Superprof differs radically from traditional home tutoring – it puts you in control of your learning. There are no arrangements. There is no travelling. There is no hassle.

Using instant messaging, Superprof puts you in contact with a tutor at the precise point when you need help – simply type in your question, select the tutor that suits you and  fire away. Instant messaging offers your child the chance to learn at the point when they’re most receptive to learning, it’s comfortable and second nature to us all. The accessibility and convenience of Superprof is such that it provides learning in a relaxed environment which can be a real confidence boost to the user; topping-up their learning as and when they need it.

Superprof has been uniquely designed to address head-on parental concerns surrounding the safety of their children when in live one-on-one conversations over the internet. Parents are in full control the account and can even review completed tutoring sessions. They can rest safe in the knowledge that neither the children or tutors can see each other, and as all sessions are text based – there is a full record of everything that has been taught.

In a departure from traditional home tutoring, Superprof allows parents to choose from a selection of available UK-based CRB checked tutors. There is no travel or long-term commitment – it’s pay by the minute – so the shorter the session, the cheaper it becomes.

Rory (14) was one of the first kids to use Superprof, so we asked him what he made of it: “It’s all online which is great for people like me who are doing their GCSE’s and need an answer straight away. It’s good fun, you can even write in text-speak if you like. The tutors were all really helpful and willing to answer any question.”

His brother Charlie (12) said: “I like it because it’s new and easy to use, the tutors are all really friendly too. I don’t have to travel to go and see my tutor anymore because it’s all online and I can use it whenever I want if I’m stuck.”

Above all, we want Superprof to be learning experience that is safe, fun and targeted to your specific needs. Be it an entire subject, a tricky exam or a single question, spend as much or as little time as you want with our tutors to make sure you nail it.

What’s the big idea? That’s the big idea.

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