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Director offering tuition in domestic and commercial sales, marketing , kitchen design , interiors, heating technology, business start up, franchise, cooking, catering industry and design services


Each discipline is designed around the client or students needs. I specialise in mentoring and training in both practical and academic solutions. Life experience is a valuable part of the process and also I demonstrate how to deal with daily tasks and situations as they occur.


I am a director with 19 years experience in the operation of and tuition in sales, marketing , kitchen design, interiors & heating technology ( all at domestic commercial and business to business level) for business start up, franchise or career opportunities. I also have 20 years experience in Catering industry management and assessor / training, for chefs, management health and safety and catering design.


Rate for online lessons : £50/h


Travelling costs vary from £20 locally to £150 UK wide. I am happy to travel throughout the UK but offer facilities to students as needed. My tutorial costs range from £50 per hour to £2,000 per week for a consultancy project but am flexible dependent on the task. I also offer an international client and student service and can accommodation facilities. I have training and conference facilities.

Lessons offered by Conrad
In group
The lessons will be held
At the tutor's house
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Career Coaching
  • Professional Coaching
  • All Levels

Conrad's CV

I have an excellent track records operating in and contributing to companies achieving turnover of £1m to £200m pa. I therefore have a wide range of experiences disciplines and skills sets. Since 2003, I have been based in a combined role within a partnership but assuming the duties of a Managing, Sales and Marketing Director since 2003 but within a partnership. I have built the business up to a point where it is achieving an annual turnover of £6m pa. If the need arises I am open to relocation and have a 2nd home in London. References are available on request.


I have over 37 years of customer service experience, the latter period includes 19 years in manufacturing, distribution, sales, supply and installation of Kitchens, bedrooms, niche furniture, interiors, shop fitting, bathrooms, renewable energy and heating products and solutions for retailers, end users, contractors, construction industry, public bodies, government organisations, PLC’s, social sector, medical, commercial, councils, schools, the Church and the Marine / Yacht Industry. I have training and experience in sales of finance products. I also have experience with the development, and management of a property portfolio and sales in the automotive and related industries. The first part of my career included 18 years in the Catering Hospitality and Leisure industry as a trainee Chef / Manager progressing to Executive Chef, General Management before becoming a concept launch, development and training consultant.


Sales, Customer Service & Marketing Entrepreneurial Spirit IT computer literate

Human Resourcing and recruitment Media Management Website development

Multiple Industry Contacts Reactive, Proactive & Adaptable

People and Team Development Strong Commercial & Business Acumen

Showroom Concept Development and Management.

Understanding of the needs and the requirements of companies of all sizes

Positive encouragement of employees, their participation and their contribution

Workplace Training and Assessor Qualifications and practical experience.
Industry research, competition analysis, product development and utilisation of contacts to keep up to date with the latest trends and innovations.
On-going product training and sales courses attendance and presentation.

Architectural, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom design and planning,

UK and International Supplier procurement and negotiation and exporting of products and solutions.

Business Civil litigation study, CPR and PD rules.

Catering kitchen design and installation.

The ?????? Partnership.
(Managing, Sales, Marketing Director operation role) (2003 to date)
In 2003, I headed The ????? Partnership, comprising of Kitchen Design, Interiors, and Furniture, Consultancy, food bar operation, Heating and alternative energy project and Solar business. I also have responsibility for dealing with our bespoke furniture and glass makers.


In carry out the duties of 5 different Directors roles in Managing, Sales, Marketing, Training and Development. I am therefore saving the operation around £260,000 pa. I successfully developed the retail part of the kitchen operation incorporating a successful concept based around the customer getting their kitchen designed by me as a former status high-profile Chef and thus who better than to understand the needs of client’s kitchen design aspirations. I also developed the concept to include an onsite food bar and coffee bar showroom browsing concept and I knew the food bar would also give the Gallery access to tradesman. I have developed the operation and through networking to a point where we have 300 contractors (direct and indirect reports) throughout the UK. I am also responsible for the businesses kitchen website development.

The ???? manufacturing operation includes kitchens from values of £15,000 to £150,000. We have our own in-house cabinet making operation but also bespoke furniture, door and glass makers. The ?????also promoted the exclusive Brands before a commercial decision was taken to go in a different direction with our bespoke operation. Our offering gives us an edge over our competitors that other businesses either do not have the ability to carry out or the motivation to provide. This generates us extra business. We also gain business from dealing with retail operations, contractors, public bodies, government organisations, PLC’s, social sector, medical, commercial, councils, schools, the Church and Marine / Yacht Industries.

