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Learning a new language is a feat attained by curious individuals who want to understand another culture and race. However, it is essential to point out that there seem to be so many languages to learn and relatively so little time to learn them.

Which one do I choose? 

It is important to state that before studying a foreign tongue, choosing one that is useful and widely spoken is a logical decision. Languages such as Spanish, Arabic, Indonesian, and Chinese are spoken by millions of people worldwide and are worthy of serious consideration.

Without further delay, Superprof is here to instruct citizens of London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow where they can attend Mandarin lessons to become fluent in the world's most widely spoken tongue.

Chinese Lessons in London

Since London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities on the planet, there are many opportunities for Londoners to practise a foreign language with native speakers.

According to the most recent study conducted, in 2011 37% of London's population were born outside the UK. 

Immigrants from China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Ghana, Jamaica, and Nigeria now call the streets of London their own. 

Londoners who decide to study a second language may do so at an academic institute or through the careful guidance of a private language tutor.

Therefore, without further ado, we will analyse the best language school to learn Chinese and most highly recommended online resource to find Mandarin Chinese tutors working near you.

Find Mandarin lessons London now.

Best Language School to Learn Mandarin

London is the UK and Europe's most populous city with over 14 million people residing in the metro area; therefore, there are many language schools to choose from that offer excellent programmes to learn Chinese. Nevertheless, the following is Superprof's most highly recommended London-based language school to learn the fundamentals of Mandarin:

  • Practical Mandarin: at this school Mandarin courses are offered to working professionals and companies. Group classes are conducted with only a few motivated students, and the training from the qualified teachers is intensive and interactive. Check out their website to read the rave reviews from past students and learn more about the Mandarin programmes offered.

Best Online Resource to Find Chinese Tutors in London

Developments in modern technology have made learning complex academic concepts online possible. Interested students can acquire the fundamentals of a foreign language such as Chinese without even leaving their home. The following is the best site to find Chinese tutors in London:

  • The Language Machine: a website that specialises in connecting students with professional Chinese tutors in the Greater London area. Appealing features of the site include pay as you go tuition, to option to choose between group classes or one-to-one tutoring, and a free 20-minute introductory video. Check out their informative website to learn more about services offered.

Learning Mandarin Chinese in London has never been so attainable with the previously mentioned options!

Chinese Lessons in Birmingham

Chinese culture
China is not just known for its large cities; there are many destinations that will please any nature lover. (Source: pixabay)

Learning more about the Chinese language and culture can be done relatively quickly in Birmingham since many native Mandarin Chinese speakers and teachers are living within the city.

Therefore, without further ado, to meet the curiosity of curious Brummies, we will consider the best language school to learn more about Chinese Mandarin and the best website to find private tutors specialising in offering Chinese lessons.

The Academic Institute to Learn Mandarin in Birmingham

Birmingham is often referred to as the UK's "second city" since it is the country's second-most populous city, has the second-largest economy, and is the second most significant higher education centre outside of London.

Since there are many higher-education centres in Birmingham, Brummies are always curious about learning new things, and languages are no different. 

The following is the best academic institution in the city of Birmingham to learn more about foreign languages such as Mandarin Chinese:

  • Brasshouse Languages: it is impossible for a list of language schools in Birmingham not to feature the highly recommended academic institute of Brasshouse Languages located at the library of Birmingham. Widely regarded as being the largest adult education centre in the UK specialising in language courses and services, Brasshouse has various Mandarin Chinese courses offered for students of different levels such as beginners, intermediate students, and advanced learners. Check out their website and brochure to learn more about the programme schedules and prices.

The Best Website For Finding Online or Face-to-Face Tutors in the City of Birmingham

Attaining fluency in Mandarin can be done outside the classroom with the careful guidance of a professional and experienced tutor that conducts online or in person lessons.

Where may a Brummie find such a terrific tutor? 

Easy, by visiting the following website that features fantastic tutors specialising in a wide variety of academic subjects:

  • Tutorful: this highly recommended website has built a stellar reputation among UK citizens for being a brilliant resource to find tutors that focus on teaching foreign languages such as Mandarin. According to Tutorful's website, there are currently three qualified and previously approved Mandarin tutors offering online and face-to-face classes in the Greater Birmingham area. If the tutors featured do not meet your academic standards, which is highly unlikely because they boast fantastic reviews and qualifications, there are various other online tutors situated in other UK cities.

Chinese Lessons in Manchester

Throughout the past decades, Manchester has been a popular hub for tourists and immigrants alike. The majority of Mancunians are cultured individuals who have compassion and appreciation for distinct cultures which has caused many to consider learning a foreign tongue such as Mandarin Chinese.

Without further delay, Superprof has done its research to find the best language institute to attend Chinese Mandarin classes and the most highly recommended online resource to find qualified tutors specialising in offering Mandarin lessons in the Greater Manchester area.

