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BSc graduate offering maths tutoring in London from primary to secondary school


My teaching method is to learn by example and visual stimuli in order to fully grasp concepts. Repetition of tasks is also one of my main teaching points as it is more effective in the long term to remember it.


I am an experienced tutor having worked as one for 3 years tutoring kids from ages 4-16.
I received an A in maths GCSE and achieved a 2.1 in my BSc Politics and History degree which had maths stats based modules


Transportation Fee : £5
Rate for online lessons : £20/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : £90
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : £180


Cancellations must be given 24 hours before the session.

Lessons offered by Imtiaz
In group
The lessons will be held
at his home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Maths
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • All Levels

Imtiaz's CV

Curriculum Vitae
Name: Imtiaz Choudhury
D.O.B: 19/10/1994
Address: 55 Greenwood Road
Mitcham, Surrey
Career Objectives:
I am a successful Politics and history graduate who is currently undertaking the Graduate Diploma in Law. My experiences over time have enabled me to attain key skills and attributes in many areas which is a reason why I would consider myself as versatile. The legal work experience I have has shown the practical aspects of being a solicitor and has helped me to understand the day to day routine of one. Business and commercial law is an area which I have been attracted to, I believe the skills and knowledge I have gained from my undergraduate degree, work experience and the GDL which I am currently studying will lead me to be successful in this area of law.
Leadership and Responsibility: I am an FA level 2 coach, this shows leadership and responsibility because of the organisation and preparation needed to earn the coaching badge. The course required me to attend a 5 day training course and also to diarise my training sessions and development over a 3 month period. I picked up essential skills throughout my time in doing the qualification, I was able to detailed session plans and notes organised in a chronological order, maintain equipment, make sure I had the correct number of participants for sessions and also manage my time effectively In order to have a smooth transition throughout.

Written skills: I have developed a sophisticated writing style which allows me to convey my points and arguments effectively. Much of this has be learnt through academic essay writing most significantly during my dissertation. My dissertation was a piece of work which took much of my time researching, I had redrafted and changed it many times before the final submission to ensure that I had the best possible piece of work. It was definitely one of the most challenging pieces of work I have had to do in my academic career however it was also a challenge which I enjoyed and one which thoroughly improved my writing skills.

Communication skills: I am fluent in English and I can also speak Bengali at a moderate level. I believe my communication skills are one of my biggest strengths as my previous work experience has relied heavily upon communication. An example would be when I was a charity representative for Action Aid, my role there required me to travel to different areas every day and speak to people in order to get them to sponsor a child. It increased my communication skills because I came across hundreds of different people throughout each day and had to adapt myself to be able to engage effectively with each individual.

Commercial awareness and organisation: Working in retail as a sales assistant helped me to develop my customer service skills and also increased my knowledge in terms of business structures and sales plans. In my roles within retail I have been able to maintain a routine and structure which links in with leadership and responsibility.

I attended Rutlish secondary school from 2006- 20011 and have 11 GCSEs
History: A*
Citizenship: A
Maths: A
Religious education: A
English Literature: B
English Language: B
Biology: B
Statistics: B
German: C
Chemistry: C
Physics: C

I attended Graveney sixth form and have A-levels in 4 subjects
Psychology: B
Economics: B
History: C

I have finished my degree from Brunel University in Politics and History (BsC) achieving a 2.1

Employment experience
Legal work experience:
I have also worked in a law firm called NC law 384 Garratt Lane, London SW18 4HP, the firm specialises in conveyancing. The experience I gained from the law firm was excellent I had to set up a database in which crucial documents were stored and had the responsibility of attending to the post and making phone calls.
While I worked there I had many responsibilities which taught me a lot in terms of practical application of the law, for instance I had admin duties such as photo copying, dictation, banking and post which were needed to be maintained every day. Further responsibilities were filling out AP1 forms and making changes to the register of a title, this taught me not only why as lawyers we need to do this but also how therefore allowing me to apply my knowledge of the law into reality which was a great learning experience.

Other work experience:
I am currently working as a football coach, coaching an under 8s team in the local league. I have an FA level 2 qualification in football coaching and it is something that I take pride in. I believe that completing the course itself shows initiative and leadership as you have to organise session plans, lead training exercises and keep and up to date diary of progression and drills. Balancing all these responsibilities have really helped me to acquire organisational and leadership skills which are important characteristics of a lawyer. My roles as an under 8s coach include planning training sessions every Wednesday and preparing for games on Saturday. I have to maintain equipment and also contact parents in order to effectively plan.
I worked at Boots drug store in Kingston. The store was a huge store and had to be maintained properly, my role there was as a Christmas temp, I was working in the Christmas section and had to maintain the stock, tend to customers and make sure the shop floor was running smoothly. I would say it went well as our store went above and beyond its targets for the Christmas section. I also picked up some valuable retail skills in terms of product placement, customer communications and care and maintaining stock.
I have experience in the retail sector, I worked in Clarks shoe store in Croydon, it helped hugely to develop my skills in a busy work environment and how I should engage with several customers simultaneously, I worked there for 2 months which was more than enough time for me to get a feel for the business and how it works. I finished working there at the end of August 2013 because my contract was ending and my uncle had passed away so it was not a good time for me but now I am ready to work again and work.
For two and a half years I was at Explore learning where I worked as tutor, I was dealing with kids from ages 4 to 15. My role as tutor was to teach 6 kids at a time in maths and English and to also give feedback to parents and run the centre when the managers were busy. It really developed my skills in handling different scenarios under pressure. The job always provided new challenges and I was able to develop a relationship with the children through my interaction with them so it really did build my communication skills hugely.
I’ve also been a fundraiser for the charity action aid which was a great experience, my job involved going to different areas in London and knocking doors and getting people to sign up and give regular donations. I enjoyed my time as a fund raiser and it provided me with key skills such as adapting myself when approaching different types of people, it gave me confidence in my pitch and helped me to communicate with people in a way that I hadn’t been able to before. I believe this is vital while working in the retail sector as hundreds of customer’s flow through the store every day and to help them and give them the best shopping experience is what everyone wants.
Other experience:
I have participated in charity work back in my home country in Bangladesh. The work that we did consisted of cooking huge amounts of food during the day and then packing them into 100 boxes and going to villages around the area and handing out the food parcels to families and people who do not have food or cannot afford to eat. I believe it’s important to give back to people who have such little. It really was an eye opener and makes me appreciate every opportunity I’m given and how fortunate I am to be in the position that I am in.
Skills and achievements:
There are several activities and programmes which I have participated in such as Duke of Edinburgh (Bronze award), scout groups, FA level 2 coaching certificate and also world challenge Iceland. These activities have all helped me to work independently while also improving my team work. All my experiences and skills have developed such to the point that I believe I will thrive in a work place more than anything. I have so much still to learn and give and finding employment will help me harness this amazingly.

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