We also retain, and I manage 15 UK wide consultants (direct reports) with responsibility for generating sales from the public, commercial businesses, contractors and retail operations. Utilising the likes of Channel 4’s Grand Design Live show team at exhibitions I have built the brand with consistent growth results throughout the period. The target was to achieve a £2m pa turnover by 2006 but we surpassed that with an average of £6m pa over the period. We have a part time telesales /call centre operation (Management direct reports) that I set up and thus I also have experience in the recruitment, management, lead generation and sales scripting of that side of the operation. Magazine shoots and features in Homes and Garden, Concept for Living, Moving House, H2B and Grand Designs are just some examples of marketing that have also assisted the growth of the operation. Developing the renewable energy offering via our ????? Solar and ????? projects was part of my brief. This also involved dealing with solar installation planning applications, authority and UK wide National Grid Distribution Network Operators (DNO). My responsibilities also included research and development of alternative heating and control technology and sales via our contractor distribution, business to business and to a residential custom base. I also maintain my contacts in Eastern Europe, Italy, Germany and America for these solutions and for our micro kitchen business offering.

I was also responsible for developing an acknowledged excel system to determine potential solar returns from the government’s 25/ 20- year investment scheme. This enabled our customers to visualise more clearly potential return yields during the period of the tariff payments and this increased our sales during the peak tariff period between 2011 and 2015 from £100,000 pa to around £500,000 pa. The investment returns are between 6 to 12 % dependent on when the customer purchased the solar and therefore over the last 8 years has proven to generate our clients a better financial return that leaving their funds in bank accounts. Had I scaled this up by utilising this system working in a larger UK wide company then the turnover would have been in the millions pa. However, due to the numerous duties I have at the ?????, I decided to keep the system just for our own use. The system has been since adapted to also incorporate return savings for heating solutions.

I have been able to save money (10 to 15% pa) by introducing manufacturing and fabrication materials cost checking systems and looking at recycling schemes a principle practised in my earlier career industries. The Consultancy part of the business is separate but revolves around myself being retained to assist companies in their businesses.
(THE ????????? Group) (2011 to 2012)
I was retained with responsibility for developing the solar energy sales team (principally in West Yorkshire / North of England) which was at its highest demand during the 2011 to 2015 period when supported by the government tariff scheme. I recruited and appointed a sales team (5 direct sales force per branch, 2 surveyors and 5 installation teams) and had them performing at 1 in 2 sales during the period with a target of £1.5m pa for the West Yorkshire region during the period towards the company’s UK wide target at the time of £8m. It was good experience building on my earlier solar heating energy work with the ????? Group.

???????? (2003 to 2010)
I was headhunted to work with the above companies under the banner of The ????? group. It was formerly the largest fitted home Improvement retailer in the UK with 160 showrooms, 1300 showroom staff and 1500 installers. I operated on a number of occasions in a consultant sales role between 2000– 2011 giving me valuable experience of a massive organisation and key understanding of the manufacturing, sales function, product procurement, warehousing, distribution, installation and after care service. I participated in building the kitchen design and supply branch and showroom operation of ????? into a £100 million annual turnover business. I also recorded personal sales of £2.7 million. The role evolved into responsibility for regional sales development and training, product launch, sales and marketing and raising branch turnover from around £100,000 per week to an average of £150,000 per week. I also worked with their direct sales arm ?????? in a similar capacity achieving similar results. My ability to upsell the product and add on sales was reflected in the figures. Direct reports to me was 50 including sales designers, showroom staff surveyors and installers attached to the branch.
I moved on in 2010 to concentrate mainly on the ???? project because the ????? group went through a period of change to the ???? Group and then ???? I am, proud of what I achieved whilst working in the group and it was successful during my period there.

?????? (2000 to 2003)
?????? an acclaimed mid ranged and bespoke kitchen design company also specialises in disability kitchens and were the appointed kitchen company for the installation of ????? Our work was complemented by Princess Anne on her visit to open the development.

Through my earlier career commercial kitchen designing and working with a number of Domestic kitchen companies as a guest chef consultant and then sales consultant I was headhunted by Head of Sales at ?????to help the operation as a free-lance sales Consultant and trainer with some responsibility for marketing and generating sales including supply to contractors. I generated personal sales of around £500,000 pa. I achieved a 1 in 3 ratio from my own sales and obtained the same from that of the sales force, again upselling and add on products increasing business from £1.6m to just under £2m per annum (22%). I stayed with ?????? for around 3 years before moving on to The ????? project and an appointment to work with the above mentioned ???? group.