Best Language School to Learn Chinese in Manchester

Since Manchester is a major city in the UK, there are many further education centres, academic institutes, and language schools worthy of consideration. Without further delay, the following is the best language institute to learn more about Mandarin Chinese:

  • Cactus Language School: boasting a 4.63 out of 5-star review from satisfied students the Cactus Language School located on Newton Street in the city centre is a highly recommended place to learn the fundamentals of Chinese. The ten-week Chinese group classes consist of two hours of tuition per week in the evenings from 6:30-8:30 pm and the professional teachers ensure that students have an enjoyable and unforgettable learning experience.

Most Highly Recommended Website to Find Chinese Tutors Working in Manchester

For Mancunians who want to learn the basics of Mandarin Chinese outside the classroom in a more comfortable and personal setting, the following website is a great resource to find professional Chinese tutors offering the possibility of face-to-face lessons at a time and place most convenient for the learner:

  • Teachers To Your Home: a highly recommended company that provides private tuition for children and adults all over the UK. Mandarin lessons are offered to individuals who want to develop conversational skills or prepare for professional examinations. Visit their website to send them a short message describing your desires to learn Mandarin and unique learning needs.

Chinese Lessons in Leeds

discovering China
China is the world's most populous country and third largest in terms of area. (Source: pixabay)

Chinese is not only the most widely-spoken language in the UK, but it is also the oldest written language dating back over 6,000 years. Chinese is part of a language family known as Sino-Tibetan and is widely known for the vast number of characters that can be observed; nearly 40,000!

Learning to acquire fluency in Mandarin Chinese is a fantastic idea for Loiners who dream of making it big on the world scene since China has one of the most important economies internationally. 

Therefore, without further delay, Superprof will show curious Loiners the best language school to complete Mandarin lessons and the most recommended website to find qualified Chinese tutors.

Best Language School Offering Chinese Classes in Leeds

To learn a foreign tongue effectively, many individuals seek the professionalism of a reputable language school. The structured lesson plans, the motivated fellow students, and the previous experience of teachers at academic institutes help students acquire proficiency quite rapidly.

Therefore, to help Loiners succeed and learn a new language, Superprof recommends the following language school to attend Chinese Mandarin courses:

  • The Business Confucious Institute at the University of Leeds: hosted by the Business Confucious Institute on the University of Leeds campus, the Chinese classes are highly recommended and aimed at adults who are interested in learning a new language in their spare time. Their Chinese lessons cover the necessary basics of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Good news future students, according to their site, June courses are currently open for registration.

An Effective Online Resource to Find Professional Mandarin Tutors

For persons who resent the structure of a classroom, there are many alternative learning methods such as enlisting the help of a private Chinese tutor and undergoing classes whenever and wherever you wish.

Check out the following website to find a private Mandarin tutor and start learning today:

  • First Tutors United Kingdom: a highly recommended site to find professional and accredited tutors offering academic assistance in a UK-based town near you. Since ID and reference checks are conducted before featuring a new tutor, learners can rest assured knowing that they are receiving the best education possible. According to the site, one Chinese tutor is featured and boasts glowing reviews and a Mandarin Teaching Certificate that was received in 2015.

Chinese Lessons in Glasgow

the beautiful Panda is a famous symbol in China
Arguably China's most recognised animal, the Giant Panda can be found eating bamboo in south-central China. (Source: pixabay)

Chinese culture can be found practically everywhere on earth, including the Scottish city of Glasgow which is over 7,900kms away from China's capital Beijing.

Since the Chinese are readily found in countries all over the world, many individuals have been influenced to learn their language and Glaswegians are no different. 

Therefore, Superprof has done its research to find the best language institute that offers a Mandarin Chinese programme and a highly recommended online resource to find private Chinese educators based in Glasgow.

Best Academic Institute Offering a Mandarin Chinese Programme

In today's day and age, it is essential to learn a foreign tongue to stand out in job interviews, get ahead professionally, and travel the world in style. When considering a foreign language to learn, Mandarin is a logical choice for learners since it is so widely spoken.

Without further adieu, the following language school offers the best Mandarin Chinese lessons in Glasgow:

  • Live Language: while Glaswegians publicly recognise this school as being a school that specialises in English training courses such as CELTA, there is a highly recommended Mandarin Chinese programme that lasts 12-weeks and costs £179. Two-hours of class time is conducted weekly in small groups with motivated students that are promised a cultural activity at the end of the programme.

A Helpful Online Resource to Find a Private Mandarin Tutor in Glasgow

Searching the web to find qualified Chinese tutors working near you can be quite overwhelming. Therefore, Superprof has done its research to find the best online resource for Glaswegians seeking private Chinese tuition which is the following:

  • First Tutors: one of the highest rated sites in the UK to find qualified tutors in any academic discipline. According to their website, there are four qualified tutors, that have undergone ID and reference checking, teaching Mandarin to students of any level. Hourly rates range from £15-40 depending on the accreditations and years of teaching experience.

Learning Mandarin Chinese can be a challenging adventure; therefore, heeding the essential tips of teachers and experienced ones is invaluable to success.

Thanks to the information provided by Superprof in today's article, finding Chinese lessons in any of the major UK cities has never been such a piece of cake; start learning Chinese today to impress the locals on your next trip to Shanghai!

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