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1st lesson free!

Find Out Which Aromas Will Benefit Your Mental Health The Most!

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I am a student with A Levels in Health and Social Care, aspiring to be a therapist. I will help you find the root of your issues, and help you to find the oils or scent most compatible for you.


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About Sophie

I have done a lot of research in aromatherapy for a long time, it is very intriguing. I personally use aromatherapy to boost my mental health, and relax me when i feel panicked. Maybe it can help yours too? It can be used for many aspects of mental health, from anger management, to insomnia, to panic attacks.



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I will not be able to travel, all lessons or talks are done online. You can contact me whenever you feel low, need advice, or just need someone to talk to, to help you figure out problems.

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