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« My previous Tutor Jadie's help was invaluable in assisting me with my... More »
« My previous Tutor Jadie's help was invaluable in assisting me with my proposal to be accepted for my Phd. She is confident and skillful in offering suggestions and advice where required. From our first meeting Jadie's warm, friendly personality put me at ease and by offering the right level of encouragement in areas where needed, helped to build on my confidence for future studies. »
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GCSE, A-level, BTEC, university Degree level academic English, Sociology, Anthropology, Business Studies, Psychology, Health and Social Care, Study Skills, research and writing study support tutor


In terms of my academic background, I am a straight A student, and earned a honorary First Class Degree classification in BSocSc (Hons) Social Anthropology, a social science discipline, from The University of Manchester, complemented with a dissertation research project on the revival of Marx’s concept of alienation in the 21st century and the rising prevalence of service-sector jobs in a capitalist economy. I was awarded a First Class for all my third year modules and for my dissertation project which featured qualitative interviews and narrative analysis. I was also awarded 5 A grades at A-Level in Business Studies, English Language, Psychology and Biology. More recently, I have successfully completed a Level 4 qualification at The University of Salford in Occupational Therapy, with an aggregate score of 80.5% for the entire year (grades for total topic modules). I am therefore happy to support students studying Health and Social Care subjects, with reference to HCPC and NICE guidelines, professionalism, essay writing assistance, and independent research.

For GCSE English students studying all exam boards including AQA, Edexcel, Welsh Board (WJEC), OCR, academic guidance can be provided for:

• GCSE English Language transactional writing: writing to describe, argue, persuade, inform and entertain.
• GCSE English creative writing.
• GCSE English Literature: analysing literature, key syllabus literature such as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol, Blood Brothers etc.
• Reading comprehension and employing linguistic techniques, textual analysis.
• Exam preparation, past paper practice for all exam boards, including AQA, Edexcel, Welsh Board (WJEC), OCR.

Degree level students:

For university degree level students, guidance can be provided with:

• How to research literature for your university proposal and write it; how to research and write your final year dissertation.
• How to structure and write a university level essay, and how to achieve a 2:1 or above grade.
• How to organise your workload and notes for university, prioritise tasks if you need help with time management and organisation. We can sit down and make a detailed plan together.
• Thinking critically and strategies on conducting independent research, critical reading and writing skills, and the application of these skills in the context of your essay to boost your overall results.
• Advice on which online platforms or search tools to use to access great sources for your independent research to inform the writing process.
• Understanding the elements and factors that constitute a first-class classification, especially in essays, assignments and examinations.
• Modules related to social science disciplines: degree level Psychology, Sociology, Social Anthropology and Cultural Studies.
• Study skills including task prioritisation, organising your personalised academic schedule, module content analysis and time allocation.
• Understanding complex theories, including sociological theories such as Marxism, Functionalism, Structuralism, Feminism, Interpretivism, Postmodernism, qualitative research methods versus quantitative research methods.

A-level and degree level Psychology:

For students studying A-Level or degree level Psychology, support and guidance can be provided in the topic areas of:

• Understanding complex psychological theories of Freud, Social Learning Theory, Cognitive and Biological approaches, Determinism, Nature versus Nurture paradigms.
• Practicing answering past paper questions.
• Analysis and deconstruction of essay assignment briefs and requirements.
• Tailored discussion of essay structure and writing style.
• Past paper deconstruction and analysis.
Health and social care students:
For Health and Social Care students or healthcare related subjects, support and guidance can be offered in areas of:
• Understanding areas of professionalism, communication, multidisciplinary collaborative team-working, importance and application of evidence-based practice.
• Patient care, ethics and confidentiality issues, medical model paradigms versus social model of care.
• Reference to the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and professionalism guidelines.
• Any of the above topics in essays, project work, poster design or preparation work towards public presentations.
• Understanding and comprehension of assignment briefs and the analysis of given essay questions.
Social anthropology degree students:
For students studying Anthropology at Degree Level, support and guidance can be provided with:
• Understanding complex anthropological theories, case-studies, fieldwork, ethnology and ethnographic research methods, pioneering methods, the history of Colonialism, the history of the Founding Fathers of Anthropology as a discipline, discussions revolving around what makes Anthropology unique compared to other disciplines such as Sociology and Psychology, emic versus etic approaches, subjectivity versus objectivity.
• Social science research methods
• Design of qualitative interviews and a research proposal.
• Discovering a research topic, devising a research schedule, and the logical structuring of a dissertation project.
• Module content guidance on political and economic anthropology, sex, gender and kinship studies, medical anthropology, science, magic and rationality analysis, regional studies of culture, culture and society.
• Anthropological research methods.
• Cross-cultural comparative analysis.

