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« Perfect! D, went the extra mile to help me understand the study material and... More »
« Perfect! D, went the extra mile to help me understand the study material and also gave more and more as we identified my weak areas. I am ever grateful for D's help!!! »
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CIMA Accredited tutor offering live online classes for all CIMA exams with specialization in Case study exams


Official CIMA learning Partner.

My teaching method has benefited hundreds all over the globe with live interactive classes on Zoom.

All the classes are structured to meet the students needs and are thus extremely customized.

Custom made Chapter handouts will be shown on online whiteboards to help the student understand better.

My involvement in the process is to make sure I keep an eagle eye on my students, pushing them to the limits to gain higher marks with the help of practice and making the whole experience as enjoyable as I could.

Classes are structured depending on the type of paper/subject to be taught which is discussed below in more detail.

General template of how a FULL CIMA Case Study class works:

1. In Class number 1 we talk about how the Case study exam works (because it is a different approach from the OTQ papers and other case study exams). Then we go on to, how studying with me and following my topic lists will make everything more clear and easy to study and the first class will also cover an industry analysis.

2. Second class we begin with the pre-seen analysis along-with some textbook revision. The pre-seen analysis will be a full 50 page document made by me which will explain each and every page of the pre-seen with the help of diagrams and graphs along-with financials to make your study easy and interesting.

3. Third class we finish pre-seen analysis and take up 1-2 questions which will be exactly exam style and discuss them in class.

4. Fourth class onward you will be writing exactly exam style questions on our online timed portal. Each answer that is written is marked and checked exactly like the exam

In total we will do about 25 exam style questions which will make you very confident for the exam.

Class information:

Available 24/7.

Recordings for all classes will be sent so in-case you feel the need to revise or revisit anything i have said you can easily do so.

General template of how a FULL CIMA, ACCA, AAT Multiple choice exam class works:

1. Detailed chapter wise explanation will be carried out.

2. Notes and Summaries of important topics will be provided to make the studies easy and effective.

3. Important and easy to learn handouts will be provided for difficult topics

4. Solving the practice kit together, with easy ways being taught to solve sums.

5. Solving our own Custom made mock which represents the real exam difficulty level with detailed answers provided for each question.

What subjects do i teach?

1. ALL CIMA papers.

2. Specializing in case study Exams.

3. ALL ACCA exams.

4. AAT (all levels)


One of our best tutors! High-quality profile, qualifications verified and response guaranteed. Devansh will plan your first lesson with care.


There can be no better proof of the effectiveness of my exam strategies than the fact that my students have a very high pass rate – especially when the majority of my students were resitting after having failed with other tuition providers.

My technical knowledge and understanding about real world situations enhanced my abilities as a teacher and helped many students successfully pass their exams.

I have studied the CIMA syllabus and cleared all the exams myself for each exam that I teach. This has allowed me to develop unique exam strategies for each style of question in the exam as I can predict with near certainty what is exactly needed to pass the exam.

My teaching technique uses a combination of technical presentations, calculation techniques and shortcuts, graphical representations, interactive examples, bespoke exam strategies and learning tips.

My Current Students?

My students come from all parts of the world.

Here are some student testimonials:

1. Testimonial from Bhavna, Student from Bangalore, India. (Operational Case study exam)

Studying 3 big textbooks in a months time and passing the case study almost seemed impossible for me. But somehow that’s exactly what happened and I can definitely say its because of the efforts Devansh put in as well. From the list of important topics he gives you, the questions he assigns you and the relentless checking up he does on you, you’re definitely going to clear the exam! Studying with him proved to be extremely helpful because he knows the kind of answers that the examiners expect you to write in order to pass the exam. I would strongly recommend studying with him if anyone is facing the case study exam soon.

2. Testimonial from Iuliana, Student from Liverpool, Uk. (P2 and Operational case study exam)

I met Devansh Parikh in a moment I was really struggling with my studies toward my CIMA qualification as I started to study on my own with no external help and I was even in a moment which my English was not rich enough for the level required. After failing 3 times the same exam I was feeling powerless and frustrated. The time given to study was more and more with no results. Devansh helped me put the past aside and have a new approach to study. He helped me feel confident and focus on the parts of the syllabus that really matters and also helped me understand some concepts I was struggling with. He followed me 24/7 and has been always available giving quick and valuable answers to all my queries. I have prepared 2 exams with him and i have passed both of them in the first attempt. I will definitely continue to prepare my case studies and OTQ exams with him and I am sure I will succeed.

