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Career Development Coach Bradford Level3 Tutoring Currently a Progress Coach in Bradford Have ten years in educational experience and helping map careers for students of all ages


I am a easily approachable person who will always listen to the needs of the student and advise on the realities of that choice, I will always look for the best ways for the students to achieve their goals and succeed in life.


I have worked in multiple roles in education and am currently a Progress Coach at Bradford College, as a progress coach i work with students on multiple subjects including employability skills and coping mechanisms for work as well as financial planning


Rate for online lessons : £17/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : £85
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : £155
Lessons offered by Marc
In group
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Career Coaching
  • Professional Coaching
  • Leadership
  • Job searching
  • Professional Transition
  • Pitching
  • All Levels

Marc's CV

Advanced ECDL 2004
Level 2 Adult English Literature 2010
Level 2 Sociology 2011
Level 2 Study Skills 2011
Level 2 ICT 2011
GCSE C English 2011
GCSE C Maths 2011
Diploma in advanced study’s 2011
Diploma in higher education 2012
A Level Literature 2012
A Level History (merit) 2012
A Level Psychology (merit) 2012
A Level Independent Study 2012
A Level Study Skills (merit) 2012
GCSE Biology 2012
BTEC Door Supervision; units: Crisis Management, Counter Terrorism. 2012
Team Teach 2012
Level 3 First Aid 2016
Level 3 Personal Tutor Qualification
Prevent Training 2015
Hays online safeguarding and Child Protection Training 2016
Invigilator Training 2017
Fire Safety 2017
Safeguarding Everyone - Protecting Children, Young People and Adults at Risk 2017
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace 2017
Data Protection at Work 2017
LGBT Awareness 2017
An Introduction to Health and Safety 2017
Understanding Pathways to Extremism and the Prevent Programme 2017
ALS Extra

Work History:
Bradford College Progress Coach
I currently work as a Progress Coach in the Motor Mechanics and Engineering Departments where my duties include:
Delivery and Planning of tutorials
Attendance Chase ups
Student focused one to ones
Safeguarding Sign posting
Lesson Planning
Arranging and running educational visits

Bradford College PRU
I have worked as a Learning Mentor at Bradford College PRU, doing a range of duties including: One to one/group support
Behaviour Management
First Aid
General administration
Oasis Academy Lister Park
I worked as a Pastoral, Learning and Attendance Manager in the school, doing a range of duties including: Pastoral care of the year 10.
Attendance reports and administration involving SIMs.
Managing the Isolation Unit.
First Aid.
Covering Lessons within school.
Managing the LRC/Accelerated reader program
This new role has been very interesting and again I have found myself learning more about how to effectively run a school and have my new responsibilities.
Oasis Academy Lister Park
I worked with the schools SEND LD department. I worked one to one with a student who has autism, my duties included escorting the student in all of his lessons, as well as supporting the other children in the class. I also plan and deliver my own lessons in the afternoons in order to give the student a rest byte from the stresses of school life. I have also spent time arranging training courses for the department in order for us all to continue to improve as a department, this is in main because I believe we can never truly know everything and learning new techniques in education can be extremely beneficial to all. As well as this I did one to one tutoring with one of our more challenging students in their home, due to the student been excluded.
Teaching personnel
I was working for teaching personnel; this has enabled me to gain different perspectives from different schools on what is required from Teaching Assistants and other educational professions. I have worked at several different schools while under Teaching Personnel’s employment:
St Oswald’s Primary School
I worked as a year 3 teaching assistant, providing one to one support to students with language difficulties and behaviour difficulties. As well as this I worked alongside the class teacher ensuring the class as a whole understood and enjoyed the lesson, this included class room management and the basic duties such as marking work and making sure the teacher had everything required for the next lesson.
St Matthews Primary School
I spent a day here working with two year two classes, here I did the same as described above for St Oswald’s. Though as an added responsibility I was asked to create the displays for one of the classrooms.
Grange Technology College
I was placed on a seven day booking here working as the language departments DA, responsibilities included; Filing, producing education related booklets and other basic administration duties to ensure the smooth running of the department as a whole.

Hanson Academy
Here I work alongside the VI department of the school, which specialise in helping students with moderate to profound visual difficulties. Here I provided one to one support to a student that was in need of the VI departments help, I helped the student to understand what he or she was required to do for the upcoming lesson, giving guidance throughout the lesson.
Elland Primary
Working as a TA for year four classes, providing support in the classroom and outside of the classroom on school trips.
Learning Support Centre, Glasshougton
Here I worked one to one and in groups supporting and leading pupils that have been expelled from their previous school. These pupils were from secondary schools in the district, and in some instances the use of Team Teach was required including physical interventions. This was a great and very rewarding position and I feel I have helped the pupils gain confidence in them and in the way in which they are in working as a group. My role was as a Behavioural Support Worker and I feel I have learnt a lot during this long term role. I also had the opportunity to lead PE lessons on a regular basis and lead weekly PSHE and Biology lessons weekly.
Cobblers Lane Primary Behaviour Resource, Pontefract
Here I worked as a Behavioural support worker with key stage 2 primary school children in the Pontefract area, The provision is set up to provide for the long term educational needs of children that have been expelled from their respective schools. This has been a very rewarding experience for me and I have learned a lot well at the school, also due to the difficult nature of the children’s behaviour I have had a lot of experience using team teach well in this environment. I have also been leading ICT lessons well at this school and this has been very rewarding as experience. My other duties included supporting in a one to one and group dynamic, and attending supervision meetings and training in regards to attachment disorder.
John Jamison SILK School
Here I was a behaviour support worker, working with children with varying disabilities and emotional needs. My main role was to assist the different years within the school in situations where Team Teach was required or physical interventions were needed as a last resort. As well as this role I worked to help the children develop their skills in a learning environment, working one to one and in groups and also staging sporting events during break and lunch for the whole school to be involved. I mainly worked with two students in post 16 who had severe autism, and were prone to violence on a regular basis. And managed to build a good working relationship with the students and the staff, I also attended several school trips in a supporting role. I also took the lead in the planning of the school prom which was a great experience.

