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French Studies,Modern Greek and English as a Foreign Language are some of the courses that I do teach nationwide both 1:1 as well as in groups of students with me.


As I have already just completed a 6-7 week of work experience with Manchester City College in Longsight.I have acquired many more skills and qualities ,myself ,thoroughly via personal experience and analogical personal professional conduct and so forth .Hopefully I will progress and improve both as an individual ,person and as an Educator(Academician).


I am a native linguist ,I am also multilingual as I can speak fluently :Modern Greek ,French and English.So far it has been more than 2-3 years ,consequitively that I have been travelling nationwide in order to teach or help with my students' learning needs and so forth.


Rate for 5 hours of lessons : £60
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : £130
Lessons offered by Rebecca
In group
The lessons will be held
at her home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • ESOL (English)
  • All Levels

Rebecca's CV

Rebecca Alexopoulou
(concealed information)
(concealed information)8
I am multilingual,self driven ,self motivated,analytical ,resilient.Trustworthy,professional with my
Language and Linguistics Academic Skills and Qualifications.I also do have a prolongued professional
experience in the Hospitality Industry ,Translation and Interpreting Services (Greek Freelance).I also
do hold a great profound professional experience with Teaching and performing both Academically
as well as Pedagogically ,Educationally if you like with me working as a Tutor and as a Class
Assistant ,Teaching Assistant,Cover Supervisor,Learning Support Assistant ,etc .
Work Experience
Freelance Greek Translator and Interpreter
Language Empire - Rochdale
January 2020 to Present
I already have deep experience in hosting and being the main key coordinator to assist with
multiple meetings and conferences.Legal matters and courts,medical appointments,enhancing with
workforce training and safety,voice-overs .Also I do look forward to expanding my skills ,qualities and
qualifications with the Greek Language for Travel and Tourism purposes .
ESOL Teaching Assistant
Manchester City College - Longsight
December 2019 to Present
I have been helping with the teaching of ESOL Programmes for ADult Casual Learners.My initial prime
job role has been to also assist with the courses where the English Language is not the native spoken
language too.Gradually ,I have succeeded to be asked to participate in Work Clubs and helping young
adults and other students too ,to look for work and construct or apply a CV for Employability purposes.I
also do help with the english terminologies for the Theory Aspect of the DVLA Test and so forth.Overall
further feedback and comments have all being showing to be very respectful.
Freelance Greek Translation and Interpreter
October 2009 to Present
Hospitality Team Member
Mint STaffing Solutions ,Berkely -Scott ,Brigad,Premier Inn in Trafford Centre - Manchester
December 2017 to January 2020
and (From December 1st 2018-January 2018).
• Main Duties included:
• Food and hygiene procedures

• Meeting and greeting guests
• Front of house and back of house duties
• Kitchen work as required
• Adapt to full range of customer service and hospitality roles.
• Waiting on staff
• Kitchen porter
• Cash handling
• Attention to details
Some of the locations covered already have been: Echo Arena in Liverpool , Dementia Hostels and
Accomodations for the Elderly in Rochdale and Eccles.Town Halls , Hilton Hotel , Other Hotels , Leisure
and spas nationwide , Lancashire County Clubs , and so forth.Private Golf clubs in Knutsford and
Freelance Greek Translator and Interpreter

Lips Translation and Interpreting Team for Tameside and Glossop Hospitals,Empire Language,M-
Four plus Other Tr.&Intr.Services allocated nationwide too.(e.g.Worldwide Languages Limited ,Capita

TI ,Premium Linguistic Services ,Lips,DA Languages and so forth). - Allocated Nationwide.
September 2009 to January 2020
From: June 2015 -Present Date)
• RWS Language Solutions in Northumberland (I am bound to start working very soon .)
Freelance Private Tutor for Online Tutorial Organisations , have been working with: Tutor Hunt , First
Tutors , International Society , Kirklees College in Huddersfield and in Greece , Patras location) .(From:
Jan.2010- Actual Current Date).If we were to put all Agencies together
Main duties included:
• Customer Service Skills
• Strong understanding of my customers' needs
• Self -Discipline
Hospitality and Housekeeping Responsibilities
Premier Inn in Trafford Centre . - Manchester
August 2019 to September 2019
I had to take great care of the rooms before and after the visitors were pre booking or leaving their
reserved rooms.I had to make sure that the floors were all hoovered and clean plus tidy.All bedding
areas had to be undone and new clean linen were applied on their beds. Lavoratories and shower
areas had to be cleaned separately.Kettles and other replenishments had to be changed and done
before the clients entered their rooms.
We also had the responsibility to hoover the floor hand in to the reception area the keys for the
rooms.Plus we also had to share our staff room where we did attend debriefings and other comments
for us staff ,too.

