“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever” - Mahatma Gandhi

Online lessons, finding somewhere to do homework, connection issues, etc. During lockdowns and restrictions, it hasn’t been easy for students to keep up with their schooling and some are at risk of falling behind.

During the first lockdown, many students struggled to adapt and as a result, the demand for online private tutors rose.

Around 1 in 4 students were unable to access online learning during the lockdown and this problem will only compound the longer the pandemic goes on. Schools reopened but then they closed again.

If you can get online private tutorials, here’s why you should.

Online Academic Support Can Help Organise Students During Lockdown

Perhaps your child studies hard in school and gets good results but has struggled to adapt to e-learning. This might be because they lack the right approach.

How do you study from home?
With more and more empty classrooms and exam halls, studying from home has become commonplace. (Source: PublicDomainPictures)

If this is your case, you can get an online academic support tutor to help them organise their workspace, work to a schedule, and use an approach that’ll help them get the most out of their online lessons from school.

In addition to helping them work more effectively, they can also help them to study subjects like maths, chemistry, physics, English, or foreign languages.

This is an unusual situation and no student should have to suffer through it alone. Get in touch with an academic support tutor and they can go over the basics of effective learning with your child, show them how to take notes properly, and minimise the suffering caused by lockdowns and restrictions.

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Struggling Students Struggle More During Lockdown

Perhaps your child is working hard during lockdown but their grades aren’t improving despite how hard they seem to be working. This can be devastating for them.

How can online tutorials help struggling students?
Much like face-to-face tutorials, online tutorials are useful for helping students who struggle. (Source: StockSnap)

This was a common problem even before the lockdowns. A student who’s falling behind or isn’t advancing at the pace of the class will only fall further behind their peers as time goes on and their problems will seem to snowball.

In this case, it mightn’t be something they can do on their own. Catchup tutorials can be helpful and put them back in the driving seat. Academic support can help them better understand their lessons and study more effectively.

If their work isn’t improving despite all their hard work, it might be down to how they work rather than how hard they’re working. A tutor can show them different ways to work, study, and learn new concepts.

They can teach them individual subjects or general study skills.

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The Student Doesn’t Ask Questions in Class

With larger groups of students, some students are too shy to ask a question. Imagine how they feel in online classes! Students in school rarely benefit from personalised teaching approaches and it's not necessarily any better with the online lessons they get from their teachers.

The teacher mightn’t even be able to see their students and if they can, they’re just in a tiny window on their screen. Sometimes classes are in smaller groups, but it’s still not the same. The teacher can’t perfectly adapt their lessons to every single student and even less so when the students aren’t physically present.

Even if students can email or message their teacher after class, they may forget what they wanted to ask or be too embarrassed to ask. It’s even harder to ask a question when you’re not sure about what you’re asking about.

With a private tutor, they can enjoy personalised lessons and enjoy the tutor’s undivided attention throughout the session. Whether it’s for maths, history, geography, English, etc. students at any level can enjoy lessons that are planned with them in mind.

The Student Struggles to Adapt to Online Classes

Online learning can be difficult to get used to. Young students find it hard enough to sit still in a chair all day and doing so in front of a screen is even tougher. In school, they’d regularly get up, talk to their friends, go to break, change classrooms, etc.

How do you adapt to online classes?
Treat online tutorials like you would in-person tutorials and ensure you have a dedicated workspace to study. (Source: Deeezy)

With online classes, they don’t get to socialise as much and as close as we try to make it resemble classroom learning, it’s just not the same.

Going from online learning to classroom learning and back to online learning won’t help them to adjust, either. Even though this has been going on for quite a while now, some children are still struggling to adapt. Similarly, some teachers are still struggling to adapt.

If online lessons are hard enough, they’re even worse if they’re with a teacher your child doesn’t like or doesn’t teach in a way that works for them. Private tutorials can be a welcome change.

They may start enjoying a subject they’ve never liked because they get to see it in a new light being taught by a new person. Private tutors are there to explain things in new and interesting ways and help students to learn things that they may have failed to learn in their regular classes at school.

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Academic Support Also Supports the Parents

If you’ve got teenagers, you’ll know how difficult they can be and how many arguments you can have about their schooling.

It can be tough getting them to sit down and do their homework or even help them with it if you’ve spent all day at work. It’s even tougher if your child has no interest in doing their homework or studying. Homework and studying can quickly become a contentious issue.

Private tutorials can be a good solution. Not everyone is suited to teaching and it can be tough juggling the roles of parent and teacher at the same time.

Ideally, your free time should be dedicated to enjoyable and enriching activities with your family. If you’re having to work late, it’s reassuring to know that your child is studying or has already studied with their tutor. It’s even more reassuring to know that this person is a professional.

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The Student Needs Help Improving their Academic Performance

While students mightn’t necessarily have to sit exams, their grades will still be based on their academic performance one way or another.

How can online tutorials help?
When done right, online tutorials are incredibly effective. (Source: ricardorv30)

Your child may need help understanding certain concepts or studying effectively. A private tutor can improve their overall academic performance and ensure they get the grades they deserve.

They’ll put together a personalised course and ensure that they are fully prepared for any tests they will need to do. This is also an opportunity for them to make mistakes without having to worry about the ramifications as they won’t be being tested on it and they can save their best for school.

So are you ready to help your child with a private tutor?

If you're looking for tutoring of any kind, check out the range of private tutors on Superprof. There are tutors for all levels and subjects from all around the UK and the world. There are three main types of tutoring available and each has its pros and cons, especially during the pandemic.

Face-to-face tutorials were often the preferred tutorial as even though they're often the most expensive, they're also the most cost-effective. In a one-on-one tutorial, the tutor can adapt their teaching approach and pedagogy to the student that they're tutoring. The extra work they put into planning the lessons is reflected in the rates. Sadly, with the restrictions in place regularly changing, it's quite difficult to know how long before you'll have to cancel any regular face-to-face tutorials.

Group tutorials are in a similar situation to face-to-face tutorials during the pandemic. While they are great for those on a budget, regularly gathering in groups isn't advised during the pandemic and a lot of tutors have stopped offering group tutorials or took them online. That said, when you can get them, they're often the cheapest type of tutoring as the cost is shared amongst all the students in attendance.

As we've mentioned, online tutorials have become very popular during the pandemic. As tutors don't need to travel and can schedule more tutorials each week, they tend to charge less than the face-to-face tutorials. Furthermore, as they take place remotely, they're completely COVID-safe.

Many of the tutors on Superprof offer the first lesson for free so try a few out and see which one is right for you and your budget.

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