Laisterdyke Business and Technology College/ Dixons Allerton upper school/ Kings Science Academy
At these schools I had the role of covering teacher, teaching years ranging from Y7 to Y12, in several different lessons from; Maths, RE, Science and PE. This was a very rewarding experience and the enthusiasm of the children to learn was great to see. Apart from covering the lessons with worked that had already been arranged I was able to do some of my own planning and the children seemed to react very well to the lessons I taught. Also spent 5 days working with LEA students helping them to keep working to their full potential. This involved working one to one and in groups.
Moldgreen Primary School, Autistic Provision, Huddersfield.
Here I worked as a personal mentor for a child in key stage two, who has Autism. My duties were to support the child in a class room environment, and helping to develop the child’s independent development in a main stream school. As well as making sure the needs of the child were met by both myself and the staff at the school, I also worked with the class as a whole in groups to help the lower level children with their learning. This was a very rewarding contract and I feel I learned a lot from the experience.

Prism City Farm PRU, Bradford
At this site children with severe behavioural problems work with the staff to maintain the small farm, as well as taking normal lessons such as art and PE. My role here was to work as a BSW, maintaining a safe environment for children and staff and working with small groups and individual students during lessons and farm related activities.
Lepton C.E. Primary School, Reception, Huddersfield
At this school I worked with a young child with high level autism in reception class, this one to one was needed due to his behaviour in regards to violent and very disruptive behaviour. I was placed in charge of the child’s curriculum and making sure he became less aggressive with staff, I also attended panel meetings with the relevant agencies. While here I grew a very good relationship with the child which allowed me to use my own methods to help the child progress through the school curriculum and build his confidence in a social setting, this in turn did produce a turnaround in the child’s behaviour.

Buttershaw Business and Enterprise College, Bradford
While I was on contract with this school I worked with their behavioural support unit, as well as their Princes Trust Scheme. Both of which required me to work in close support with students who displayed violent and abusive traits in main stream lessons. My role in both was to support students in their daily routine and use distractive methods if disruptive behaviour began to be exhibited. This was a very rewarding experience especially working with the princes trust as this is a very important part of the community as it combines education with helping those in the community that are unable to work within a main stream schooling environment.
Howard Park Community School
Here I worked one to one with a child with downs syndrome, who exhibited severe behavioural problems as well as learning difficulties who needed consistent one to one support. I would create my own lessons for the student to try to bring structure and education back into his school day, on top of this I tried to bring the student back into a partial mainstream classroom schedule. As well as this one to one I also led groups of children in year 3 and 4 in science lessons, this group included a child with severe behavioural issues, all of these duties I enjoyed a great deal and feel I made a positive impact on the school and the children themselves.

Oasis Academy Lister Park
Here I worked as a BSW for this busy secondary school, my duties included classroom management and making sure that all the children were attending their lessons on a regular basis, I also help man the Support and guidance units and isolation units. I had a great time doing this and had a very good working relationship with both staff and students and became a person for whom the children could speak to about any issues they may have. This was achieved through mediation and investigation and in these means I had a very successful period of time in the school. This was a very rewarding experience and I feel I have learned even more about how I can better manage and prevent serious situations in an educational environment. As well as this role I spent time working in the schools learning development department working with children with SEN or Behavioural needs. I had a lot of success in this department and spent a lot of time working with the schools higher risk SEN students and this was a great success as the pupils complied with my direction and showed signs of great improvement.

Hollingwood Primary School
I have volunteered at Hollingwood Primary to gain experience working within a primary school. I work in key stage 2 year 5. My roles include; helping the class as a whole to understand the work been set by the main teacher, one to one reading with the class and helping the class as a whole with the national curriculum. This includes Maths, Literacy, French and various other subjects. I have also had the privilege of leading a power maths lesson, which has given me a broader appreciation and renewed passion for teaching. Leading groups while on school trips and other group orientated activities has helped to broaden my appreciation of the teacher’s role. But my main role is to ensure that the class understands the work and continues progression smoothly to year 6.
2011 - 2012
Bradford Council Adult and Community Services
Here I am a volunteer working with their summer scheme which helps children with varying disabilities get out of their home and interact with other children with similar backgrounds. My role is to befriend the children and help to get them involved with the many fun activities. This work is very rewarding as you can see the children really enjoy themselves and progress to a new level of self-realisation.
27.7.11 – 2.9.11
SME – Zone Bradford
SME Zone was a government funded business finance company, which was set up to help create small to medium sized business in the community and therefore create jobs in the community.
Here my role was office manager, the duties involved making sure the clients claims were put through as fast as possible, this was achieved through making sure my team prioritised their work load efficiently as possible.
2003 – 2004

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