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Experienced Artist & Producer (with BA Hons Creative Music Production - 1st Class) offering production and composition lessons in London


We host the best tutors. Quality of their profile, experience in their field. Cristian will be happy to arrange your first Music Production lesson.

About the lesson

Hi! I believe in teaching with a simple, engaging, practical, hands on approach, allowing you to lead our sessions based on where you are in your development.
I offer individually tailored lessons and sessions for creatives of any level :)

I teach concepts in the following disciplines (beginner through to advanced):

- Music Production
- Mixing & Mastering, mindset & creative approaches
- Programming (of drums and MIDI)
- Layering
- Sound Design
- Music Harmony & Theory
- Songwriting techniques and insight into the processes I utilise for writing, developing and finishing songs.

I can help you programme, layer and sculpt sounds, as well as help you utilise Dynamic Processors like Compressors, EQ's (Digital & Analogue) and other FX based forms of processing such as Delay, Reverb and Modulation in order to bring your ideas to life. These skills are essential for modern producer/songwriters, though In my opinion equally important is understanding your own relationship to music and how you can translate your feelings and emotions into sound.

I operate day to day from my studio in Highbury.
I am experienced in Logic Pro X, Ableton Live & Pro Tools.
I play Piano, Guitar, Bass & Saxophone and can help you on your journey towards using instruments to compose music.
My studio is equipped with different instruments which you are welcome to use during our sessions!

I want to help you get the best from yourself and will always offer honest, detailed, constructive feedback on your songs, productions and mixes.
I'm happy to provide you with written lesson recaps after our session.

For some people one lesson might be all you need. For this reason some people come to me for one off lessons and return casually on an as and when basis.


  • Music Production
  • Music Technology
  • Computer-aided music
  • +3


    Music Recording

    Audio Engineering


  • English


  • All Levels

About Cristian

I'm an English/Italian Artist, Music Producer, Songwriter & Mix Engineer based in Highbury, London. I've been teaching for 3 years now, initially I never gave much thought to teaching. After giving friends lengthy sessions to help them with their productions they suggested I offer lessons to others. I've grown a real affinity for helping people develop as producers and composers.

I am actively writing and performing original music, as well as regularly collaborating on varied musical projects. I am always learning, studying and making music and I truly believe this is the key to continuous and enjoyable development. I also enjoy DJing and regularly perform DJ sets in venues in London.

You can check my latest artist release here: (concealed information)

I enjoy many different styles of music and have benefited from having an extensive palette throughout my musical journey so far. I particularly enjoy Soul, Hip Hop, RnB, Ambient, Electronic, Grime, Folk, Rock Blues and Jazz music. My ears are always open to new sounds and textures.
In my own music, I love to use the ambience of the world around me to add colour and depth to my music.

I have experience in the analogue domain recording bands (playing Jazz, Funk, Pop, Rock, Metal, Neo-Soul, Electronic & multi-genre hybrid styles) through large console desks.
The prevalence of DAW's in the last decade has allowed many great artists access to a professional recording environment using just a laptop and a few fairly inexpensive bits of gear.

I am also very experienced in recording audio, sampling, programming and orchestrating music with MIDI. I began making my truest music with a DIY mentality using the equipment I had access to like inexpensive microphones and MIDI controllers. I am competent with Sound Design and I utilise the fundamental concepts which allow me control of the envelope, colour, timbre and the texture of my sound choices.



  • 5h: £140
  • 10h: £280


  • £30/h


I often successfully use Zoom for online sessions and can happily recommend these for anyone who is unsure about in person lessons due to the Coronavirus pandemic. You can share your screen with me and your direct audio output as well as me being able to utilise remote control of your DAW. Very handy and efficient for online sessions.

Online lesson or lesson at my home studio in Highbury Central: £30 p/h
Lesson at your residence: £40 p/h (this includes travel compensation)
I have package offers available for those who are interested in more than one lesson.

I have a minimum 24 hour cancelation notice. This is a respectful request.

Find out more about Cristian

  • 01

    When did you first develop a passion for music and your favourite instrument?

