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Cambridge Economics Undergrad and Master's with Distinction | Economist turned Full Time Tutor

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I give online lessons to GCSE, A-level AQA and Edexcel Economics, as well as IB and to undergraduate students in economics. My goal is to raise your grade.


I have tutored several students sitting both of these exam boards throughout the past few years. I am very familiar with the intricacies of each exam board, both in terms of the content assessed and the relevant exam technique for each exam board. Depending on the student’s initial level and needs, I have provided details below on the kinds of help I have offered and currently offer:

1) Help with understanding content. Whether you are struggling to understand the concepts in class, or want to work on achieving the top grades, I am happy to help explain the economics course concepts. I have worked with students starting anywhere from a E or U grade up to an A or A* grade, and have learnt how to adapt the teaching to students depending on their level and how they like to be taught. I know the course content for both Edexcel and AQA A-level Economics at a detailed level. After the tuition sessions, I am happy to reinforce content learnt with homework, subject to the preferences and time constraints of the student regarding homework. I really enjoy economics and am very willing to share my passion for this subject with you.

2) Help with exam technique. I teach the four key skills for both these exam boards of knowledge, application, analysis and evaluation. I share what it takes to achieve a top mark in each style of question. I can focus sessions on particular skills. For example what precisely makes a good chain of analysis? What exactly is evaluation and what are some steps to make your evaluation solid? What are some good examples to reinforce or counter economic theory, to meet the application criterion? For AQA, the strategies for all types of exam questions in papers 1, 2 and 3 can be discussed at length, with a particular focus on 25 mark questions since they make up such a large proportion of the total marks. For Edexcel, it is important to learn not just the marks allocated for each skill in each question but specifically what is required to achieve top marks for each skill. I try to translate vague mark schemes and teacher guidance into actionable steps.

3) Preparing for mock exams, in-school tests or final exams. In the lead up to a test, I am happy to give content revision sessions covering large parts of the course. I am happy to set practice tests for my students to do outside of tuition time and mark them before our next session. Students typically really benefit from practice tests, once they have learnt the key exam technique skills in the tuition sessions and can put them into practice. I am happy to use past papers or make my own tests, in past paper format or otherwise, to support the student. This has been particularly valuable in the pandemic where schools have set their own stylised exam tests which have not necessarily followed the past paper structure, allowing my students to better prepare themselves for in-school assessments. I try to give detailed feedback on any past papers, practice papers or tests you submit to me, especially where there are lots of improvements to make. Such feedback focusses on actionable steps.

4) Dealing with timed exam conditions. One common issue is running out of time. This could be because the student is overwriting, because of a lack of awareness of time, or needing to learn the content more closely. Where this is a problem, I try to diagnose the reasons for this by looking at samples of work to see whether the student is overwriting and then recommend where they can cut their responses if needed. I can also give the aforementioned practice tests to my students in timed conditions, where the test is sent home via email at the start of a timed period and the answers are emailed back to me at the end of this timed period. I hope this helps students manage time better in the exam. For AQA Economics being concise on 9 and 15 mark questions and working out how much to write for 25 mark questions is important. For Edexcel Economics, leaving enough time for a solid section C essay, by saving time in section A and by being concise on the early questions in section B in papers 1 and 2 is typically the greatest time-related challenge for students.

I am happy to set and mark homework to reinforce learning, adjusted according to how busy the student is. I am happy to give feedback on work the student is doing or essays they have attempted in class.

If the student comes to me part way through the course, then a good starting point is usually to see samples of written work from their economics course. This helps me to assess their initial level and where I can help. This will usually form part of the initial session. From there we can proceed according to the needs of the student.

I am also happy to support students through university applications (see the section below on university applications).


My academic and professional experience in economics gives me deep knowledge of economics. This covers microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics up to and including undergraduate level, for the very best universities.

When it comes to undergraduate economics, I research into the particular module you have chosen, read your lecture slides and try to provide help that is as specific to your course as possible. This includes helping on specific dissertation ideas.

I know how to score high marks in exams and how to help others score well. Beyond my economics degrees at Cambridge, I have also achieved 5A*s and 1A at A-level, 11A*s at GCSE. I hope this speaks for itself as evidence that I know what it takes to improve your exam performance.

I hope you will find me friendly and competent but also very determined to help you improve your grades.


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About Tom

I spent four years studying Economics at Cambridge at undergraduate and Master's level, achieving a distinction in my Master's. I have worked as an economist in London.

I have helped answer economics questions for five years and been involved in supporting Economics Oxbridge applications for the last five years also. I have recently expanded this work to include online tuition. My economics tuition has been well received so far and so I have been able to become a full-time economics tutor.

In terms of my knowledge of undergraduate economics modules, I have tutored students in microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics, as well as in optional modules and dissertations. In my own academic experience at the University of Cambridge, I have taken six microeconomics modules, five macroeconomics modules and seven econometrics modules of varying degrees of difficulty. This gives me a good knowledge of the ins and outs of undergraduate economics.

When it comes to A-level economics, I have experience dealing with different exam boards and achieving improvements in student test scores. I have a lot of practice in explaining difficult concepts so that they can be understood and marking my students' exam questions, giving concrete actions to boost exam performance.



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Rates may vary for different levels of economics (beyond GCSE).

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