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Experienced tutor and critical thinking skills practitioner offering chess lessons in London


As an 'ambassador' of critical thinking, chess is one activity that I have always introduced and incorporated as part of the learning timetable. As well as teaching students chess tactics, there is also a focus on demonstrating concentration, foresight and problem solving skills.
All students are provided with chess boards and are given chess point sheets to complete with the tutor. The point sheets give the student the opportunity to self assess their understanding of what has been taught in the lesson using a traffic light system and give a short comment. Students are given two targets to achieve and are given points accordingly, this way parents can track their child's weekly progress.


I am an experienced Behaviour Consultant with years of experience working staff and students to improve behaviour and attendance in pupil referral units and special schools. I have recently completed a two year project in Devon, where my team and I were called upon to help set up a new special school from the ground up. I was able to train staff, develop systems and interventions to assist students in becoming learning ready and create a therapeutic learning environment for some of our most vulnerable young people.


Rate for online lessons : £35/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : £150
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : £300
Lessons offered by Nyalima
In group
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Chess
  • All Levels

Nyalima's CV

2009 – 2012 Brunel University
BA (Hons) Youth & Community Work Degree

2005 – 2007 Hackney Community College
(BACP) Introduction to Counselling Skills& Counselling Skills level 2
Certificate in Counselling Studies (BACP)

2000- 2002 St Charles Sixth Form College
A Levels: English Literature D, Media Studies C, Drama C

1995-2000 Sacred Heart High School
GCSEs: 10 including English, Maths & Double Science with 4Bs and 6Cs

Employment History
Jun 2017 to date Education & Engagement Specialist Fresh Start in Education Ltd

 Home tutor students with SEMH needs who have been unable to engage in education
 Support and prepare students to become learning ready in order to access future opportunities
 Planning and delivering sessions, including maths, english and critical thinking skills
 Preparation of PLP, weekly plans, daily reports and assessments
 Recently lesson observation and assessment using the Ofsted framework for teaching and learning; graded as ‘Outstanding’

Sep 2015 to Apr 2017 Behaviour Consultant Torridge Academy
(SchoolsCompany Trust)

 Working alongside Directors to establish and develop new Special School and alternative provisions for the MAT
 Directing interventions to students within the school and consultation for staff
 Offering guidance to school leaders and staff on reducing exclusion, increasing attendance and supporting students with social, emotional and behavioural needs in school
 Creating effective systems and strategies that monitor students social and emotional progress
 Supporting and training new staff with the transition process as they embark on new roles within the school

Jan 2015 - Jul 2015 Intervention Team Manager Manor Green College (SchoolsCompany Ltd)

 Delivering and providing effective strategies to improve the behavioural, social and emotional needs of students referred to the team.
 Leading and directing the Intervention Team regarding referral strategies and facilitate all team meetings
 Creating and devising all templates and formats used and operating within the Intervention Team for data and tracking purposes
 Monitoring all data and tracking progress of students referred to the Intervention Team across the college
 Giving feedback to Heads of Centre and Senior Leader Team across the college regarding student progress and referral updates
 Timetabling the Intervention Team effectively across the college campuses
 Establishing and developing constructive relationships with other agencies/professionals, in liaison with the teacher, to support progress and achievement of pupils.

Feb 2013 – Dec 2014 Family Bereavement
 Due to the sudden passing of my mother, I took the time out to sort out the family estate and finances.

Nov 2012 – Feb 2013 Behaviour Manager West Kent AC PRU (Kent Top Temps Agency)

 Working closely with multi professional bodies supporting young people and offering structured support for students and their families
 Undertaking additional whole centre management responsibilities, in this case the role of Behaviour Manager as directed and timetabled
 Representing the PRU at relevant consultation and review meetings
 Promoting positive values, attitudes and pupil behaviour, dealing promptly with conflict and incidents in accordance with the school’s policies and procedures, and encourage pupils to take personal responsibility for their behaviour.
 Participating in training and development activities and programmes, and attend and participate in meetings, as required.
 Providing guidance and supervision and assist in the training and development of staff as appropriate.
 Working with the SENCO to ensure individual educational plans are used to set subject specific targets and match work to student’s needs.