Training programme as a Barista where we also successfully completed other
Training Programmes also.
SSP - Manchester Airport - Greater Manchester
April 2019 to April 2019
• Safeguarding , child protection and prevent certificate with 'The classroom partnership' , Educational
Agency in Warrington.(Date issued: 06/03/2019).
• Training programme as a Barista (Awarded by SSP , Manchester Airport , on the 23rd of March 2019)
• Secured a training programme with SSP Academy with Manchester Airport in Health and Food Safety
on the 18th of March 2019
• Completed also a fire safety awareness with SSP , on the 18th of March 2019.
Customer Service Lobby Cleaner Role and Team Member
SSP , Manchester Airport - Manchester
March 2019 to April 2019
Main duties included:
• Customer service skills
• Face to face
• Attention to detail
• Dealing with customer enquiries
• Food and hygiene procedure
• Meeting and greeting guests
• Kitchen work as required
• Adapt to full range of customer service and hospitality roles.
Waiting on staff,Housekeeper,Kitchen Porter
Mint Staffing Solutions,Berkley-Scott. - Nationwide Allocated.
September 2017 to March 2019
I had to attend venues in various hotels,Halls and venues where the food industry was involved.I hadto serve food and beverages to clients who had either booked or attended festivals acapella (adhoc).I
have been working,so far with Lancashire County Cricket Club,Echo Arena in Liverpool,Manchester
Airport,Restaurants,Golf Clubs in Knutsford,Dukinfield Hall ,Marital Ceremonies ,Xmas Events ,etcetera.
I have also been working as a Ward Hostess ,Housekeeping ,a Residential Accommodation for the
Elderly who suffer from Dementia in Eccles.
Waiting on Staff ,Housekeeper,Ward Host,Kitchen Porter ,Hotel and Hall
Mint Staffing Solutions ,Berkley-Scott,Brigad(Bound to attend a job interview with Brigad very soon). -
May 2018 to July 2018
for courses that started on the 23rd of May 2018 - 18th of July 2018).
• Awarded also a Certificate towards for the introduction to Growing Sales (Issued on the 30/11/2018)
• Awarded a Hospitality Industry Certificate including qualities , similar to: Serving Food and DrinkBasic food preparation.(Certificate was issued on the 23/11/2018).Lobby Cleaner

HRGO Recruitment - Stockport
December 2010 to May 2016
Job roles included: Lobby cleaning , Pick and Pack for warehouses in Stockport Area and central
Manchester too.I have also been working along with Schools , Law Offices , Hotels , Bars etcetera.
(From: Dec.2010 -May 2016).
Main duties included:
• Applying my qualifications upon the Warehousing Principles and Logisistics
• Cleaning Warehousing stores
• Hoovering , dusting and polishing
• Responsible for mopping , sweeping , brushing & vacumming
• Washing dishes in the kitchen and replenishing kitchen supplies
• Making sure that windows and doors are securely closed
• The emptying of all waste bins and removing waste to designated areas were also affiliated
• Cleaning offices , reception areas , washrooms and lavoratories
• Maintaining a safe and secure working environment
Language Empire - Rochdale
February 2010 to March 2016
Headquarters were based in Rochdale
Language Empire - Altrincham
March 2010 to March 2013
situtated in Altrincham
Diploma of Higher Education in Diploma in the Professional Aptitude to Teach
French as a Foreign Language
Rouen University in Normandie ,France - Distance Learning with France
September 2016 to May 2017
Certificate of Higher Education in French Language and Studies level B1
+ ,Delf ,Dalf .
Cned.fr (Centre National de l'education a distance) A Poitiers ,Francosphere) - Distance Learning 6
Month course study.(Poitiers ,France).
September 2013 to March 2014
Diploma of Higher Education in BA(Honours) in French Studies with Linguistics
Leeds Metropolitan University and Gateshead College in Newcastle/Open University/MMU/Salford
University - Greater Manchester
February 2010 to June 2013
Diploma of Higher Education in BA(honours) in French Studies with Linguistics
Salford University - Salford
September 2007 to September 2009
A-Level or equivalent in Modern Greek Studies,French Studies,Sociology Parrswood Sixth Form College in East Didbury - Manchester.
September 1993 to June 1995
GCSE or equivalent in French,Modern
Whalley Range High School for Girls - Manchester
April 1992 to June 1993
CUSTOMER SERVICE (10+ years), RECEPTIONIST (10+ years), RETAIL SALES (10+ years), RETAIL(2
years), RETAIL MARKETING (2 years), Interpreting (10+ years), teaching (10+ years)
Additional Information
Relevant Key Skills:
• Understanding Mindset
• Managing my time
• Developing Assertiveness
• Understanding personal finance
• Using social media in the workplace
• Using telephones in the workplace
• Understanding conflict at work
• Meetings in the workplace
• Working with colleagues
• Deliver customer service
• Communication skills in Sales
• Understanding the sales cycle
• Selling lawfully and ethically
• Understanding Marketing
• Valuing Equality and Diversity
• Dealing with queries and requests
• Understanding the retail process
• Understanding the control ,handling and replenishment of stock in a retail business.
Other relevant Key skills:
• Well -honed communication skills - Multi lingual
• Able to handle new and difficult situations
• Organising and prioritising skills
• Experience of interacting positively with customers
• Problem -solving skills and experience

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