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1st lesson free!

1st lesson free!

I am currently a university student. I am eager to offer professional photography capturing and editing lessons from my experience from the past 4 years of doing this art as a hobby.

About the lesson

My teaching method is easy. We will discuss your work, we will talk basics and plenty of techniques, we will look at other people's work and analyze it.

You will learn how to:
- get the most quality out of your camera
- capture good portraits in most lighting conditions
- model posing
- light manipulation
- add meaning and story to the photo
- color grade
- retouch your photos (for portrait photography I can teach you multiple retouching techniques well suited for different scenarios)
- export your photos at the best quality possible
- use Photoshop and Lightroom


If you are not looking to learn all the stuff above, but just how to achieve better-looking images in general, I am willing to offer you a lesson at 75% discount.


  • Photography
  • Digital Photography
  • Portrait Photography
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    Fashion photography


  • English


  • All Levels

About Cosmin

I am eager to help everyone learn photography step by step. I have gathered a lot of experience along the way of 4 years. My best work is in portrait photography and I know it could be tricky sometimes, that's why I am here to help you understand different techniques to further improve your knowledge and results in photography.



  • 5h: £108
  • 10h: £210


  • £24/h

free lessons

  • 1hr


People looking only for photography basics and a simple 'how to capture better photos with my phone' I am willing to give you a 75% discount!

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