After a successful freelance sales role at ???????? (Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire) one of its directors headhunted me to move to the ???? groups operation after he set up the business (North wales Wrexham and Cheshire). I was responsible for sourcing and closing of business and by way of lead generation appointments generated by internal marketing and telesales. I Successfully sold products up to £20,000 per item. I was best Salesman at both companies with a 1 in 2 sales ratio bringing in 20% more business into branch sales over the period. I participated in on-going product training and sales courses. I also worked with the likes of ????? Engineering on sales for business to business and domestic vehicle fuel saving economiser systems. I learnt a lot about the aspects of marketing for these types of companies
My early career involved me progressing from a trainee Chef / Manager to become a renowned Executive Chef, and Senior management before becoming a concept launch, development and training consultant in that industry. I operated in Hotels, restaurant and leisure sites at all levels and market places.


I was also very successful in this first stage of my career, practising ‘Customer comes first principles’ and engaging in marketing initiatives to gain customer feed-back during service and other methods to ensure the business I represented stayed in a healthy position. I was at the forefront for adapting facilities for disabilities and even in regard to menu ingredient consideration for allergy sufferers. I still practise the same principles from catering industry of ensuring staff and management views are considered fairly, maintaining good working condition and ensuring I allow management to manage. This enables me to incorporate my ideas, training and concepts in business and has gained me an excellent reputation. It was rewarding to see staff growing in value and appreciation from learning how to be more productive, profitable and cost effective and consequentially developing their own careers and earnings. I also learnt at an early stage how to ensure operations were refurbished and suitability equipped and staffed, becoming a specialist in developing and management of catering operations, their design and fit out as well as in the other aspects of the operation.

I was regularly head hunted to breathe new life into Hotel and Restaurant establishments, consult in and run staff training and assessment and development of brands, concepts and the operations and turned them around within periods of 6 to 12 months. I received acknowledgments from the culinary media and from my peers helping to attract additional custom. The industry gave me a good grounding, taught me how to cook and I qualified as a chef in management, bookkeeping, food costing, Health hygiene and food safety. It taught me how to save money by identifying supplier options, stock rotation, managing wastage efficiently, how to spot price differences and evaluates costs and gain value for money. I have taken all my training and principle practises from this industry and successfully applied it to the other industries I have operated in such as the development of retail showrooms, and manufacturing premises. My works has achieved Board level acknowledgements of my coaching and team building skills, Prestige Body membership and Culinary Award winner. On-going product training and sales Courses attended.
I maintained an excellent 80% average booking rate per night in restaurants and 75 % room occupancy level in Hotels and also ensured I achieved the required gross profit of 70-75% GP throughout that part of my career. At each operation I have held responsibility for in this industry I maintained healthy profits from turnovers of £20,000 per week for small operations to £10m per annum for larger establishments, hotels and brand operation. Some additional examples include the Bass Retail Leisure Division concepts I was involved in included the role out, training and operations of scream bars and O’ Neil’s Irish pub concepts. During my time in this industry, staff retention was and remains an issue with a UK turnover being around between 25% to 35 %. In the establishments I have held responsibility for I maintained an average of only about 6 % staff turnover rate and 10% in other industries I have operated in. It is challenging area but most definitely worthwhile.

The birth of my 3 children were my greatest of personal achievements. My career goals have always been to ensure my families future is secure and importantly to achieve as much as possible. During my time in the catering industry and early stage of my sales career I was involved in occasional charitable work fund raising initiatives for the likes of Leonard Cheshire Homes who support disabled people in the UK. I would often be dancing for 24 hours in my younger days sponsored by local hoteliers to raise funds in local events. I also have references and articles in my resume from my time as a football in the community fund raiser in ??????? through working as a coach and Treasurer offering football facilities to hard working catering professionals, to schools and universities. For around 10 years I was able to set up an initiative in which we developed 3 football teams supported by donations and sponsorship through my contacts and hard fundraising before I left the area to move back to Yorkshire. I am just glad I was able to do something that changed people’s lives.


UHS Kirkby Lonsdale:
CSE'S / O’level grades in English Literature, English Language (Oral and Written), Arithmetic, Religious Studies, Modern History, Geography, Art and Environmental Science.

Bradford University College:
Occupational Selection Course Certificate in Art, DIY & Photography.

Kendal College of Further Education:
City and Guilds 706/ 1 & 2 London Institutes Catering
City and Guilds Bookkeeping and Food Costing
City and Guilds Level 2 Communications Skills
R.I.P.H.H- Food Hygiene and Handling

Workington Technical College:
Caterbase Assessors Hotel and Training Board
Workplace Trainers Certificate
Brathay Training Certificate (no 80)
Vianet UK Communications

Training in Sales Marketing and advertising for corporate business and Catering Industries.

Bass Retail Leisure Division (On-going training courses).

Confederation Of Professional Licensees

Life time membership and qualifications including the National Diploma.

Kitchen Industry internal and external product knowledge, sales, design and finance courses.

Heating Technology courses.

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