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Experienced Secondary History teacher seeking new opportunities to motivate and inspire young students to achieve their potential


My teaching method is to use examples from current affairs to help students make sense of past events. I attempt to use graphs, mind-maps and note taking as well as short quizzes and games to retain knowledge. I also use paper chains, flash cards and storyboards, word banks, gap fills, wordsearches to assist with learning key terminology. I also relate learning to past paper exam questions and give feedback to improve answers.


I have been teaching for two years after qualifying in June 2016. I studied an undergraduate degree in History and have experience in delivering GCSE 9-1 and the new A-Levels including Charles I and the English Civil War. I have taught across Key Stages 3-5 (ages 11-18) and I have taught a whole unit on medicine through time, Weimar and Nazi Germany, Anglo-Saxon and norman England and superpower relations. I have also taught Paper 1E on Communist states in the 20th century as well as assisting with coursework on Stalin and the terror. I also have a duty to teach government and politics at A-Level.


Rate for a 1-hour lesson. : £10/h
Lessons offered by James
In group
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • History
  • All Levels

James's CV

I am a young, conscientious and motivated individual who thrives upon working in a fast-paced environment in which I am constantly challenged to deliver excellent standards. I enjoy engaging with students and have built a good rapport with my classes to date. I have an assertive and confident demeanour and can deliver content confidently whilst stretching and extending the learning of the students. I strive for excellence and would regard myself as forward-thinking. I am a passionate and driven trainee with secure subject knowledge committed to unlocking the potential of all students and preparing them with skills integral to boost their employment prospects in the future. I have a desire to succeed within the teaching industry. I demonstrate an ability to relate to the students whilst providing exceptional communicational and interpersonal skills. I feel I have made a good first impression and have shown my commitment to becoming a proficient and gifted practitioner. My lessons are inclusive and allow every student to voice their opinions and contribute to the class discussions. I specialise in Modern European history within the humanities department and now have experience of teaching early modern history as well as politics. Also I have begun to turn my talents towards religious education and philosophy. I also contribute to the wider ethos of my placement school by leading the girls’ football team, undertaking regular CPD and offering my services to parents’ evenings and open events. Thus far I have already been designing schemes of work which displays my enthusiasm to deliver all aspects of the curriculum, whilst I have also developed good teamwork and have a passion for the subject. I am now searching for a high quality school in order to commence and kick-start my career.
I am a motivated, conscientious and diligent individual with a good work ethic. I can work well under pressure and from my past experience in sales and marketing I have worked towards and exceeded sales goals. I set high personal standards of myself and have worked in various customer facing roles such as bars and restaurants, leisure centres and retail. I have dealt with customer enquiries, offered alternatives and placed their need at the forefront of everything I do. I have experience of office work, am proficient in IT and can work independently as well as part of a cohesive team. I am reliable, punctual and will always offer to work overtime should the chance present itself. I have a passionate, energetic approach and relish embracing new challenges. I have worked in sports coaching, have worked in a busy bar and have also turned my hand to office and receptionist work. I can interact and communicate with members of the public, develop a rapport and build positive professional relationships based on mutual respect. I take pride in my work and pay close attention to detail. I am a confident individual who takes criticism on board. I am seeking a new role to kick-start a new, exciting and challenging career.
I would place the customer at the forefront of everything I do, exceeding expectations, offering alternatives and ensuring they receive the best possible assistance. I am a team player and have a friendly manner. I am proficient in IT, am well versed in interacting with the public and do come across as helpful and assertive on the phone. I am a calm person who could deal with customer concerns with calm and consult my line manager and fellow colleagues if this was needed. I have delivered a winning first impression, smiling, greeting and making eye contact with customers showing respect. I am literate, numerate, well organised and can handle data and prioritise tasks to focus on the most important. I thrive under pressure and take pride in what I do paying attention to detail and boosting the reputation of the group within the wider community
I have learned a new language; Italian which will bolster my prospects in future employment opportunities, whilst I have also made preparations to set up my own sports coaching business and have been to a summer camp to lead and command a group of children with various outdoor activities. This year I have also spent a great deal of time working hard during my teacher training year, developing lessons catered to individual needs, involving parents and being a valued member of the college environment
Employment History (Most recent first)