Business studies students:

For GCSE/BTEC or A-Level Business Studies, support and guidance can be provided for:

• Coursework queries.
• Assignment question deconstruction and a division of a detailed plan for essay-type questions.
• Guidance on independent research and writing on topics such as Marketing, Operations, using the Internet for business, International business and analysis of business in cross-cultural contexts, distinguishing between types of businesses, evaluative case-studies, Human Resources, Globalisation and other business implications/issues.
• Past paper exam questions and answers practice.
• Analysing and evaluating case-studies.
English literature and language students:
For students studying A-Level English Language for all exam boards including AQA, Edexcel, WJEC, OCR, support can be provided for:
• Coursework queries, essay writing and improvement.
• Analysis of past papers and mark scheme answers; exam questions practice.
• Identifying key areas of weakness and building on these to convert them into strengths.
• Topic modules on language change, discourse analysis, transcript analysis and language investigation etc.
Speakers of Other Foreign Languages (TESOL):
For students or Speakers of Other Foreign Languages studying the English Language, devised sessions can be focused on the development of your:
• Understanding English grammar.
• Conversation and dialogue practice in diverse contexts.
• Distinguishing between Standard and Non-standard English, such as colloquial English and use of slang, differentiating between contextual use of language.
• Confidence building in English speaking and understanding tense differences and phrase variations.

I am very friendly and non-judgemental regardless of a student’s socio-economic or cultural background. I believe being positive, uplifting and encouraging is the way forward in learning, because learning is a process and it should be fun and enjoyable. I strive to work collaboratively with students and would never belittle their viewpoints and opinion, as open, mutual communication and respect, honesty and transparency reflect my personal values. I strongly believe that hard work, perseverance and determination will get a person through all types of learning obstacles. If I was your tutor, I would ensure to bring out the best in you by being accommodating and taking into account your individual learning style and abilities.


Tutoring experience:

• Successfully provided one-to-one tuition to students, communicating their progress to family members involved.
• Plethora of experience in working with learners from diverse socio-economic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, both younger and mature students between the ages of 6-50.
• Supported postgraduate and PhD level students whose first language was not English, restoring their confidence to achieve their academic targets by providing tailored support.
• Previously worked in a primary school setting with children supporting them with key literacy reading and writing skills.
Most notable achievements:
• Helped a male high school student jump two grades in English despite the school teachers declaring that they had “given up on him” and deemed as “too laid back in his approach”. His parents were extremely pleased with his academic progress in such a short space of time. This meant that he was able to progress on to university to do the course that he wanted to do (Physics and Mathematics).
• Delivered successful one-to-one sessions to actresses for a CITV series called So Awkward between their filming schedule, ensuring they were academically supported so that they did not fall behind their curriculum requirements as they were unable to attend class.
• Transformed withdrawn and socially reserved children to embrace literacy and English writing skills and reading comprehension. Previous children have blossomed in their confidence and it was such a rewarding blessing to see some of the children I taught proceed to receive “Student of the Year” awards and gain acceptance at the High School or college of their choice - outcomes of my one-to-one interventions which I am very proud of!

My aim is to maximise students' confidence in their own abilities and to help them gain academic independence.
Upon contact, please let me know if you have any specific learning need or disability so that resources can be tailored to your needs.


Transportation Fee : £5
Rate for online lessons : £40/h
Lessons offered by Jadie
In group
The lessons will be held
at her home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Academic tutoring
  • School support
  • School Coaching
  • Methodology
  • All Levels

Jadie's CV

Acquired relevant teaching qualifications:

• BSocSc (Hons) Social Anthropology - The University of Manchester - 1st Class Distinction Degree
• Level 4 Occupational Therapy Qualification - The University of Salford - 80.5% 1st class total aggregate score
• AS & A2 Level English Language - Loreto Sixth Form College, UK - A grade
• AS & A2 Level Business Studies - Loreto Sixth Form College, UK - grade A
• AS & A2 Level Psychology - Loreto Sixth Form College, UK - grade A
• GCSE AQA English Literature - Trinity C of E High School - grade A
• GCSE AQA English Language - Trinity C of E High School - grade A
• GCSE AQA Religious Education - Trinity C of E High School - grade A
• NCC Accredited Higher Level Teaching Assistant Course
• Childcare & Early Learning Diploma
• TEFL Cambridge: TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) / Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL): Scholar Level 5 140 Hour TEFL Course – Merit ACCREDITAT accredited