3. Testimonial from Himani, Student from Ahmedabad, India. (Management case study exam and currently studying full Strategic level with me)

Studying the management Case study exam with you had been a great experience for me as I was very nervous about it but the practice you made me do has turned out to be perfect for me and I cleared the exam in my first attempt. Thanks allot for the hardwork you have put in.

4.Testimonial from Crystal, Student from Mumbai, India.

The Strategic case study In May 2018 was the 3rd paper for which I came to Devansh for tuition support. I couldn’t be making a better decision with regards to this. Since day one Devansh, you have been super helpful. You’ve been at your feet all the time. The questions used to be sent on time, corrected on time. Even during a family emergency, I managed to stay on track. Thanks to the support from you. I had a very strong feeling when I went to write my strategic case study exam and Viola!, I scored a 120/150, unbelievable right? Now when I look back I realize how every single question I wrote and got corrected contributed to this. All the small bullets you gave with corrections helped me towards not just passing but scoring 120 Marks. Your guidance has been a vital part of my success.

4. Testimonial from Manoj, Student from London, UK

Devansh helped me pass my exam and the reason why I passed was because of the number of practice questions he gave. It helped me to understand the case study in depth and how I could related the answers to the case study. No doubt I passed because of him and I will continue to seek help and guidance throughout my CIMA exams.

5.Testimonial from Alejandro, Student from Madrid, Spain

I had failed my first SCS attempt and immediately enrolled for the next one in may. I had always passed my CIMA tests studying on my own, without any support other than books or online materials. This time however I realized that the study methodology should have been different. After my failure I was not too sure how to approach it and started to feel a bit pessimistic as weeks were passing. I found out about Devansh by navigating throught study forums and decided to try with him when I was about 3 weeks away from the exam date. From the beginning he was very rigorous and disciplined, made me work hard and chased me and gave very valuable feedback on my tests (sometimes praise, sometime harsh) I learned how to approach the case study exam with the right technique. Im very thankful and would definitely recommend his support for anyone doing the strategic level exams.


Rate for online lessons : £40/h


A fixed fee can also be decided per paper.

Lessons offered by Devansh
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Finance
  • CIMA
  • Adult education
  • Diploma
  • Masters

Devansh 's CV

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32 reviews on Devansh
  • 4.9/5

All our ratings are collected by us and are given in confidence, they correspond to a real experience.

Perfect! D, went the extra mile to help me understand the study material and also gave more and more as we identified my weak areas.

I am ever grateful for D's help!!!


Perfect! I've taken SCS coaching from Devansh and found him as very dedicated tutor with strong communication skills. he responds to calls and messages anytime. He's so professional in his teaching style and always straight to the point when replying to any query that i really appreciate it. Thank you so much Devansh as you've not just helped in SCS exam preparation but in fulfilling my dream comes into true.


Excellent! Devansh helped me clear the MCS gate way exam in the first attempt. His method of coaching is exemplary. He is highly motivating and provides guidance on topics to study/focus and probable scenario questions etc. He is always available and answers and explains any topic if the student finds it difficult to understand. I highly recommend him and would suggest all cima students to use his services.


Perfect! I resumed studies after 13 years and had no confidence until I came across Devansh. He instilled the confidence in me to approach my SCS paper which I wrote confidently. Devansh was very professional throughout the course where he worked round my hours of convenience and clarified any doubts I had. There was ample material constructively designed to cater according to my needs. I enjoyed the lessons which were conducted individually and in groups as the course progressed. Both were equally good. Whenever required there were individual lessons arranged to clarify my doubts as well.
I only hope I get through my exam. But I can very confidently recommend Devansh to anyone as a superb teacher.


Perfect! Dav is a great tutor and very dedicated. He ensures that you are comfortable with every topic, manages well to deadlines of exams and provides support out of lessons if you have any further questions. Just passed my BA2 CIMA. Thanks Dav


Perfect! He is straight to the point & observes where you are going to wrong, at first I struggled as a few things are different due to me studying with BPP & the version being Kaplan but he was very good at assisting with any transition I needed & in some cases telling me to keep the knowledge I’d learnt already, I am close to sitting my exam so hope his advice will assist me in getting over this hurdle I’ve been struggling with...I will update with my results :)


Perfect! Devansh is very positive and knowledgable. Communication with him is easy and great whilst his lesson structure prepares you very well for the exam.


Excellent! “I am writing to let you all know that I have been extremely pleased with the teaching services given by Mr Devansh Parikh.”