    From a young age I was always listening to different music, singing and performing at home to my family and friends, I didn't take it all that seriously until 2014 when I quit my full time job at 19 to move to Bristol and focus on creating and performing music full time! I love the sound of a real piano in a room, it always brings music out of me.

  • 02

    Is there a particular type of music or artist that you listen to on a loop without it driving you crazy?

    I'm someone that can find a song of any style that I'll fall in love with and play it 100 times on repeat! It can be any type of music.. It tends to be a song that really moves me, and feels as though it epitomises the current zeitgeist of my life.

  • 03

    Explain to us the most difficult or riveting course you could personally give to a student of music.

    I don't believe it's about difficulty, rather it's about immersion. For someone starting out, who wanted to dive in and give music 100% I would say this.. Pick an album a week (start with one you really love, and progress through to music that challenges your ears) and listen to it top to bottom each day with your eyes closed. Feel the music. Listen with no distractions and get inside the music. Listen for new layers that you are training your ears to hear. From there you can note the emotions and feelings that arise, you could note down progressions you hear, you could transcribe or recreate elements and techniques you hear that sound interesting or inspiring - the best thing though is to enter a creative space after this conscious listening, have fun and let the music come back through you in your own creation.

  • 04

    What do you think is the most complicated instrument to master and why?

    Maybe the guitar.. Or a brass instrument like the Saxophone. Any instrument in my opinion is challenging. You hear a musical idea in your head, you then have to translate it on a physical instrument.. It's not inherently easy. Unlike your voice where you can sing immediately what you hear.
    Understanding the whole fretboard of a guitar and being able to use it with complete expressive freedom is something I am still on a journey towards achieving - each string has a different tone and timbre and is an instrument in itself in my opinion. The sax, man... some of the best musicians I know play it, it seems as though it really requires your entire physiology, your full attention, your mind and your spirit to combine completely to allow you the full expression. Big lungs too!

  • 05

    What are your keys to success?

    Be passionate first and foremost. It comes directly from enjoying what you do. When you keep things fresh, interesting and fun I find it's always a pleasure to keep improving and you can maintain perspective because you always know the reason you do what you do is because you enjoy it and you have a genuine passion and love for it.

    Be focused, realistic and develop a smart work ethic. I don't necessarily always want to spend 8 hours in the studio. If I can achieve my intended objective to the highest standard and have as much if not more fun in 45 minutes - i'd much rather do that! 10,000 hours doesn't equate to becoming better if you aren't using those hours efficiently.
    That said, passion comes into it again. When you're starting out, the more time you can practically spend on what you are working towards, inevitably all those hours you spent every day practicing, working and creating, these will compound eventually and become very valuable assets to you.

    Know and practice trusting your instinct. Instinct never lies.

    Stay in touch with your truth, your blessings and live in a place of gratitude - Especially if you have the luxury to spend time expressing yourself through music 🙂 It's infectious when it's genuine!

    Build and maintain genuine relationships with other humans. This is essential.

  • 06

    Name three musicians you dream of meeting in your favourite bar in the early hours of the morning. Explain why.

    Dr. Dre, Justin Vernon and Chet Baker (RIP).. Imagine having a conversation with those guys!

  • 07

    Provide a valuable anecdote related to music or your days at music school.

    I was rehearsing for a performance in the Colston Hall in Bristol in 2014.. It was a band set up and I was performing lead vocals and playing acoustic guitar. We practiced a few times before the show and on the night we huddled together then went up and played it. Nailed it! It felt great, we really moved the audience and we got a big round of applause... I saw the video back and was horrifieddddd to hear how poor our collective vocal pitch was! I mean seriously, it was like... bad. Haha! It taught me that 'failing' is the best way to improve and if you can laugh at yourself and are always open to how you can improve then you most certainly will.

  • 08

    What are the little touches that make you a Superprof in music?

    I appreciate my own attention to detail. I enjoy very much having lots of small microscopic elements work in tandem with the main elements of a piece of music. Whether they blend together, support each other, contrast or juxtapose each other. Just taking the time to feel into each tone and each sound and consider the big picture of the music is something I love to do. I always try to use sounds of the world around me to create with, it adds another dimension to the music.

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