Previous students' feedback:

Hamid (Mr)
5/5 Rating
I have been studying with Jade for about three months. She is an intellectually gifted tutor and talented in academic writing and research who has helped me in understanding my course content and improving my writing significantly.
She has been punctual, well prepared before hand and caring in every single session.
I think she is more concerned about her students` improvement and performance than themselves!

Yas (Mr)
5/5 Rating
Excellent tutor, would recommend to anyone needs help with their academic writing. Five stars

Aleksander (Mr)
5/5 Rating
She is perfect,

Communication is even better

You wont find any1 better.

Bev (Miss)

5/5 Rating
Jadie is professional and friendly and explains things well.

Leah ()

5/5 Rating
I went to Jadie for help with my dissertation research project that I only had a short time to complete. Jadie was a great tutor who helped me organise my work and resulted in me receiving a first on my dissertation with 80%!! I would definitely recommend.

Nawal (Miss)
5/5 Rating
I would definitely recommend Jadie as a tutor. Because of her excellent teaching material and style, I was able to achieve an A in Sociology A level. What makes her a great tutor is the material she will provide for you, it consists of summaries and everything you need to achieve high grades!

Nawal (Miss)
5/5 Rating
Excellent tutor! Jadie has really helped me understand soicology and gave me valuable exam tips to improve. She always has notes ready and explains topics smoothly , she really puts effor in each lesson! Great tutor.

From Alex (4/5): (A-Level Sociology) Jade has been of great benefit to my Daughter -we employed her for 9 sessions and in that time Jade has calmed her and helped her focus on a structure for revision and given her past papers to prepare her for exams. We are sure that this has enable my daughter to achieve her potential with a minimum of stress and anxiety . Thank you Jade

From Mustafa (5/5): (GCSE English) Jadie was a really good teacher. She can help you to get very high grades. She will boost you up, so you can do well in your exams. I really recommend her if you need help in your English gcse.

From Carmen (5/5): (GCSE English) My son has only had few lessons with Jadie and he already has become more confident in his English work. He enjoys the lessons with Jadie and he is happy that they cover quite a lot of the revision material. I was impressed by Jadie's professionalism; she is serious, punctual, respectful, very knowledgeable and committed to do her best to help my son!

From Maryanne (5/5): (GCSE English) We have only had a few lessons with Jadie and have already seen a massive improvement in my sons English gcse work. My only regret is that I didn't do this a lot earlier and he could of had the opportunity to get an A*.

From AISHA (5/5): (University Psychology) Jade is an excellent online tutor. I would highly recommend her for anyone need any help with their study skills. She is a beautiful, pleasant and friendly personality that I really enjoyed taking lessons with her. Moreover, she is expert and confident in what she teaches. I really gained many skills during my lessons, and she is very helpful in providing whatever is possible in her hands such as recommending the very useful educational website and other essentials material. She assists me with my Ph.D. application, personal statement and a research proposal that I have now an offer and a place to study Ph.D. She is reliable and easy to reach. Thank you Jade for your support and help. I am so happy that our bath cross in this life.

From Anne (5/5): (Primary English) We are really pleased with Jade. Our daughter really enjoys the lessons and finds them very helpful and interesting. We have only had a few lessons but still really happy with Jade and the progress Mia is making,

From Maria (5/5): (GCSE English) Jadie has been helping my son prepare for GCSE English. He is enjoying the sessions with Jadie as she is very approachable and well prepared. After only three or four sessions he has said he feels more confident about doing English essays and his English teacher at school has remarked how pleased she is with his work. She is always punctual and follows up with feedback after each session. I would highly recommend Jadie as a tutor.

From Peter (5/5): (GCSE English) Jadie had tutored my 16 year old daughter in English language and English Literature in preparation for her GCSEs for approximately 8 sessions. My daughter was struggling with these subjects and predicted a "C" by her school. Jadie was attentive to my daughters needs and helped her understand how to fully prepare for the exams. Her understanding of these subjects improved massively in this short time and on results day my daughter came away with an "A" in both language and literature. Jadie was the right choice, she is very professional and we recommend her without reservation. Thank you Jadie.
Peter Jones and family

From Veronica (4/5): (A-Level Psychology) Good communication and flexible. Teaching methods were suitable and relevant. Overall very good experience. Would recommend.