I have found it an efficient, flexible and well-organised operation. Thank you so much for helping me out with my study process.

I must say, Devansh aim is to help passing his students at first sitting and for that he would put all the hard work as well as motivate student to do the same.


Perfect! Firstly I would like to thank Devansh for accepting my request , he came in with so much positivity and enthusiasm that gave me a lot of motivation . His way of teaching is amazing , he knows the course in and out and the best part is his methodology of teaching . His class has given me the boost of passing the CIMA exams . Thank you


Perfect! So far after 4 lessons Devansh is proving to be very reliable and extremely helpful and knowledgeable in the field. My son is keen to continue and is finding the extra support invaluable

18 recommendations


Devansh helped me to clear CIMA Strategic case study (SCS) level exam (Aug'19) in 1st attempt. He is very professional in his approach and conducts classes in timely manner. One of the best teacher I have interacted with.
Thankyou Devansh and keep up the good work! I recommend CIMA students to take his guidance.


Devansh is a very accommodating teacher, who will go above and beyond to ensure that you're right on track when it comes to your studying.
Knowing exactly what method needs to be adopted in the studying process, he will give you just that- the topics to be learnt, what to focus on, the questions he shoots and the timeline he establishes for you.
Having been a student himself, he ensures he is flexible when it comes to the needs of his students. He will always make time to answer doubts in between and set class timings to suit your needs.
Having studied with him for quite some time now, I would recommend Devansh a 100%.


I met Devansh, by chance, after I had failed P1 for 3 times and I was struggling on going further with my studies as I felt totally overwhelmed psychologically.
At that time I was just after 1 year I started to speak English, therefore in top the difficulty of CIMA exams, I had to deal with language barriers as well.
The moment we had the first class, I felt I am not alone in this anymore.
He stressed the language problem and we worked together on it.
He gave me all the confidence and support that I so much needed to keep going.
We started to prepare most of the exams together and I am so happy in this moment to prepare P3 (few steps till the full qualification) again, with him.
I definitely recommend Devansh if you look for a knowledgeable, trustworthy, friendly and easy to study with person.
His greatest quality, in my opinion, is that of being able to understand the peculiarities of each and one of his students and to build the preparation of the exam around that.
For me this is the most important quality any teacher should have.


As a tutor, Devansh places integrity, hard work, and excellence amongst his top priorities. Having been one of his students for quite some time, I have benefitted greatly from his efficient work ethic, especially when it comes to the Case Study exam. His analytical skills and keen understanding for the world of business strategy sets you on a sure path to exam success. All material provided is thorough and designed to challenge your thinking, perfectly accommodated by his efforts to encourage and motivate you step by step. Overall, it has been a fulfilling experience studying under Devansh’s guidance.


Devansh is a great tutor and i am extremely pleased with his teaching techniques.
His test papers,assignments and notes have been very helpful in clearing my MCS Gateway exam.
He makes sure that his students stay motivated during the tenure of course.


I dont have to worry about what time i have to take the lesson. I can just do it when ever i have free time. Cool dude! Helps in case of doubts. Easily to understand notes to follow.


Devansh is a tutor who accomdates according to my needs. He breaks down concepts into simplified explaination which helps with understanding the key concepts! Devansh is both supportive and encouraging I would definately recommend him!


I came to know about you from one of my pals, and at first I rejected the option of tutions from you beacuse of that online thing and resumed to self studies but after a demo class, I came to know that this is what I was looking for, the actual understanding of the exam scenario and your standard teaching pattern helped me to learn better, the doubt solving, student specific session and advise are really helpful.
To sum it up, Generous, Helpful and a Standard Professional.


I clearly recommend Devansh has he have required knowledge and skills on subjects. Whatever he explains I am able to grasp and correlate the same to real work scenario.

point to highlight is he has lots of patience and feasibility to support, round the clock without any hesitation


Helpful one to one lessons. Fast paced but well explained. Recommend

Interview with Devansh

QUESTION 01 | 08
When did you develop an interest in your chosen field and in private tutoring?
Devansh — I was always very passionate about teaching. When I finished my studies, I really wanted to do something with my knowledge, and my passion for helping others naturally took me to tutoring. Few years back, I had the opportunity to teach underprivileged kids. Realized it would be great if I can teach others at a higher level and try to make an impact by helping them clear their exams.
QUESTION 02 | 08
Tell us more about the subject you teach, the topics you like to discuss with students (and possibly those you like a little less).
Devansh — I specialize in prof. certificate courses such as CIMA, ACCA and AAT.