May 2011 – Jul 2012 Food Technology Instructor Church Lane PRU

 Delivering and providing strategic direction and development of the Food Technology Curriculum.
 Leading, developing and implementing the Food Technology Curriculum policies, plans, targets and practices.
 Leading and securing the effective teaching of the Food Technology Curriculum throughout the centre, evaluating the quality of instruction and standards of pupils achievements and set targets for improvement.
 Providing all those involved in the delivery of the Food Technology Curriculum, the support, challenge, information and development necessary to sustain motivation and secure improvement in delivery, instruction and learning.
 Identifying appropriate resources for the subject and ensuring that they are used efficiently, effectively and safely.
 Promoting a shared understanding of the importance of the Food Technology Curriculum in contributing to the student’s overall development and in their preparation for adult life.
 Assisting the unit in its partnership with parents providing them with information about the Food Technology curriculum, attainment, progress, and targets.
 Supervising, as required, whole classes occasionally during the short-term absence of teachers, to maintain good order, keep pupils on task, respond to questions and generally assist pupils to undertake set activities

Oct 2008 – Jul 2012 Lead Learning Mentor Church Lane PRU

 Using appropriate strategies and approaches to support and assist pupils to achieve learning goals.
 Contributing to the development and implementation of Individual Education/Behaviour Plans and Personal Care programmes.
 Working with the teacher to establish an appropriate learning environment, and to plan, evaluate and adjust lesson/work plans.
 Monitoring and evaluating pupils’ progress, achievements and responses in respect of all learning activities and teaching programmes through observation and planned recording of achievement against pre-determined learning objectives.
 Providing objective, accurate and detailed feedback to the teacher on pupil progress, achievements, and other matters ensuring the availability of appropriate evidence.
 Liaising sensitively and effectively with parents/carers as agreed with the teacher regarding student progress, development and achievement and participating in feedback sessions/meetings with parents/carers with teacher or as directed.
 Promoting and employing strategies to enable the inclusion and acceptance of all pupils, encouraging self-esteem, and recognising and rewarding independence and self-reliance.
 Promoting positive values, attitudes and pupil behaviour, dealing promptly with conflict and incidents in accordance with the school’s policies and procedures, and encouraging pupils to take personal responsibility for their behaviour.

Sep 2007 – Jul 2008 Learning Support Mentor Project 16 PRU

 Monitoring behaviour in and out of class.
 Giving one-to-one and group support in learning.
 Co-ordinating After School Revision Classes for students.
 Counselling and mentoring sessions for EBD students.

Sep 2006 – Jul 2007 Learning Support Assistant Fitzjohn’s Primary School

 Giving one-to-one interaction with EAL learners as part of learning support.
 Monitoring progress and setting targets which produce marked improvement in learning.
 Writing written reports of progress and giving verbal accounts of this to class teachers and parents.

Sep 2005 – Jul 2006 Teaching Assistant Protocol Teachers (Agency)

 Assisting class teacher with the preparation of class activity.
 Supported children with literacy and numeracy skills.


 Managerial skills - Developing management understanding with regards to the visioning and implementation of a new initiative within my current place of work, the Intervention Team, where I lead and supervise a team of Mentors.

 Organising - Planning and delivering group teaching sessions in Food Technology and timetabling one-to-one and group mentoring sessions with young people in an alternative provision. Displayed the ability to prepare activities and resources for a holistic approach to learning where students engaging in both academic and social learning had their needs met.

 Commitment- Hardworking, persistent and determined to achieve my goals. I am punctual with excellent attendance.

 IT - Ability to create and format templates needed to document and evidence monitoring date and progress with students. Good working knowledge of MS Office products including Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications. Confident with Windows XP, Internet and email user.

Voluntary Work
2014 to date Homeless Outreach Worker Compassion Family (CAC CPLI)
 Buying and preparing food packages for the hungry and homeless across London City.
 Delivering food packages, sleeping bags and clothes and engaging with those in need of conversation and encouragement

2005- 2008 Prison Youth Mentor Prison Outreach Network
 Visiting various prisons to offer council, acting as a form of support and rehabilitation for inmates/trainees.
 One-to-one and group sessions with inmates encouraging and equipping them with tools to prepare them for release in hope of preventing them from re-offending.

2006 Missions Volunteer Ivan Tait Ministries
 Building and digging foundations for an orphanage in Guatemala.
 Visiting the children in the orphanage of Guatemala City.

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