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Expert, 36 years' experience encouraging supporting caring History Gov and Politics History of Art RS

I have been employed teaching and researching, writing and lecturing for many years. One to one in Oxford has seen me reach head of department level and forming warm relations with students and helping them fulfil their potential and aims in a partnership embodying mutual respect and teamwork. I support, encourage, guide and make expertise available to them from my own (36 year) experience in teaching various subjects and from other scholars' work. I want to empower others to do what they can do and to grow into their abilities and to communicate more clearly and skilfully. I like to make it a an enjoyable process.


I teach history, geographical history. For the level(s)secondary, GCSE, as level, a level, undergraduate.
I give lessons in person, at my home.
I give lessons by Webcam.

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Christopher has many years experience teaching a wide range of subjects, including history, history of art and politics and international relations. He is a person of great integrity whom one can trust completely. He has a first class brain, a very wide knowledge and an ability to get to the heart of any problem and issue. He is an excellent teacher who understands his students and can discern what they need to be successful. He is able to put over key points but also to enable his students to think for themselves.


As a fellow teacher I can vouch for Christopher's superb abilities as a communicator and his excellent knowledge and expertise in his various subjects. I also know him to be a man of the utmost integrity and trustworthiness in all his personal relations. He inspires confidence in his pupils aa he strives always to meet the personal requirements of each one.

Christopher's Experience

I enjoy teaching and learn a lot too, from students and from the tasks they face with me alongside. It is richly rewarding to assist and to see growth in well-founded confidence and ability; not just mind over matter, but a well grounded and intellectually skilled product fitting the immediate targets of students -- in all my subjects and beyond the immediate goals, to career and life enriching expertise and enjoyment.