Applied Knowledge - Accountant in Business (AB), Management Accounting (MA), Financial Accounting (FA)

Applied Skills - Corporate and Business Law (LW), Performance Management (PM), Taxation (TX), Financial Reporting (FR), Audit and Assurance (AA), Financial Management (FM)


The CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting: Fundamentals of Management Accounting Fundamental of Business Economics (BA1) , (BA2), Fundamentals of Financial Accounting (BA3), Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law (BA4)

Operational Level: Organizational Management (E1), Management Accounting (P1), Financial Reporting and Taxation (F1)

Management Level: Project and Relationship Management (E2), Advanced Management Accounting (P2), Advanced Financial Reporting (F2)

Strategic Level: Strategic Management (E3), Risk Management (P3), Financial Strategy (F3)


A lot of my students come to me when they have trouble understanding and preparing for the big day. I try to make them feel confident on the exam day by making them a customized time table for each of them and help them extensively during that journey.


For enthusiasts who want to refresh their knowledge and get back into the grove of studying.
QUESTION 03 | 08
Did you have any role models; a teacher that inspired you?
Devansh — I have had the opportunity to learn from some excellent teachers in my learning days. During my exams, they would work as hard as me to make sure that I would understand everything and make me feel confident. I realized that an exam is not just for the student, but for the teacher too! Learning from my teachers I have had the same attitude towards my students, keeping myself available 24/7 for them, and take pride in what I teach.
QUESTION 04 | 08
What do you think are the qualities required to be a good tutor?
Devansh — In today's world I believe Students are drawn to technology, so I like to incorporate it into classroom learning. Every great teacher should have superior communication skills, be approachable, patient and committed. In my experience, a lot of time students are hesitant to ask questions. I make it clear on the very first day and tell all my students this lovely quote I read somewhere, "He who asks a question is a person willing to understand; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever."
Building a rapport and making the student comfortable enables me to build a good learning environment.
QUESTION 05 | 08
Provide a valuable anecdote related to your subject or your days at school.
Devansh — I was not a very good student in school, to be honest. I found school very boring and didn't enjoy it at all. However, I loved math a lot! I developed that liking because of my math teacher. She was very different from the other teachers I had in school. She would try to make the class as interactive as possible and always had a short quiz round just before the lecture was about to end. She would call me by my first name and always appreciate me for my efforts. Naturally, I wanted her to appreciate me even more, so I started studying that subject harder and eventually got the highest marks.

My parents were pleasantly shocked. I looked back to that incident and realized that humans want to be appreciated for their efforts. So, I try to incorporate this philosophy while teaching and the students work even harder and perform better in the exam.

I helped one of my study mates at the local library that I went to while undertaking my qualification. He was really struggling and was thinking of hiring a private tutor as he couldn't take the pressure of the exams. When I heard about this, I sat down with him and listened to why he was facing so many problems. I'd say it was my first encounter to real-life challenge of which I had a clear solution. Not only did I help him with his exams, but I also made him realize the perks of being a qualified accountant. I was persuasive enough to change his mind. He has passed most of his exams and now has a good job and still learning with me.
QUESTION 06 | 08
What were the difficulties or challenges you faced or still facing in your subject?
Devansh — Financial Reporting standards are getting revised constantly. The study portion of all the subjects that I teach changes every few years and keeping myself afresh with new information is a challenge but also enjoyable. It enables me to continuously learn new ways of teaching as well as knowing the current affairs in the economy.
QUESTION 07 | 08
Do you have a particular passion? Is it teaching in general or an element of the subject or something completely different?
Devansh — The excitement of taking up new students and dealing with new case study problems all the time keeps me going. Passion put mankind on the moon, it thrust Roger Federer to tennis fame, and it placed Steven Spielberg on a movie set. Passion is what drives me to excel despite the inevitable hurdles that I face along the way. So, maybe it's not so strange that passion forms a part of today's modern-day teaching.
QUESTION 08 | 08
What makes you a Superprof (besides answering this interview questions :-P)?
Devansh — Having very high pass rates and students acknowledging the help I provide keeps me going. I think it's just the ability to identify the student's strengths and weaknesses and act on that information accordingly. My students respond to my teaching style and it completely changed the way that I see the world. I treat them as mature and intelligent individuals and have been able to impart my passion for the subject into the curriculum. I have provided a framework for the students to lead discussions and be confident, making sure they are engaged and feel challenged in everything we do in class.

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at his home at your home By webcam
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