From Levan (5/5): (University Sociology) Very nice approach, helped me a lot with sociology preparing for exams in short period of time.

From Dudley (5/5): (GCSE English) Jadie has developed a rapid teaching skill with my son Dexter. Jadie has helped him to concentrate on the details, gaining him better understanding of History and English, and hopefully some extra marks towards his GCSE. Jadie is punctual and has a very pleasant approach towards students.

From Rameesha (5/5): (A-Level English) I've only had two lessons so far and I'm already seeing improvements with my English language. Your teaching techniques have been very helpful and the resources that you have provided for me have been great to revise back with. Your character is very confident and lively which keeps me focused with the lesson.The fact that you test me keeps me on track with what I'm weaker on and need to revise over.

From Hamuda (5/5): (A-Level Business Related)

From Nezar (5/5): (Secondary English) Jade is a competent tutor and she doesn't waste time at all, start working as soon as she arrives and she know exactly what she's doing. My daughter,Shahd likes her lessons with Jadie as she always make the lessons interesting for her. The learning material Jadie selected for Shahd was of great quality and use. In addition, Shahd never got bore during the lessons. I whole heartedly recommend Jadie as a tutor.

From Pam (5/5): (GCSE English) Very professional and friendly. Provided an outline of what she can offer and practical solutions around the tutoring support.

From Davinderbir (5/5): (University Psychology) Jadie is a wonderful tutor, I have learnt so much within the time we've already had and it has made a big improvement in my work already. She's hardworking and demands that I do well, so she puts so much effort in to make sure we get the right grades that we want to achieve.

From Maria (5/5): (GCSE English) Jade is very patient and understands the requirement for my Professional Skills Literacy Test. She always tries to offer her best. I look forward to work with her in the future.

From Khurshy (5/5): (A-Level Business Related) Hi Jadie it's was great to see you and I like your style how you explain things to me it was so well I hope we can work together in future again you were very friendly and kind girl :)

From Ameer (5/5): (A-Level Business Related) Jadie is very helpful and keen to do her best in teaching. She came prepared to teach my son, A-level Psychology. I was really impressed by her knowledge of the subject. I hope that she could help my son developing his study skills, learning of the subject and achieving good A-level result.

From Hina (5/5): (GCSE English) I think Jade is a very good tutor and she doesn't waste time at all rather gets working as soon as she arrives and she know exactly what she's doing.

From Joey (5/5): (Casual Learner English) Jade is a friendly, patient teacher. She explains everything really well:)

From Iman (5/5): (A-Level Sociology) I am so thankful I found Jadie before my sociology exams!
I highly recommend Jadie, she is very sweet and lovely, she does her best to make sure you understood and tries to help you in a way that suits you. Jadie worked with me for over a month on my sociology A-level and I wouldn't of been able to do it without her. I had previous tutors, but Jadie was the only tutor that honestly helped me.

From Bronagh (4/5): (University Sociology) jade was really helpful with good points to help me.
Reply from Jadie: Thanks Bronagh, it was a pleasure helping you too!

From Vanessa (5/5): (University Sociology) Jade has been a great tutor and is currently helping me through online tutoring. She has helped me build my essay writing skills and help me understand things in a better way. Jadie is easy to get along with and is professional, friendly and reliable.

From Kamil (5/5): (Casual Learner English) Jade is amazing, She have excellent approach, she is reliable and always creative. With her I am gaining knowledge quickly.

2 reviews on Jadie
  • 5/5

All our ratings are collected by us and are given in confidence, they correspond to a real experience.

2 recommendations


My previous Tutor Jadie's help was invaluable in assisting me with my proposal to be accepted for my Phd. She is confident and skillful in offering suggestions and advice where required. From our first meeting Jadie's warm, friendly personality put me at ease and by offering the right level of encouragement in areas where needed, helped to build on my confidence for future studies.


Miss Jadie is really a very good mentor. She was tutoring me english language GCSE and some business couple of months ago. She really helped me to gather most of the important information I needed for the exam and thus she helped me to increase my confidence towards the subjects that she was tutoring me.

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