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A Complete Guide into the World of Physics,Chemistry and Materials. Throw at me any number of questions and doubts. I have a PhD in Physics, worked in Prestigious Labs across 3 continents including Ox

I will be teaching anything in Basic Physics Chemistry and Materials Science since I have studied and performed advanced research in all of these subjects. I can help with basics doubts at all levels from Primary Schooling to Doctorate Level.!

Please do not hesitate to contact me for anything that you would require.!

My Rates will be dependent on the level of the student.

For Primary and schooling students, the rate is the one that is indicated. For Bachelors Level also the same level can be adjusted. For advanced Bachelors level and Masters Level it will be around 35-60 Pounds depending upon the complication of the required course. The charges will be reasonable, so do not worry.!

I teach maths, physics, chemical physics, thermodynamics, quantum physics. For the level(s)primary, secondary, GCSE, as level, a level, BTEC, adult education, undergraduate, masters, diploma, doctorate.
I give lessons in person, at my home or the student's home.
I give lessons by Webcam.

Vijay's Experience

I have been giving lessons to my juniors and also at the place of my Research in India, Italy.

I have also cofounded Vigyanshaala, a well renowned Science Outreach organization, the work of which you find online. Please google it. So I can really communicate well and make you get the points crystal clear with various examples !

Vijay's CV

Dr. Vijay Venugopalan

(concealed information) / (concealed information) Tel: +(concealed information)
Skills and Profile Summary
o 5+ years’ experience in fabrication & characterization of Opto-Electronic devices - Solar Cells, Field Effect Transistors, Photo-Detectors, Chemical Sensors, Stretchable-Wearable Electronics, Biological Interfacing, Printing techniques
o 3+ years in cleanroom- Glovebox, processing, synthesis of nano-materials and semiconductors
o Semiconductor Technologies: Mixed Halide Perovskites, Organics and Dye-Sensitized, Metal-Oxides, 2-D layered materials, Colloidal semiconductors
o Physicist Adept in Project Management- Initiation, Leading and Guiding R&D projects. Experienced in establishing Pan-European Collaborative Efforts.
o Co-founder Vigyanshaala- A widely accepted Pan-India STEM Engagement Initiative
PhD in Physics Politecnico Di Milano, Italy 2013-2017
Masters in Physics (Project Top 5/60) University of Pune, India 2007-2009
Bachelors in Physics (Project Top 3/70) University of Pune, India 2004-2007
Technical Skills
• Material Processing & Synthesis: PVD/CVD, Colloidal Synthesis, Sol-Gel, SAM, Solution-Processing
• Characterization: FESEM, Raman, Kelvin Probe, XRD,Profilometry,TGA, Analysis-TEM-SAED-XPS-EDX
• Opto-Electronic Techniques: Multiple Optical & Electronic Transient studies (nanosec-secs), Impedance, Electronic Charge Lifetime Measurements, Mobility measurements, tr-PL(nsec), IV-Hall
• Setup Experience: Semi-conductor Parameter Analyzers, Solid State lasers, Spectro-Photometers, Plasma Etching, Micro-molding, Optics Setups UV-Vis-PL, Straining-Flexing Devices
• Computational: Electrochemical Modelling, Python, Matlab, Origin, Adobe Photoshop
Professional Experience
 Marie Curie Fellow (ESR): Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia (IIT), Italy 2014 –2016
I have initiated and implemented projects with researchers across Europe fulfilling commitments for EU. My focus was on Photovoltaics and Photodetectors:
o Defect Accumulation in Perovskite Solar Cells and Passivation using dopable semi-conductors: Here I demonstrate accumulation of defect and interface states using various transient photo- voltage/current lifetimes (nanosec.-sec) which are mostly built by me. This study gives a comprehensive understanding of the defect physics in Perovskite Solar Cells and provides design rules for interlayers.
o Highly Efficient Printed Colloidal Perovskite Photodetectors: Fabrication and Complete Characterization of printed perovskite (colloidal) photodetectors, obtaining record performances in Detectivity, Gain and Bandwidth through Selective Hole Circulation.
o Highly Exfoliated 2-D chalcogenides for Perovskite Photodetectors: 2-D layered materials (MoO3, WS2) applied for the first time as charge extraction layers in Perovskite Photodetectors with improved Specific Detectivity and Moisture Stability.
o Device engineering techniques for Solar Cells: Synthesis, fabrication of Perovskite Solar Cells by trap passivants, 2-D materials, interlayer chemistry (oxides, polymers), manipulating crystallization and associated techniques.

