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Final Year School Student offering Engineering Science lessons up to GCSE/National 5 level


I will be teaching mainly based upon the Scottish curriculum which largely mirrors the English curriculum. I am also available for homework help/exam prep as well as help for specific topics. I am willing to meet in person, if you live in Aberdeen. Otherwise I can teach over video call. I am mainly free on Saturday and Sunday however I can try to make some weekday afternoons.


My name is Vaibhav Chetty. I am a final year school student aspiring to go to Cambridge to study Engineering.
I have 8 A* at National 5 in:
Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Computing, Economics, Latin, English.
I have 6 A* at Higher level in:
Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Computing, Economics
At Advanced Higher I am studying:
Maths, Physics, Mechanics, Engineering
I have helped many of my friends and family succeed throughout my life. I hope I can help your child also improve their understanding and knowledge of STEM subjects.
I can teach up to GCSE/National 5 level


Transportation Fee : £2
Rate for online lessons : £10/h
Lessons offered by Vaibhav
In group
The lessons will be held
at his home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Engineering
  • All Levels

Vaibhav's CV

Personal statement:
I am a highly motivated and hardworking individual. I have recently completed Scottish Highers
and received excellent grades in all of the subjects. I am seeking work experience in the
engineering industry to build upon a keen interest in STEM and progress to a career in the field.
Analytically minded, with a methodical approach to working and an eagerness to learn and
develop personal skills in a practical setting. Eventual career goal is to study Mathematics or
Engineering at university with the goal to go into the engineering industry as a mechanical or
aerospace engineer.

Robert Gordon’s College, Aberdeen
(2014 – Ongoing)

Scottish National 5- SCQF 5(Achieved):
Mathematics - A*
English - A
Chemistry - A*
Computing Science - A
Engineering Science - A*
Physics - A*
Latin - A*
Economics - A*

Scottish Higher - SCQF 6:
Mathematics - A*
Chemistry - A
Computing Science - A
Engineering Science - A*
Physics - A*
Economics - A

Scottish Advanced Higher - SCQF 7(Predicted):
Mathematics - A*
Physics - A*
Mechanics - A*
Engineering Science - A*

Work Experience:
WorleyParsons Aberdeen ( unpaid work experience )
(June 17-21 2019)
Duties included:
● Shadowed all different departments over the week, observing their day-to-day work.
Helped me understand all the different jobs an engineer can do.
● Gained understanding of how a large engineering company works; how all the
departments interact
● Gained knowledge of key health and safety standards used within the industry
● Also gained knowledge of the finance and management side of a large company

STL Subsea Ltd., Aberdeen ( unpaid work experience )
(August 13-17 2018)
Duties included:
● Shadowed a head design engineer, observing their day-to-day work
● Started designing a project using technology used commonly in the industry
● Gained knowledge of key health and safety standards used within the industry

Gordonians Hockey Club, Aberdeen( volunteering )
(Autumn 2016 - Ongoing)
Duties include:
● Supported head coach in teaching the children aged 7-13 years.
● Currently, I run entire sessions independently, taking advantage of my leadership and
interpersonal skills.

Belarus visit with 21st(Cults) Scout Group, Aberdeen( teaching )
(October 2017)
Duties included:
● Teaching English to Belarusian children aged 5-18
● Communicating with the students to help them understand how countries other than
Belarus are like and to learn about the cultural and economic differences in other
● Helping out a social care(abandoned kids) centre for a day
I developed communication skills to help me communicate with people with different levels of
English understanding and in a different cultural background.

Cambridge Easter Residential for Scottish students, Cambridge
(April 2018)
I was accepted to a residential for Scottish students at Homerton College, Cambridge University
in April 2018. I experienced a variety of different lectures, seminars and practical sessions
designed to give an insight into what it is like to study at Cambridge and other top universities.
All academic sessions were delivered by Cambridge academics, lecturers and staff, so I got a
true glimpse into life at university. This residential really ignited my passion to attend a top
university in the UK.

