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« Thank you so much for helping me with my maths. I have learned so much »
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GCSE, IGCSE KS3, AS, A level and Adults. Successful, patient, graduate Maths tutor, teaching online and 10 miles around Hinckley, Experienced with autism, dyslexia etc,


I want each student to say 'Wow! I can do that now';
To do this, I help students to understand the subject better ensuring they fully understand each topic before moving on.
I use methods and resources to suit each student and include shorcuts, key phrases and connections with other topics to minimise sheer memory work.
Students generally lose any fear of maths and actually enjoy maths.
They learn to answer problem type questions/ shortcuts for calculations.
I specialise in helping those who really find maths hard and/ or have learning differences.
I am very experienced and successful

Maths, Numeracy and maths related science 11-18
Maths/ Numerical Methods for engineers and other disciplines etc. from BTEC upwards to Masters.

- Tell me about your qualifications.

I have a maths Degree from University of East Anglia as well as
a teaching certificate from the University of Warwick and
a Certificate in Teaching Adult Numeracy from the University of Derby

I regularly attend conferences on current teaching methods and syllabuses as well as those on learning differences.

- How much do you charge?

I charge between £20 and £26 per hour online depending on the level of the maths rather than age alone.I give discounts for lessons of over an hour or online.

Rates for group lessons with siblings or friends seen either at the same time are negotiable.

I am happy to give a free taster to ensure that the potential student is comfortable with my way of teaching..

I do not charge for travel when the student is within about 10 miles by road or when I do not have to deviate substantially between students..

- Where do you teach?

For face to face, I teach at the student's home.
For online, I use the Bitpaper platform and Zoom

In Leicestershire, I cover Hinckley and Bosworth, Blaby, and much of Harborough, districts.
In Warwickshire, I cover parts of Coventry close to the M6/ M69/ and , parts of Rugby, Nuneaton and Bedworth..

- When are you available?

I am currently available at most times 1100 to 2000UK, Monday to Friday and also on Saturday 1100 to 1600

- Which ages and levels do you teach?

Maths at any level from 13 to A level /SAT(US) including IGCSE

The maths elements of engineering and science based A levels, degrees,HNC HND's etc

The maths competency tests for adults need to take for promotion or to proceed to vocational and professional qualifications

- Describe your arrangements for online tutoring.

The Bitpaper teaching platform with Zoom video platform
The student can save the lesson with working and comments showing and print it off as notes.

- Do you have a personal message for students?

YOU can PASS! You can even enjoy maths!

Many people see maths as a lot of unconnected rules and formulae that have to be memorised.
Since the symbols and methods used have been rarely explained, this can cause great stress and lead on to maths fear. Sadly, many certainly don't/ didn't enjoy it.

I use IT , colour, diagrams, short cuts, , stories. I also use non-mathematical language wherever possible to put the ideas across and help students through.

Maths is often written in its own condensed language. This has advantages. Just as when starting reading, or learning other languages, however, it takes people a varying amount of time to learn to read, write and interpret,. Give yourself time.


I have tutored hundreds of students successfully for 17 years and taught in colleges and prisons where many students gained their first maths qualification.
I am very student centred an and students often end up laughing.
I specialise in helping students to learn how maths works, the connections between the topics, and how to read, interpret and answer problem type questions.
Students generally pass and often gain at least two grades. Some GCSE have surprised themselves by going on to A level

- What kind of experience do you have?

I taught in Further Education colleges and in prisons where students often have considerable maths problems.
Private tuition of school age and adult students has always been a part of my work and is now my full-time occupation.

I have always focused on lowering the fear of maths, and finding ways for each student to grasp as much maths as possible.
I work well with non-scientists (practical, artistic etc ) who are often not expected to excel at maths at school or college, and anyone who finds it difficult to get on with or score highly in maths

A pleasing number of students have started doing maths with me because they have to and ended up successfully taking it to A level and/or engaging in maths related courses/ careers.

Of course, I am also ready and able to support those who do not feel fully stretched

98% of over 30 students during the 2015/ 2016 academic year achieved or exceeded their targets across the exam spectrum.

- Do you have an up-to-date DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service, formerly CRB) Certificate?

Yes, valid till May 2019

- Where and with whom did you train?

I trained through the Universities of Warwick and Derby.

- Do you belong to any professional organisations?

The Mathematical Association

La Salle Maths for conferences and continuing professional development

- Tell me about some of your current students.

I have had a very successful year in 2016/7 at various levels from those who didn't believe they could pass GCSE to those needing an A/ 7 or 8 to go forward
One student I took on in year 10 purely to increase confidence is now happily going forward to A level.
Several who just wanted a 4 will now be disappointed without a high 5.

My 2017 students all achieved better grades than expected by them or in their mocks.and there is every sign that this will be repeated.
Various art, design and drama students who greatly appreciated my use of colour, visual maps and non-mathematical language, have got/ are expecting good results.

Dyslexic and many other students have virtually lost their fears and self doubt concerning maths and have passed exams.like GCSE or QTS.

I am currently helping a vehicle engineer returning to study for promotion purpose and an A level Physics student

I have successfully helped a would-be weather forecaster, several engineers, a policeman, Forces recruits with the maths they need to gain GMAT or professional qualifications.


Rate for online lessons : £23/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : £120
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : £220


For A Level, my rate is £28per hour
For GCSE and similar including UKCAT etc. £26 per Hr.
For KS3/ Level 2 Numeracy £24 per hour

Lessons offered by Ian
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Maths
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Arithmetic
  • Geometry
  • Secondary
  • GCSE
  • BTEC
  • Adult education

Ian's CV

I have a maths degree and a full UK teaching qualification.
I also attend conferences on the teaching of maths and am a member of the Mathematical Association.
Getting those who fear or feel they are poor at maths to get hold of and even enjoy it is my aim in life.
I work to show that maths is not a pure memory subject and provide catch phrases that summarise large sections and ways to connect different topics.
I also often briefly explain bits of maths history to tie things down.
Many current students struggle with the new emphasis on problem solving

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9 recommendations


Thank you so much for helping me with my maths. I have learned so much


After being locked out from the numeracy skills test, I was determined to pass and try again. I can proudly say that I have passed, this was not possible without Ian's quick methods especially for the Mental Arithmetic section, where I struggled most. Ian was professional and his quick methods, tips and clarity in teaching made me understand the questions and this gave me confidence to try again. I would definitely recommend Ian.


IHi Ian,
Matt got an A (IGCSE). Delighted beyond words. Thank you so much for all your help.


Ian has given me the confidence, backed up by a better understanding of my subject. My grades have improved already and my teachers at school are very impressed! All thanks to Ian...


Hi Ian.
Emily got her C (IGCSE) and is absolutely delighted. Thank you so much for all your help. You gave her the confidence to pass.


Morning Ian. I'm very pleased to tell you that Sam got a 4 which I believe is like a C. We are all thrilled! Thank you again for all your help. He couldn't have done it without you.


R**** achieved a B grade in her 13+ maths paper. Thank you so much for all your support. Her maths teacher has commented that her understanding is much improved. .


What you did for F was nothing short of a miracle. To see his face brought a tear to our eyes.


Ian has just helped me pass my Numeracy Skills Test to get into University.I found him very helpful. He explained well, which made it easier to understand. I would recommend Ian in any form of maths or skills tests.

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