Christopher's CV

Profile: Christopher Barder won a Foundation Scholarship in History at Pembroke College, Cambridge and
later came to specialise in Modern History and Politics after starting out as a Medievalist. After commencing
doctoral research, he went on to gain a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. He is currently the editor of
‘Israel Bulletin’, a news commentary, interpretation and analysis publication. His work has appeared in
‘Politics Review’, ‘Contemporary Record’, ‘Parliamentary Brief’, Bulletin of The Jerusalem Institute for
Western Defence and ‘The Maccabean’, as well as in perhaps Israel’s most prestigious right wing journal of
politics and the arts, Nativ. He is on the international advisory panel of the Freeman Center for Strategic
Studies, Houston, Texas, and works with the International Committee for Holocaust Truth. For a number of
years he has tutored privately in Oxford, heading a Tutorial College’s departments of Politics and History,
and has lectured in these subjects. He has been a part time tutor for Bath University’s Adult Education
programme. He has been a (foreign resident) member of Professors for a Strong Israel, and has for some
years been studying the importance to Israel of the Golan and other strategic assets in the light of the threat
posed to Israel’s essential security needs by outside manipulation and pressure as well as by her Arab
enemies. He was interviewed on Spectrum International Radio following the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.
Personal Qualities: A marked sense of integrity and honesty and a tendency to recognise the seriousness of
issues and to see their broader implications, yet definitely having a sense of humour and lightness of touch.
Good at seeing past the superficial with a highly developed analytical and critical intelligence. Easy and
cheerful to work with but not one to suffer humbug or pomposity or side very happily (albeit quietly or
diplomatically!) Has persistence and patience and probably does not pretend things are right when they are
Publications: Work published in: Politics Review, Contemporary Record, Parliamentary Brief, The
Maccabean, Nativ, Outpost, Israel Bulletin (editor), a chapter in Israel and a Palestinian State (of which
Assistant Editor) and author of the book Oslo’s Gift of Peace: the Destruction of Israel’s Security (ACPR,
2001) and The EU and the Syrian Track: Israel Ensnared (ACPR, 2000), articles in Bulletin of the Jerusalem
Institute for Western Defence,, B’Tzedek [and other places]. Other work in regularly in progress. Radio
Interview, Spectrum International, following the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin and also on the above book
Oslo’s Gift of Peace…for a Florida radio station. Latest book (ACPR 2002) ‘Enough of Blood and Tears…’
A Statistically Based Survey of the Oslo Process, Its Agreements and Results.
Teaching positions (in approximate chronological order):
History and English teacher, Marlborough College, Wilts. (one year appointment)
Teaching practices: Cheltenham Bournside Comprehensive School, History and english
Cheltenham Ladies College, History
Mander Portman Woodward, London (one year): History, English ‘O’ level class, History of Art
D’Overbroeck’s, Cherwell, Fiona Lunn Tutorial Colleges, Oxford, History and History of Art (a number of
EPC Greene’s, Oxford as Head of History (and History of Art and Politics, variously) from 1981 topresent.
Cherwell College, Oxford variously.
Personal Tutorials, Swindon, independent tuition variously, English and History.
SEK International School, Brimpton, Near Newbury, several years in the 1990s; at University and
Secondary levels, ages from 12 to University students, mainly history.
Oxford Intensive School of English, EFL direct method teaching, many Summer Courses.
‘O’ Level and GCSE History Exam. Marking, Oxford Local Board.
Overall range: University to Year 1 Secondary.
Other Employment: Counselling and Practice Counsellor (for ten years at a GP surgery). Publishing and
writing on Middle East affairs. Proof reading, Policy Paper web page synopsis creation, editing for an Israeli
think-tank and for individuals.
Social and leagal: Voluntary work as a magistrate.
Qualifications: Five ‘A’ Levels, four at grade A; BA, Hons. Cantab. (First class, Historical Tripos Part 1:
College Book Prize, Foundation Scholarship); MA; Research place and supervision for Ph.D awarded but
DES grant not forthcoming;
PGCE (Bristol University awarded): History and English.
Educated: Wagner’s School, London; The Dragon School, Oxford; Marlborough College, Wiltshire;
Pembroke College, Cambridge; St. Mary’s College, Cheltenham.
Advisory and Committee: International Advisor, Freeman Center for Strategic Studies, Houston, Texas;
Member, Board, International Committee for Holocaust Truth. Sometime Member, Professors for a Strong
Teaching experience: Approaching 36 years of all ages with experience of History, English, History of Art,
Politics, Law, RS. Mainly exam-oriented and one to one, with varied classroom experience at different
levels. In History have covered all periods, Europe and England. In English have taught literature,
appreciation, writing skills, grammar, punctuation, creative writing, letter writing. History of Art: most
periods. Politics, mainly British, American and international affairs.
Post 1992 Resume of Additional Material
Head of RS, Cherwell College Oxford and tutor there under new ownership, History, Government and
Politics and EFL.
Tutor at Greenes, under new ownership, History and History of Art.
Tutor at Oxford Tutorial College, RS, History, Government and Politics, International Relations, TSA.
Invited to lecture in England, Scotland, Toronto (Canada), New Orleans (USA) and Israel.
Radio interviews, USA, UK, and interviewed as expert for a press agency, in Italy.
TV appearance in UK.
A recent academic small biography I wrote says the following:
I read history at Cambridge and was awarded a Foundation Scholarship. After research and postgraduate
work, I became head of history and politics at a tutorial college in Oxford and went on to specialize in the
Arab-Israel conflict and Middle East security issues. I have also tutored part time for Bath University and
have written a number of articles, published in the UK, the US and Israel. I have been a frequent contributor
to the prestigious journal Nativ, as well as writing for the Jerusalem Institute for Western Defence and
appearing in other journals including Outpost, The Contemporary Record and Politics Review. I am author
of a number of ACPR publications including Policy Paper No. 101, “The EU and the Syrian Track: Israel
Ensnared” (2000), a chapter in Israel and a Palestinian State: Zero Sum Game (Zmora-Bitan
Publishers and ACPR Publishers, 2001), (Assistant Editor) and the books Oslo’s Gift of “Peace”: The
Destruction of Israel’s Security (ACPR Publishers, 2001) and “Enough of Blood and Tears” Yitzhak Rabin
A Statistically Based Survey of the Oslo Process, Its Agreements and Results (ACPR Publishers, 2002). I
have appeared on television and on the radio and have been invited to lecture in Canada, USA, Israel and the

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