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Experienced Leader offers Personal Online Coaching using Tested Leadership Coaching Principles and Tools

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You are your own best teacher.
The People and Leadership Skills coaching I offer is based on the experiential approach to learning.
Experiential learning is learning by doing — by actively participating. It’s hands-on learning experimenting, trying different approaches, discovering what works by doing it yourself.
Experiential learning is nothing revolutionary. It’s the way of learning that comes naturally. It’s how you learn to walk, to speak your primary language, to use chopsticks or a knife and fork, to swim, to ride a bicycle. It’s how you learn the vast amount of knowledge and skills you acquire in the first five or ten years of your life—90 percent of all you ever learn, according to some experts. Until just a few
hundred years ago, experiential learning was the way that all human beings learned everything they learned. Experiential learning is a discovery process, in which learning happens through
participation—at the physical, emotional, and intellectual level. In a discovery process, there is no one right answer that applies to everybody. The learning is individual rather than general, personal rather than impersonal.

Because it’s based on experiential learning, unlike most adult educational courses,
the PALS Coaching Sessions aren’t about any long lectures to listen to, notes to
take, or examinations to pass. Regular assignments gives you opportunities to reflect
on and practise what you are learning through your experiences.
As a participant you’ll look deeply and honestly at the ways of thinking, feeling, and acting that are generating the results you have in all the important areas of your life. It’s an opportunity to look at yourself with a fresh set of eyes—and open up new possibilities for the future.


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About Stephen

I am an experienced leader with 20+ years experience in coaching young people and adults. I have coached hundreds of people both individually and in groups. Participants experience an increased ability to produce intended results and report:

More effective leadership abilities
More satisfaction with work and accomplishment
Renewed sense of direction
Gain in self-esteem, openness and aliveness
Enhanced satisfaction, acceptance and joy in relationships



  • 5h: £225
  • 10h: £450


  • £45/h

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