"Italian culture is so deeply soaked in an appreciation of the good things in life." -Mariska Hargitay

Let's start by saying that Italians know how to live. The expression, La Dolce Vita, which was first used in English in the 1960s, means "the sweet life" and perfectly describes Italian culture. Italians believe in living life to the fullest and enjoying the more delicate things in life. Most Italian people will agree that work and life should be added on to food and wine.

Don't you just love Italians?

The sweet way of life experienced daily by Italians inspires citizens from foreign lands to learn more about the Italian language and culture. 

Therefore, to satisfy the curiosity of interested Mancunians Superprof has found the best language schools to learn Italian and the most highly recommended online resources to find private Italian educators working in Manchester.

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Origins and History of the Italian Language

learning Italian dialects
Today, dialects may still be spoken in smaller Italian towns by older men and women. (Source: pixabay)

Italian is one of the Romance languages which include French, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish. Romance languages derive mainly from Latin.

Italian comes from "vulgar" or "common" Latin that was spoken among less educated and poorer citizens of Rome. Nevertheless, it is essential to state that many words used in modern-day Italian such as gloria, poeta, medicina, and simile are directly taken from Latin that was spoken over 2,000 years ago. To this day, Italian is the Romance language that most closely resembles Latin.

The first recorded documents of written Italian appeared in the 10th century, but Standard Italian did not develop until the 13th and 14th century in the region of Tuscany and the city of Florence. It started as a dialect but slowly gained popularity because of Tuscany's central location and Florence's important role as a critical city of commerce and trade.

Until the unification of Italy in 1861, when the modern form of Tuscan became the official language, local dialects in distinct parts of Italy were commonplace. Even though dialects were spoken all over Italian territory, a survey conducted before 1861 revealed that 78% of the population was illiterate and only 3% spoke Standard or Classic Italian.

During and after WWII, the everyday use of radio, television, newspapers, and higher levels of education unified the people to speak the Italian language instead of their respective dialects. 

Today, everything is different since the vast majority of Italy's citizens speak Italian and very few people speak their dialects. However, it is important to state, that when Italians talk amongst themselves, they can understand which part of the country the other person comes from based on the accent they use.

In today's day and age, Italian is the 20th most spoken language in the world and is the official language of countries such as Italy, San Marino, Switzerland, and Vatican City. Also, there are many Italian communities with native speakers in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Canada, the United States, and Germany.

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Best Academic Institutes to Learn Italian in the City of Manchester

learning Italian
Learning the basic concepts of a foreign tongue at a language school with other motivated students is a rewarding experience. (Source: pixabay)

Since the city of Manchester is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the UK, there are many opportunities for work and a better life. Therefore, immigrants from all over the world have found solace among the streets of Manchester and now call it home.

Manchester has a large population of immigrants from distinct countries such as India, Pakistan, China, Poland, and Italy. 

Of the nations above, we will focus on Italy. Since the late 1800s, when Italians from the North and South of Italy immigrated to the area of Ancoats near the Manchester city centre which later became known as Ancoats' Little Italy, Mancunians have been inspired by the cuisine, language and culture of Italians and some have even considered learning Italian.

Therefore, without further delay, to peek the intrigue of curious Mancunians the following are the best language institutes or schools in the Greater Manchester area to properly learn Italian:

  • Cactus Language School: the ten-week Italian language course offered at Cactus language school is conducted in a well-equipped and spacious classroom on Newton Street near the Manchester Picadilly train station. This Italian programme comes highly recommended since teachers are native or highly experienced that maintain the classroom atmosphere relaxed and conduct engaging activities. Classes are held in small groups with other motivated students who have given the school a rating of 4.63 out of 5 stars. To learn more valuable information, check out their site to find out about times, prices, and enrolment dates.
  • Nicoletta Holt: possessing over 30 years of experience as an Italian tutor, Nicoletta Holt is a native Italian speaker offering classes to students of all levels. According to her site, she has taught students from age 7 to 93 years old. Her prices are very competitive at only £25 per hour, and while she prefers to teach classes at her residence near Stretford, she offers students the possibility of travelling some miles to their homes or places of work. Visit her website to book a class or read past reviews from satisfied students.
  • University Language Centre at the University of Manchester: the "Courses for all" programme at the University of Manchester offers language classes in Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, Hebrew, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and, of course, Italian. Classes are not just open to undergraduate students attending the university, staff, and the general public may enrol in Italian language classes that take place over two semesters with three-contact hours per week aiming to develop competence and cultural knowledge. Check out the informative website to learn more about the classes offered to each learning level.

While the three previously mentioned schools are the most highly recommended, there are other academic institutes where Italian can be mastered in the Manchester area. It is essential to shop around and find the correct school that suits your unique needs.

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Best Websites to Find an Italian Tutor Working in Manchester

Learn to speak Italian in the UK
The most famous Italian dish, pizza, was invented in the Italian city of Napoli. (Source: pixabay)

Well-to-do citizens residing in the Manchester area want to learn more about another foreign language but do not have the time or motivation to attend courses at an academic institute. The majority of recommended language schools in the Greater Manchester area only feature evening classes for adult learners and, simply put, for many hard-working Mancunians the last thing they want to do after work is study the basic concepts of a foreign tongue.

Relaxing in front of the tele with a bag crisps sound way more appealing!

Nevertheless, how new academic concepts and foreign tongues are learned has changed to meet the needs of hardworking professionals. With online or face-to-face tutoring, learners can select the information they wish to learn at the time and place most convenient.

Without further ado, the following are the best websites to help Mancunians find professional Italian tutors teaching online or in person:

  • First Tutors United Kingdom: when students start classes with a tutor on the First Tutors website they can rest assured knowing that they have chosen well since all personal educators have had their IDs and references checked to ensure academic excellence. According to the current site, two Italian instructors are offering their services at very competitive rates. For example, both tutors charge between £13.50-20 per hour and are willing to conduct classes in person and online via Skype. Check out their website to review the tutors' profile to decide upon one that suits your academic needs.
  • Superprof: according to our site there are currently 28 Italian tutors in the Greater Manchester area offering their services to individuals wanting to learn the most romantic language in the world. Superprof offers the first lesson for free, and then hourly rates start at £9 and rise depending on experience and knowledge. Check out our website to skim through the profiles and reviews of tutors to find one best suited for you.

At Superprof we never want to let our readers down so we provide the best possible options available so that persons can continue learning past the school years. Therefore, trust us, the three previously mentioned options are stellar and make finding a professional Italian tutor rather easy.

Mancunians wanting to study Italian are embarking a rewarding journey that will not soon be forgotten. After learning more about the Italian language and culture, taking a trip to Italy becomes a memorable experience since you become fully incorporated in lifestyle.

What are you waiting for citizens of Manchester? Start attending Italian courses and buy your plane tickets ASAP, you won't regret it!

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