“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” - Albert Einstein

Catherine Bouenard holds the world record for speed knitting. She can do 264 stitches in three minutes. Of course, you don’t need to be that quick to do crochet correctly. The important thing is to enjoy doing crochet whether you’re making crochet hats, a tapestry, coasters, or dishcloths.

So are you ready to get started with crochet?

In this article, we're looking at the many reasons why you should start doing crochet and why it's good for you!

Crochet is Easy

You’ve probably already heard that knitting is easy. However, crochet is even easier. If you’ve already knitted before, crochet is child’s play. Learning how to crochet is enjoyable and fun and with all the free crochet patterns available, it's never been easier to get started.

Is crochet fashionable?
Crochet is back in fashion! (Source: AppletonOnfoot)

When you knit, you need two knitting needles. In crochet, you just need a single crochet hook. Of course, like everything, you’ll still make mistakes at first. However, it’s very easy to learn how to do it by making simple things like a snood, lampshade, or even a doily.

There are plenty of tutorials available online for learning different techniques such as the chain stitch, single crochet, half double crochet, the double bride, or the magic circle.

Crochet is Cool

Crochet might have a reputation for being a granny’s pursuit. However, arts and crafts and doing it yourself are very popular at the moment.

The previous generation mightn’t have taken to crochet and knitting, but the younger generation has taken them back up. Customising clothing by adding decorative elements is very fashionable. Wool can be seen every winter on the runway and red carpet.

Furthermore, given that the textile industry is the second most polluting, recycling clothes is far more ecological.

Still not convinced?

Have a look at Coachella.

What are young women wearing?

Knitwear, of course!

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Why Learn Crochet? It’s Fun!

Knitting is often seen as something to do in a nursing home because we associate it with boring projects. Knitting and crochet are related and if you have a quick look online, you’ll see just how many fun projects there are for you to make.

You can have fun right from the start with the right techniques and patterns.

You Can Make a Lot with Crochet

Amigurumi soft toys, shawls, jumpers, ponchos, lampshades, rugs, etc. The possibilities are endless with crochet. You don’t have to just make clothes; you can make furnishings and decorations with crochet.

What can you make with crochet?
You can also make lovely toys with crochet. (Source: andreame)

There are also tutorials for everything and for all levels. So forget Jacquard jumpers and start creating a cuddly owl or other soft toys.

There are plenty of different things you can make:

  • a crochet baby blanket
  • scarves
  • a granny square
  • a poncho
  • an infinity scarf
  • Afghans
  • baby booties
  • mittens

Crochet is Practical

You don’t need to get lots of expensive crochet equipment to get started with crochet. A crochet needle, a ball of wool, a free crochet pattern and you’re ready to go! Crocheters can take their crochet projects everywhere with them and won’t need a huge bag to do it. A crochet hook is about 15cm long and barely weighs anything so you can carry it around in a handbag.

Students have even been seeing crocheting in lecture halls. That said, your lecturers mightn’t like it so you might want to check with them first!

Crocheting Reduces Stress

Studies have shown that crocheting and knitting can reduce your levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, and increase the levels of dopamine and serotonin, the happiness hormones. By reducing stress, your body will relax, your heart rate will decrease, and you’ll feel better.

Where can you crochet?
Since you don't need much stuff, you can crochet anywhere. (Source: MabelAmber)

Betsan Corkhill, a British therapist, has conducted research on the effects of knitting and crochet. A survey of over 3,000 knitters showed that knitting made them happier. Many even stated that the activity helps them relax, reduce stress, and improve creativity.

This same study showed a relationship with how often you knit and how happy you were. Those who knitted or crocheted three times a week were calmer, happier, less anxious, and more self-confident. Corkhill concluded that knitting provides significant psychological and social benefits.

Focusing on knitting allows you to enter into a meditative state because you need to count the stitches. Crochet allows you to take care of your mental health.

“Knitting has significant psychological and social benefits, which can contribute to wellbeing and quality of life. As a skilled and creative occupation, it has therapeutic potential — an area requiring further research.”

Given that you can easily find a free pattern and free beginner crochet resources, there's less to worry about financially, too!

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Crochet is Good for a Healthy Brain

In addition to reducing, stress, crochet and other creative activities allow you to keep your brain healthy. Completing a crochet project can improve your cerebral abilities.

  • You can overcome mental challenges.
  • You can do mindful crocheting.
  • You can improve your hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness.
  • You’ll constantly learn new skills and can pass these onto others.
  • You’ll improve your concentration.
  • You’ll become more patient and persistent.
  • You just need to follow a crochet pattern and you’ll improve your memory and mental arithmetic skills.

Even Albert Einstein was known to have crocheted between projects to clear his mind.

Crochet Can Improve Your Dexterity

While crochet, knitting, and sewing are usually thought of as grannies’ hobbies, they’re great for improving your dexterity. Crochet can reduce the risk of arthritis in the young and improve fine motor skills. These precise movements require a mastery of your hands. Additionally, you’ll get increasingly better with your hands.

Crochet can develop your sense of touch, too. Sitting in an armchair with a cup of tea, your crochet, and a ball of wool all sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Crochet is so hygge! This Danish lifestyle trend perfectly sums up crochet.

Improving Your Self-Confidence with Crochet

By doing crochet, you’ll be able to create unique pieces and impress people with your custom wardrobe. You can tell your friends, “I made that!” when they ask you where you got that cardigan or top.

Crochet brings you a sense of accomplishment and pride. By overcoming certain difficulties, you’ll improve your problem-solving skills and self-confidence.

Crochet is Social

Crochet is coming back! You mightn’t know it, but there’s probably a crochet club in your town. Fans of crochet can get together, have coffee and cake, and chat away while crocheting.

What are the benefits of crochet?
Doing crochet can also be very social. (Source: lolareyes)

Having a shared passion is a way to create an instant bond with people. With social networks, you can even talk about crochet online in Facebook groups. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice if you’re struggling or show off your latest projects to get feedback.

So are you ready to start doing crochet? When are you going to start?

If you need help with crochet, visit sites like Red Heart, Ravelry, and Lion Brand Yarn and start looking for free patterns, a crochet tutorial on techniques like the slip stitch, Tunisian crochet, etc.

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Face-to-face tutorials are the most personal and have you and your tutor working together for the whole session. Of course, this bespoke service comes at a cost, making it the most costly type of tutorial available. However, it's also the most cost-effective as every minute of the tutor's time is spent helping you.

In group tutorials, there are several students and just one tutor. With all the students sharing the cost of the tutor's time, these tutorials are usually the cheapest per person per hour but each student won't get the bespoke tutoring or one-on-one time that they would in the other types of tutorials.

Online tutorials are similar to face-to-face tutorials with the main difference being that the tutor isn't physically in the room with you. Thanks to services like Skype, a tutor can teach you remotely using a webcam and an internet connection. Since the tutor isn't in the room with you, this can make hands-on skills like crochet a little trickier. However, without travel costs, the tutor can charge their student less per hour.

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