 Research Associate (DST) project: National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), India: 2012-2014
I Collaborated with chemical engineers & designed targeted solutions across interdisciplinary fields: My focus was on OFET & Fluid Dynamics for Solution Processable Devices:
o Fabricating Ultra-Long 1-D nanocrystals of Semiconductors using Evaporative Self-Assembly: Fabricated ultra-long nanocrystal assemblies (~3 mm long single crystal with aspect ratio ~104) of organic semiconductors by optimizing hydrodynamic evaporative processes of fingering instabilities and Coffee Rings: Highly relevant to Inkjet Printing & related techniques
o OFETs & Crystallization of novel chemical moieties: Fabricate organic field effect transistors with novel chemical moieties for applications in gas sensing, photo sensors.
 Research Assistant (DAE) project: JNCASR, Bangalore 2010-2012
We were the first in India to work on Stretchable-Wearable electronics & further apply them for Biological Stem Cell Applications:
o Facile Fabrication of Ultra-Stretchable Metallic Nano-cluster Films for Wearable Electronics: Fabricate ultra-stretchable Au electrodes on PDMS and rubbers by flash PVD, of Au nano-clusters. One of the highest performance with strain, multiple applications (stretchable heaters, inter-connects) demonstrated.
o Strain dependent electronic properties of conducting polymers, PEDOT:PSS: Explored electronic properties of conducting polymeric electrodes with strain. Showed anisotropic electronic transport with strain arises from directional scattering of the electric field while conduction becomes more “metallic” for disordered conductor.
o Stem Cell Differentiation on Stretchable Electroactive substrates: Participated in Differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells on stretchable electro-active surfaces. Designed samples to make them biocompatible and acid resistant. Analyzed mechano-sensitivity studies for bio-implantations.
Grants Awarded, Fellowships and Public Engagement
• Virdee Grant Award for teacher training and public engagement in Sierra Leone, Africa
• American Physical Society (APS) Travel Award
• Materials Research Society (MRS) Foundation Grassroots Gant Award worth US$ 9500 for youth engagement with materials research in India
• £4500 Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and Winton Program, Physics of Sustainability
• Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher Fellowship award in the project DESTINY May 2017
April 2017
Mar 2016
Mar 2015
Aug 2014

Instrumentation Experience
o Experience with Electronics – Lock-In Amplifiers, Oscilloscopes, Electrometers, Spectrophotometer, Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers, Nanometer stages, IV-Hall, Cryo-stats, , UV-PL, Nd-Yag/He-Ne/Solid State lasers, Optics Setups and related optical components.
o Instrumental Handling: Plasma Chambers, PVD/CVD, Etchers, Dr.Blade Coating, Bar Coating, Micromolding, Straining and Flexing apparatus, Electro-spinning
o Analysis of standard techniques– Solar Cells, Photodetectors, Field Effect Transistors, Transient Absorption, Impedance, Noise Analysis, tr-PL, AFM, c-AFM, Stretchable Heaters.
Research Visits and Secondment
Marie-Curie Secondment Research –Prof. Bisquert, University of Jaume, Spain Feb 2016
Marie Curie Secondment Research – Prof. Henry Snaith, University of Oxford Aug 2016
Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai Nov 2012
Research Publications
o Facile Fabrication of Ultra-Stretchable Metallic Nano-cluster Films for Wearable Electronics-Vijay V#, R.Lamboll,D.Joshi,K.S.Narayan ACS Appl.Mater.Interfaces,2017,33,28010 #Sole Correspnding Author
o Influence of thermocleavable functionality on organic field-effect transistor performance of small molecules- RY Mahale, SS Dharmapurikar, MK Chini, Vijay V-Chemical Phys Letters,678,139-145
o Organic soluble and uniform film forming oligoethylene glycol substituted BODIPY small molecules with improved hole mobility- S.Singh, Vijay V, K.Kothandam PCCP, 2014,16,13376
o Neuronal differentiation of embryonic stem cell derived neuronal progenitors can be regulated by stretchable conducting polymers - Nishit Srivastava, Vijay V, Divya MS, Jackson James, K. S. Narayan - Tissue Engineering Part A. July 2013, 19(17-18): 1984-1993
o In-situ Studies of Strain Dependent Transport Properties of Conducting Polymers on Elastomeric Substrates. - J. Appl. Phys. 109, 084525 2011; doi:10.1063/1.3580514 - Vijay V., Arun D. Rao, K.S. Narayan
o Strategies for Growing Ultra-Long 1-D nanocrystals of Organic Semiconductors by evaporative self-Assembly- Vijay V. B.Jain, R.Mahale, Krishnamoorthy Kothandam (Submitted-Nano Lett.)
o Charge Defect Accumulation in Mixed Halide Perovskite Solar Cells and their stabilization with dopable contacts– Vijay V, et.al., Bisquert J, Annamaria P. (Manuscript under prep.)
o Selective Hole Circulation and Passivated hole transport for Printed Photodetectors with high specific detectivity, Gain and Bandwidth. Vijay V*, et.al. Mario C, Annamaria P.( Manuscript under prep.)
o Using layered materials for air processed Photodetectors as a more efficient and stable replacement of Spiro-OMeTAD. - Vijay V*, Peter T*, Giorgio F, Mario C, Annamaria P.( Manuscript under prep.)
o MRS fuels a Pan-India materials science education program led by early-career scientists- Feature article in MRS Bulletin (Feature on my Science Outreach Work- August 2017 Issue)
Conferences and Presentations
• Talks :
o MRS- Arizona April 2017
o PSCO conference, Sept. 2016
o Center for Nanoscience and Technology, Research Talk, April 2016
o Regular talks in Advanced Materials for Optoelectronics group meetings
• Poster Presentations :
o Gordon Conference : Electronic Processes in Organic materials, June 2016
o NanoIsrael – International Nanotechnology Conference, Feb. 2016
o National Chemical Laboratory Annual Conference, Nov. 2013
o JNCASR Research Symposium – Feb. 2012
• Workshops Attended :
o Fabrication and Stability studies of Perovskite Solar Cells-Univ. of Oxford 2015
o Combinatorial methods for Materials Science – Bar Illan Univ. Israel 2016
o Guided Astronomy – University of Pune 2007
Teaching and Outreach
• Cofounder VIGYANshaala (Vision India: GenY Applied Science Network), a network of graduate students and research professionals to promote STEM education and research careers amongst youth in India.
• Regular presenter at the public outreach activities of CNST, IIT, Milan.
• Launched an interactive departmental forum in graduation comprising of ingenuous public notice board postings encouraging awareness of physics in the department
• 2nd in an inter college extempore competition for graduates in Physics(Talk on Superconductivity)

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