There are many definitions of what ‘marketing’ really is, however The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) define marketing as “the management process for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably“, so to put that into real person terms, that means marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to it’s potential customers. Anyhow, there are several of reasons to choose this subject as a degree such as:


The role of being a marketing specialist can fall within multiple sections; this can range from data based research, to the interactive task of selling and promoting a service or product to people. As a result of this, it means you can choose a career that suits for you, for someone more extroverted and craves the challenge of networking and forming business relationships are sure to thrive, and for someone who enjoys a more of a reserved behind the scenes position can feel at home with tasks such as data handling.

Opens doors to unlimited fields of work

There can be the stereotype of marketing belonging in the competitive world of big business, although that can be true in some cases, there are actually many marketing roles on in career paths that are less intense. For an example, you could easily use your marketing skills in the non-profit organisations. Charities also need to be marketed just as much as, if not more than, regular businesses. So to say that marketing leads you to one path is completely wrong; marketing does anything but restrict your career prospects.

Industrial experience

The vast majority of many marketing degrees offer a year in industry, allowing for extremely helpful work experience in real-life marketing roles. This also gives students time away from the world of studying for a period of time and allows them to see if the area of marketing they may be looking to go into is really right for them.


The area that attracts the most foreign overseas students is business and administrative studies. This contributes a vast array of marketing students, and gives those from other countries good reason to come over and study. The figure is actually more than double than that of engineering and technology, the next highest subject group. This gives students an internally diverse group of contacts can come invaluable later in life.

Combined courses

It isn’t uncommon to see a degree that isn’t exclusively based on just marketing. Being able to do a joint honours means students can expand their marketing skills while doing another subject, for an example Psychology- that would link well with consumer behaviour. As marketing has so many paths you can go through you can alter your future career to what you are really passionate about.

Constant demand

Marketing always has and always will play a vital role in a business’ success. As it is the process of showing potential customers a product or service’s quality and practicality, it makes it a crucial element to any business and cannot be removed. By studying a degree in marketing you will learn skills that will always be useful- this can’t be said for some other degrees.

High salary

As a result of this constant high demand for people in marketing it is understandable why companies are willing to invest large amounts of money into a marketing department. So not only do marketing graduates have a high starting salary, but also marketing directors earn on average over £85,000 a year, and there is nothing stopping a marketing graduate from earning a significant amount of money later on in their career.



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