Role: Front of House Staff
25th February 2018- Present
Lots Road Pub Company Name: Food and Fuel Ltd.
114 Lots Road
Key Duties:
- Greeting every customer as they enter and delivering a winning first impression which ensures that many regular people return to the premises.
- Accepting reservations and table bookings by telephone and liaising with customers regarding their preferences for table, type of food and dietary requirements as well as any special requests.
- Working as part of a team and exceeding sales targets by upselling and recommending new products on the menu.
- Developing a rapport with customers and becoming acquainted with them by name.
- Ability to work in a fast-paced environment which is constantly.
- Taking food and beverage orders as well as serving.
- Operating tills and handling cash and card payments on a regular basis.
- Adopting a professional approach at all times and proactively seeking additional responsibilities during busy periods.
- Working individually and showing initiative. I am also responsive to change and take time to familiarise myself with the new draught products.
- Being a reliable and punctual member of the team and completing ongoing staff induction training which cover the essential five points of service.
- Cleaning duties within the bar area.
- Driving sales and gratuity payments through excellent attention to detail and making the customer feel valued. I also offer to work extra shifts to assist the company where necessary.
- Being responsible for displaying promotional offers and new changes to the food menu.
Role: Main Scale Teacher of History
September 2016-Present
Darrick Wood School
Lovibonds Avenue, Orpington
Kent BR6 8ER
I am also responsible for teaching World Development and Government and politics
Key Duties
- Reporting and being accountable to the Head of Department on matters relating to lessons and contributing to department CPD activities
- Being a form tutor and monitoring behaviour and attendance of the pupils in order to ensure academic progress
- To be responsible for the classes and year groups of which I teach
- To attend all parent’s evenings and maintain close home-school based relationships
- Participating in staff action research projects. To hold extra revision sessions during holiday periods
- To complete performance management targets which are to be reviewed annually.
- To arrive promptly and be punctual to all professional engagements within the school
- Organising after-school and extra-curricular activities involving sport
- Liaising with the Head of Year on issues pertaining to Year 7.
- To plan and review my lessons and conduct observations and Pupil Progress Reviews of other staff
- To respect all students and have meaningful conversations regarding their progress
- To follow the school’s praise and rewards policy as well as other regulations e.g. Internet usage, anti-bullying and to apply appropriate sanctions when necessary
- To ensure each student is committed to their work and takes pride in this.
- Attending Year 7 events e.g. The PSA, School disco. Reporting for Year team meetings when required and raising any concerns when they arise.
- To make effective use of class charts to reward and log positive and negative attitudes. By law I also complete registers of the children.
- To keep displays and other promotional material updated.
- To organise trips and excursions to enrich the learning of the students. I also complete UCAS references for Sixth-Form students wishing to progress to university and also employment.
- To develop a rapport with the students and be consistent in my routines for the start and end of lessons, set challenging tasks, homework and stretch and challenge all students whilst adapting lessons to cater to all needs. To be prepared with the appropriate equipment and deploy good organisational skills to plan in advance.
- I am also active in attending all NQT meetings and contributing to other student activities.
- I have volunteered with extra-curricular activities and coach the year 8 boy’s football team during training and matchdays

