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An experienced online marketer and trader is offering to teach cryptocurrencies and digital marketing

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My approach to disseminating knowledge is to first develop a lesson plan that will help reinforce and teach the skills that the student needs. I usually do this by first giving the student a set of exercise first so as to understand where there is a gap in knowledge so that the lesson plan developed will be focused on filling this gap. I also like my students to carry out independent study as this will be beneficial to them in the long run as they can also ask questions wherever they have any doubts. My Tutoring focuses on computer science related modules from GCSE to PHD level.


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About Ali

I am an Online marketer, trader, Data scientist and AI researcher, web and mobile developer with a passion for turning data into products, actionable insights, and meaningful stories.

I have done the following training some of which are:

Machine Learning Engineering Nanodegree
Developed many predictive models for fields like Education, healthcare, and finance etc.
Main courses and tools:

Programming in Python and R
• Reinforcement Learning
• Natural Language Processing
• Deep Learning
• Dimensionality Reduction
• Naïve Bayes
• Support Vector Machines
• Decision Tree
• Regressions
• Clustering
• Outliers
• Feature Scaling
• Association Role Learning
Android development Nanodegree By Google
Accenture Java Development
Accenture SAP/ABAP Course
I have worked on the following projects:
Workflow and Tool Process Modelling – WorkIT
• Workflow recognition for a manufacturing process
• Sensor driven recording of the working environment and human factors
o Agreedselectionofinfrastructureandwearablesensors
• Identification of inefficiencies, assembly failures, sanitary & ergonomic hazards, level of
WorkIT - Skeletal Tracking
• Real-time full body skeletal tracking with active infrared stereovision (Kinect, Intel Real Sense)
• 20 different joints tracked per person and up to 6 persons in scene
• Joint trajectories for activity recognition
DP1-Workflow Step Detection
• Multi-model sensor architecture for assessing current state
• Visual scene analysis: object detection and depth sensing
• Worker behavior modelling and workflow-coordinated guidance
Image Search engine (Jan 2018 ~ Mar 2018)
Created image search engine using different Neural Network techniques Framework: Tensorflow, Keras
Algorithm: Capsules Network, Convolutional Neural Network, clustering, Language: Python
A Recurrent Neural Network Based Recommendation System
Ambient Assisted Living (Energy AG, R&D project)
Based on Data coming from the customer interface of a smart meter a machine learning algorithm developed which allows for predicting the behavior of elderly people. If the real behavior does not match to the predicting behavior a message sent to selected relatives.
Medical Image Classification Using YOLO
Recognition the flowers
Framework: Tensorflow
Algorithm: Convolutional Neural Network Language: Python
Chat Bot Creation
Framework: Tensorflow
Algorithm: Deep NLP with SEQ2SEQ Language: Python
Snap Lawn product of Ablaze Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.
A 2D game with simple, lively, emergent, and immersive gameplay, containing elements of Augmented Reality and Image Processing.
Worked as programmer, Graphic designer.
Environment worked on: Java Android development. UI and UX Design.
Ablaze Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.
Designed the whole website from scratch for company product information. Environment worked on: HTML&CSS3 JavaScript, JQuery.
URL: (concealed information)
Riga international institute of business
Designed the whole website for the institute. Focused on the online student admission and fee invoices. Some new events and information regarding school and courses.
Environment worked on: JavaScript, PHP, and XHTML, JQuery, Nginx Web Server
URL: (concealed information)
Environment worked on: PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript, JQuery, and HTML5&CSS. URL: (concealed information)
Rhythm travels
Developed and designed website for Global Festival & Club Guide where’s music fans can search for
events by genre, city or country. Buy event tickets with the option to combine with flights.
URL: (concealed information) kcedelstein
JavaScript, PHP, and XHTML, JQuery, Nginx Web Server
The voluntarily developed website for Latvian Islamic center.
Environment worked on:
Web-developed for local business in Linz Austria
Environment worked on:
JavaScript, PHP, and XHTML, JQuery, Nginx Web Server URL: (concealed information)
Dimensional Modeling of a banking system with customized products
We designed the solution for a banking system with different type of basic and value-added functionalities. We worked on the Business Intelligence Development Studio (System Integration, Analysis Services, and Reporting services).
Database Design & Implementation of a System for Organizational Security (SOS) using SQL Server.
This was a database project in which we gathered the requirements, analyzed, designed and developed a system for an organizational security that uses different databases to monitor the security breaches within an organization.

I have expertise in the following:
Programming skills: Python, R, Java, HTML&CSS, SQL
Data Mining, Database, Analysis, Visualizing: ETL (SSIS via SSDT-BI with MSVS Shell),
Database (SQL Server Express), Analysis (SSAS, R and Python), Visualizing (SSRS, Tableau).
Big Data handling tools: Hadoop, spark, pig
Deep learning: TensorFlow, Theano
Computer Vision: OpenCV, SSD, GANs Algorithms:
Reinforcement learning: Q-Learning, Deep Q-Learning, Deep Convolutional Q- Learning, A3C
Deep learning: CNN & Capsule, RNN, ANN, Autoencoders
Digital Marketing and Cryptocurrencies

My teaching experience:
I have helped and taught many students at GCSE to Master’s Level with many of them getting a 2.1 or above.



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