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Dean's listed Imperial College Theoretical Physics graduate offering Maths, Further Maths, and Physics tuition lessons at all levels.

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My teaching methodology allows me to confidently and successfully teach mathematics and physics to all students, from primary school up to masters level. In tutoring, after establishing the bounds of a subject, I take five aspects of learning and use them to provide a tailored experience to the individual's needs. These aspects are:

1.) Providing a comprehensive context of the subject. I make sure the student understand why they are learning this subject, what problems are we stuck with, why are we taking this route to solve things and not another? What sort of additional questions might one be able to answer from the realm of these and similar concepts?
When asked questions, this context ensures that students clearly interpret the question, leaving no error for misunderstandings and answering the wrong question. This context also gives them a broad understanding of what they will be learning and how it connects to other topics.

2.) Learning the fundamentals. All subjects in mathematics and physics build up from a set of fundamental rules that define each subject. Applying logic to these rules gives rise to the phenomena of that topic (the bits exams ask about). Teaching starts by getting a firm grasp of the fundamental rules of the subject. Once these are firmly understood, later level confusions are quickly and easily resolved. This is because students are then confident in knowing that the fundamentals are correct, and can work towards answering the question from there.

3.) Building on fundamentals. Once the fundamentals are established, subject phenomena are discovered and explored through derivations. This approach allows for the most in-depth understanding of why detailed physical and mathematical observations are made. Learning how they come about this way makes the revision of all topics much more comfortable. It is simple to see from where things requiring recollection come. Students will frequently make connections between theory and everyday experience of objects, which helps affirm an understanding of how the fundamentals are built up from. Here, visualisation of the topic is often beneficial, and it is here where my three years of experience designing interactive visual teaching documents kicks in. For longer-term students, I am happy to design interactive visualisations for a topic for the student to use in between sessions. This is a unique aspect of my teaching.

4.) Refining understanding. Once the student has seen what emerges in the topic in question, a cycle of answering questions and reviewing understanding must be followed. In line with the Feynman technique of learning, these should be technical (on pen and paper) and vocal. This is where the student answers verbal questions and explains specific topics to me as if I was new to the subject. I then ask more questions to see where gaps in understanding lay and then continue from there, repeating this step as necessary. This is the essential step often missed in the classroom that transforms a student's knowledge of a subject into an understanding.

5.) Subject review. Once the student understands everything within a set topic, a broad picture review of everything in step 1 is made. However, now, the student has the satisfaction of having an intuitive understanding of all subject levels. From here, we can decide whether to push on to more topics, further into directions the student found interesting, or start revision planning and move from there.

Overall, this tutoring method ensures that students have an excellent depth of understanding of subjects and are confident in themselves that this is the case. The teaching process is gratifying. Students have a clear idea of what they are studying, why they are studying it, and get a full appreciation of how much progress they have made since starting.


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About Mark

I am an enthusiastic and friendly graduate of Imperial College London with an MSci in Physics with Theoretical Physics and placed on the Dean's list. I have three years of experience in creating easy to understand documents for (as high as) university-level subjects, and have the same amount of experience teaching and demonstrating to both groups and individual students up to the same standard of education. My lessons focus on providing deep intuition into a subject to ensure that content can be confidently recalled.

- Which subject(s) do I teach?

I teach GCSE and A-Level Maths, Further Maths and Physics.

I teach coding in Python, JavaScript, and HTML.

I teach Undergraduate Physics and mathematical topics relevant to physics.

I am happy to review and give advice on how to improve lab reports. (I achieved an outstanding first on my research project on string theory, for which an extended lab report was written.)

I teach Oxbridge Admissions.

- What are my academic qualifications?

MSci Physics with Theoretical Physics - Imperial College London
A-Levels - Maths (A*), Physics (A*), Chemistry (A*), Welsh Baccalaureate (A*)
AS Levels - Further Mathematics (A), Biology (A)

- What experience tutoring do you have?

I have tutored for over three years, mostly physics, mathematics for physicists, and coding, at the university level.



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