Voluntary Work
Role: Committee Member for a Sheltered Accommodation home for the elderly
Abbeyfield and Rotherhithe Society 21-22 Smith Close, London SE16 5PB
July 2016- Present
Key Duties:
- Discussing the financial health of the institution at the AGM meeting
- Offering my opinions and collaborating with other trustees to reach decisions
- Visiting the residents on a monthly basis to ensure their health and well-being is sufficiently cared for
- Analysing bank accounts and cost of items and identifying solutions to improve parts of the home
- Reading and consenting to the minutes of the meeting, giving apologies in times of absence
- Transferring the bank accounts over to my name and securing the contents of the building with appropriate insurance
- Giving my suggestions as to the best possible course of action when rent issues arise, residents become unable to support themselves, ill or in need of urgent care
- Adhering to the policies and procedures as outlined in the handbook for committee members
- Organising events/functions and social gatherings and attending these to interact with residents on a personal level
- Working as part of a team and giving impartial advice on matters arising throughout the meeting
Adelphi Theatre, Strand, London WC2R 0NS
Role: Front of House Assistant
June- September 2016
Key Areas of Duty/Responsibility
- Cross-training and working in a busy bar environment
- Interacting and communicating with the customers to ensure they have the best possible experience
- Guiding and directing patrons to the correct seats
- Selling of theatre merchandise and giving a good first impression
- Being polite, punctual, reliable and well presented
- Inspecting tickets and maintaining knowledge of fire safety procedures/drills/evacuation
- Maintaining the premises so it is free from rubbish and in a suitable condition
- Engaging with members of the public and working in a team setting
- Dealing with customer enquiries and reporting any matters to a senior supervisor
- Ensuring room temperature is appropriate
- Maintaining the safety of the auditorium, assisting late patrons and those with particular mobility issues
- Complying with copyright law in ensuring patrons do not aim to record any parts of the performance
- Working well under pressure
Crystal Palace Football Club, Selhurst Park Stadium, Whitehorse Lane, Croydon, Surrey, SE25 6PU
Role: Retail Catering Staff
August 2015- Present
Key Areas of Duty/Responsibility
- Working well under pressure and in a high-pressured environment
- Ability to work independently and as part of a successful team
- Delivering excellent customer service and providing alternatives to exceed customer expectations
- Aiming to meet sales targets and goals
- Interacting with the public and building a rapport with the customers
- Till and cashier management

All-Bar One Buckingham Gate, Victoria Street, London, SW1E 6AJ
Role: Waiter/Bar Assistant
January- November 2015
Key Areas of Duty/ Responsibility
- Ensuring customers had the best possible experience and dealing with enquiries.
- Engaging with the public and delivering exceptional customer service
- Taking the lead role during busy periods
- Working as part of a team and having the ability to meet and exceed sales targets
- Adhering to cleaning duties

Sainsbury’s; 1a Philpot Path, London SE9 5DL, Kingsmead Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 1BW, 30-32 Surrey Quays Rd, London SE16 7ED
Role: General Assistant
June 2013- August 2015
Key Areas of Duty/ Responsibility
- Providing a friendly customer experience and creating a positive image within the community as a trusted supermarket
- Keeping the shop floor presentable
- Till and cashier management
- Working as part of a team

I have obtained the relevant NPLQ (National Pool Lifeguarding Qualification) Assessment Date: 23 August 2013.
Whitstable Swimming Pool, Tower Parade, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 2BJ
Role: Casual Lifeguard
October 2013- March 2014
Key duties:
- Delivering a winning first impression and greeting customers in a polite manner.
- Creating a safe environment for all pool users.
- Intervening when necessary, being first aid trained and executing CPR.
- Attending regular training sessions to assess my competency and skills.
- Engaging with the public and providing them with assistance on entry and exit from the centre.
- Promoting a healthy lifestyle
- Till and Cashier maintenance
- Placing the customer at the forefront of each task
- Maintaining high standards of professionalism and cleanliness
Double Impact Marketing Company
Role: Sales Representative January- October 2012 224 - 236 Walworth Rd, London SE17 1JE
Key Duties
- Delivering a good customer service
- Liaising with business owners and members of the local public
- Reaching sales targets
- Staying 100% committed and maintaining a positive mentality