Extra-Curricular Activities:
I have played field hockey since 2015. This has helped me improve my confidence and
leadership skills as I have grown from just a beginner to playing for school 1st XI, Men’s teams
and at District level. I have also improved on my social skills as I have learnt to work with people
with differing personalities. I am a Goalkeeper and one of my key roles is to communicate with
the rest of the team. This greatly helped me improve my communication skills. I have gained
key leadership skills as being a key part of the team, I had to motivate the team. This has also
increased my own resilience to keep fighting during difficult situations.

CCF Army:
I have been a part of Army Cadets for the last 5 years. I have advanced my way through
the ranks and I am now a senior leader who competes nationally. I lead and teach the
new recruits every year. My teaching skills improved when I regularly taught new
recruits with different teaching techniques. It also helped me to become more
independent as I had to cook and look after myself when away on
CCF camps and trips.

Drum Kit:
I am currently working towards my grade 8 exam for Drum Kit. Music has taught me to be
hardworking and resilient as even when you hit a wall you need to work hard and carry on. It
has also helped my public confidence from performing in public.

I am in the school ROV(remotely operated vehicle)team. ROV is an international engineering
competition where we have to build an underwater remotely operated vehicle to compete. This
has helped me improve my problem-solving and creative skills as I have had to create, design
and build ingenious ideas to solve problems on the project

I have been a Scout since I was 6 years old. I have attended camps in Norway to Belarus and
hope to go to Australia next year. I have learnt independence from my trips away. I have also
improved my leadership and teaching skills as a head Scout at multiple levels. Currently, I am a
Young Leader teaching new scouts.

The Junior Academy:
I am part of the Junior Academy which is a program created by the New York Academy of
Sciences who select an elite group of problem solvers made up of talented students, STEM
experts, and companies around the world dedicated to designing innovative solutions to global
challenges. I have competed in this for the last 2 years. Both years my team came in the top 3 in
the world. In 2017, I was sponsored to attend a 2-day conference held by NYAS called
“Challenge 2030 - Tomorrow’s innovators tackle today’s grand challenges”. During this
conference, I had an opportunity to meet and interact with globally known entrepreneurs,
innovators, and Nobel Prize winners. Meeting these highly motivated and successful individuals’
increased my drive and passion to be as successful as them. My team presented the work done
by us - designing a car that would theoretically run for years with one fueling of water - to these
experts and received rave reviews for our ideas and design. My communication skills were also
advanced as I had to communicate with people all across the world with differing levels of
English proficiency and cultural background to create our projects.

I have just completed my Silver DofE and am working towards my Gold DofE. My
volunteering(coaching hockey), skill(music) and physical(hockey) are all detailed above.

I rowed competitively for one year. I competed at a national level as both a rower and a cox.
Rowing has taught me the true meaning of hard work and competition as it taught me how
hard I needed to work to achieve everything I want to as I saw the drive of the people around

The Junior Academy, New York Academy of Sciences, NY
2017: Challenge 2030(Energy) - Finalist
2018: Human-Wildlife Conflict - Runner-up
Scottish Maths Challenge:
Junior - 2015(Gold)
Intermediate - 2017(Gold)
Senior - 2019(Gold)
UKMT Mathematical Challenge:
Junior - 2014(Silver)
Intermediate - 2016(Gold)
Senior - 2018(Gold)
Scotland - 2019(2nd)
Maths in the Pipeline:
2018 Winner
British Physics Challenge:
Saltire Awards:
The Ascent(100 hours volunteering)
Chief Scout’s Gold Award
Bebras(National Computing Competition)
Intermediate - 2014(Distinction)
Senior - 2016(Distinction)
Royal Society of Biology Challenge:
Rank - Corporal
Millskills 2018(3rd)
Aberdeen Club Championship:
3x Gold
Scottish Schools Head of the Canal:
WJ U15 4+ Gold
WJ U16 4+ Gold
WJ U15 4x+ Gold
OJ U15 4+ Gold
Strathclyde Park Regatta:
OJ U13 4x+ Gold
Scottish Rowing Championships:
OJ U13 4x+ Gold
OJ U15 4x+ Gold
OJ U15 4+ Gold
WJ U14 4x+ Gold
Primary School’s Rotary Quiz(Scotland):
2014 Finalists

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