology is one way to tackle it with children. Their bodies are the ultimate in technology really – far more complicated and amazing than any man-made piece they might own. Certainly as important and it’s certainly important to take care of it. Their bodies are the only piece of human technology they’re going to have and it’s got to last a long time. Education and understanding about their body is essential – there are some superb sites to help.

But for them to really get this idea – we must practice it; we must eat what we preach, we must respect our own bodies, we must uphold the issue as serious and important. Because ultimately the habits our kids adopt with their diet and lifestyle are a reflection of ours as parents.

Surveys like this one are a good reminder for us all to take stock of what we’re eating, and what this is teaching our children.

Do we eat fruit and veg every day? Do we give time and attention to planning nutritious meals on a weekly basis? Do we plan time to cook rather than always reaching for pre-prepped stuff which is often filled with harmful fats and sugars? Do we care more about spending time putting stuff on Facebook or Instagram, than what we’re putting on the table or in our mouths?

Education begins in the home. And whatever schools do, educating our children towards good eating habits starts at home too and is demonstrated by our own!




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