SJ Football (Football Coaching and development) Gomm Rd, London SE16 2EH
Role Football Coach November 2011- July 2012
Key Duties
- Interacting with parents and clients
- Prioritising business investments and money management
- Designing training programmes to cater to the needs of a wide variety of people
- Controlling and dictating sessions and keeping discipline

Aim Higher Football Academy Chapel Farm Rd, London SE9 3LX
Role: Under- 7’s Head Coach/Under-14’s Assistant Coach January 2011- October 2011
Key Duties:
- Planning and delivering sessions for training and matchdays
- Commanding and leading a group and boosting morale
- Handling cash and expenditure
- Organising transport to away fixtures
- Working and developing individuals and giving encouragement and motivation to my players
- Preparation of coaching apparatus and catering to different abilities and needs. Planning progressions to make them challenging
- Liaising with other members of staff and reporting to the scheme manager

Milwall Community Trust, Lions Centre, Bolina Road, London SE16 3LD
Role: Volunteer/ Coaching Assistant
Key Duties:
- Engaging the children in sporting activity and assisting the lead coach
- Offering my services to different football/multi-sports sessions
- Being, punctual, displaying energy and enthusiasm
- Reporting any incidents to parents
- Being First Aid/Safeguarding/DBS checked and completing further training courses and ongoing professional development
Educational Information

St. Michael’s Catholic School (Sept 2005-July 2010), Llewellyn Street, Bermondsey, London, SE16 4UN
12.5 GCSE grades obtained (A*-C) – including English and Maths

Richmond-Upon-Thames College (September 2010- June 2012), Egerton Road, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW2 7SJ
3 A-Levels (A*-C) achieved

Canterbury Christchurch University, North Holmes Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 1QU
BA (Hons) Combined/Joint Honours Degree (2:1) in:
History and American Studies
(22 September 2012- 27 June 2015)
Graduation: 15 September, 2015
School observations: One week spent at Spires Academy and also a week at Canterbury High School

Canterbury Christchurch University North Holmes Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 1QU
School-Direct Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) (post-graduate degree) Secondary History 11-18, Module/Pathway A (Unsalaried) 2:1 7th September 2015- 24th June 2016 Graduation: 19th November 2016

Professional/Vocational Qualifications:

- DBS (Enhanced Disclosure): Canterbury Christchurch University, April 2015, Teaching Personnel (Agency) June 2015, Darrick Wood School, July 2016
- RLSS National Pool Lifeguarding Qualification with Defibrillator training and CPR Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (NPLQ), August, 2013, Jags Sports Club, Red Post Hill, London SE24 9JN
- Beginner’s Guide to Futsal One day attendance based course, April 2013, Canterbury Christchurch University
- Level 2 Qualification in Coaching Football (QCF) December 2012, Millwall Community Trust
- Level 1 Qualification in Coaching Football (QCF) September 2011 Millwall Community Trust
- First Aid Certificate, Millwall Community Trust, July 2011
- CRB check, Millwall Community Ttust, June 2011
- Safeguarding Children certificate, June 2011
- Level 1 Qualification in Using Sport to tackle youth crime, Millwall Community Trust, November, 2010

Available upon request
Bernadette Griffin (Professional) Professional Co-ordinator – Saint Francis Xavier Sixth Form College, 10 Malwood Road, Clapham, London, SW12 8EN (concealed information)
Tel: (concealed information)0
Shaun Sturips (Academic) (History Lecturer) – Canterbury Christchurch University, North Holmes Road, Canterbury, Kent CT1 1QU (concealed information)0 (concealed information)
Clare Stansfield, Head of History and Politics (Subject mentor)- Saint Francis Xavier Sixth Form College, 10 Malwood Road, Clapham, London, SW12 8EN (concealed information)


Socialising with friends and family, attending the gym, sports, current affairs, journalism, politics, reading, history, media, swimming

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